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  • Lincoln Network; FreedomWorks; TechFreedom; R Street Institute; American Principles Project; Stand Up Republic; Log Cabin Republicans; Federation of American Scientists; Union of Concerned Scientists; Code for America; Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; American Library Association; CompTIA; Medium; DuckDuckGo; Mozilla; Consumer Reports; Engine; Tech:NYC; Demand Progress; American Civil Liberties Union; Center for Democracy & Technology; Center for Humane Technology; Open Markets Institute; Public Knowledge; X-Lab; Issue One; Sunlight Foundation; Project On Government Oversight; Campaign for Accountability; Government Accountability Project; Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy; Copia Institute; The New Center; Future of Life Institute; Defending Rights & Dissent; Government Information Watch; Latino Tech Policy Initiative; Senior Executives Association; Longpath; Cerf, Vint; Newmark, Craig; Elmendorf, Douglas W.; Keiper, Adam; O’Reilly, Tim; Berke, Allison; Taylor, Jerry; Davidson, Alan; Godwin, Mike; Schneier, Bruce; Peha, Jon; Sarewitz, Daniel; Cook-Deegan, Robert; Friedman, Robert; Chenok, Daniel J.; Calo, Ryan; Seamans, Robert; Galston, William A.; Schultz, Jason; Goldman, Eric; Eaves, David; Winston, Joan D.; Might, Matthew; Leary, John; White, Gladys B.; Sohn, Gigi; Sobin, Rodney; Callan, Benedicte; Patil, DJ; Tunis, Sean; Sinai, Nick; Brown, Austin; Grennan, Jillian; Forno, Richard; Kelly, Lorelei; Hill, Kathy; Hill, Christopher T.; Bridy, Annemarie; DiResta, Renee; Chien, Colleen; Williams, Rebecca; Howard, Alexander; Khuran, Ryan; Roth, Andy Lee; Plotkin, Steve; Kelly, Henry; Tudor, Grant; Warner, Justin; Dakin, Ross; Bly, Adam; Wagner, Caroline S.; Stebbins, Michael (5/9/2019)



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