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The American Library Association Institutional Repository (ALAIR) is an open access repository, committed to collecting, permanently storing, and providing digital access to the publications and intellectual work of the American Library Association. It is organized into communities reflecting the Divisions, Offices, Committees, and Roundtables that make up ALA.

The ALAIR is managed by the American Library Association Archives at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We invite ALA staff and members to deposit documents directly into ALAIR. Please contact us for assistance with bulk uploads or for more information about ALAIR.


Recently Added

  • Smedberg, Heather; Cole, Heather (2022-06-23)
    A moderated discussion with RBMS leadership. Reflect on what you value in both the traditional and newer ways we have successfully come together to share information, build community, and grow professionally. Share your ...
  • Skeen, Becky; Potts, Claude; Rew-Pinchem, Jazmin; Araujo, Jullyana; Bergen, Katie; Howard, Kristen; Arias, Stephanie; Matković, Danijela; Farry, Colleen (2022-06-23)
    For those who attended the previous Lightning Talks Group 2, continue the conversation and questions for presenters in this optional post-event session.
  • Nyitray, Kristen J.; Reijerkerk, Dana; Farwell, Beth; Sapon-White, Richard (2022-06-23)
    This seminar presents strategies for improving Library of Congress Authorities and Classification for works by and about Indigenous communities on the east and west U.S. coasts. The first presentation focuses on Long Island, ...
  • Potts, Claude; Howard, Kristen; Rew-Pinchem, Jazmin; Arias, Stephanie; Araujo, Jullyana; Matković, Danijela; Bergen, Katie; Skeen, Becky; Farry, Colleen (2022-06-23)
    Ana Hatherly Micro-collection @ UC Berkeley - Claude Potts Sketching and Stitching in the Stacks: Driving Community Engagement with Creative Projects - Kristen Howard Bodies Colliding: Redesigning space and practice for ...
  • Chomet, Allison; Johnston, Rita; Becker, Xena; Rizzo, Caitlin; Clemens, Alison (2022-06-23)
    In this session, presenters will share the findings of the recent Abolition in Special Collections survey and analyze what the results can reveal about the state of special collections practices. We will grapple with what ...

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