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Recently Added

  • Kandoian, Nancy; Fell, Todd; Brandt, Randal S.; Creider, Laurence; Théroux, Manon (2016-06-21)
    Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Cartographic) provides instructions for cataloging rare cartographic materials, that is, cartographic materials of any age or type of production receiving special treatment within ...
  • Parras, Bryan; Mulcahy, Matthew (2018-06-22)
    The alarming number of recent, deadly natural disasters, including flooding and monsoons in South Asia, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires in North America, and landslides and drought in Africa is a constant reminder ...
  • Margot, Howard; Sinor, Sally; Lambousy, Greg; Nugent, Trish (2018-06-22)
    University of New Orleans Special Collections Librarian Connie Phelps moderates a panel discussion by local archivists of important as well as unusual collections found in university, municipal, and private repositories ...
  • Cahalan, Sarah Burke; Goldman, Ben; Ray, Whitney; Tansey, Eira (2018-06-22)
    This seminar will introduce attendees to evolving data on the vulnerabilities faced by special collections due to climate change. It will cover implications for our profession and address the importance of long-term planning ...
  • Public Library Association (2018)
    Index for Public Libraries magazine for issues from 2018.

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