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  • Sherwood, Jessie; Campbell, Kaydian; Christenson, Julie; Ferris, Anna; Piscitelli, Felicia; Shiraishi, Naomi; Sprochi, Amanda; Adams, Elizabeth (2021-09-09)
    Slides from the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee’s Program Planning Group first of its “Cool Things We’ve Cataloged” lightning talks, held September 9, 2021. Presenters discussed memorable objects that have crossed ...
  • SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies; Mullin, Casey; Anderson, Karen; Contursi, Lia; McGrath, Kelley; Prager, George; Schiff, Adam (ALA Core Subject Analysis Committee, 2021-06-11)
    This document describes best practices for encoding the date(s) of creation of works and expressions in bibliographic descriptions.
  • ALSC (2019-04)
    These three lists are offered in the ranges of kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd to 5th grade and 6th to 8th grade. Graphic novels on this list are defined as a full-length story told in paneled, sequential, graphic format. ...
  • Inouye, Alan (2021-08-05)
    On behalf of America’s 117,000 libraries and the communities they serve, the American Library Association writes in support of the broadband provisions included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Specifically, ...
  • Visser, Marijke; Windhausen, John; Krueger, Keith; Fallon, Julia (2021-08-05)
    We are writing to ask for your support for a small amendment to the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” that could have a big impact on the country’s schools, libraries, healthcare providers and other community anchor ...

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