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The Young Adult Library Services Association is a national association of librarians, library workers and advocates whose mission is to expand and strengthen library services for teens, aged 12-18. Through its member-driven advocacy, research, and professional development initiatives, YALSA builds the capacity of libraries and librarians to engage, serve and empower teens. Related materials can be found under Record Group 32 at the ALA Archives.

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  • M. Oltmann, Shannon; D. Reynolds, Stephanie; VanSlyke-Briggs, Kjersti; Rhodes, Sarah; Turner, Jenna (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2020-04)
    Includes the articles: "When Libraries Aren’t Challenged: Librarians Discuss a Lack of Patron Challenges to Their Collections" and "The Darkest Themes: Perceptions of Teen-on-Teen Gun Violence in Schools as Portrayed in ...
  • Booth, Emily; Narayan, Bhuva; L. Escobar, Kristie; R. Banas, Jennifer; J. Oh, Michelle; Willard, Robin; Dunn, Jeremy (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2020-02)
    Includes the articles: "“The Expectations That We Be Educators”: The Views of Australian Authors of Young Adult Fiction on Their OwnVoices Novels as Windows for Learning about Marginalized Experiences", "“It’s Okay to Be ...
  • Anderson, Amelia; Phillips, Abigail; M. Magee, Rachel; H. Buck, Margaret; Kitzmann, Juliana; Morris, Nathaniel; Petrimoulx, Dylan; Rich, Matthew; Sensiba, Joshua; Tiemann, Eyan; Wempe, Aidan (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2019-11)
    Includes the articles: "Getting Basic Information Isn’t as Helpful as the Nuanced Advice We Can Give Each Other: Teens with Autism on Digital Citizenship Education" and "Teen Social Media Practices and Perceptions of Peers: ...
  • Waugh, Amanda; Bowler, Leanne; Acker, Amelia; Chi, Yu; L. Garrison, Kasey (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2019-07)
    Includes the articles: "Feels Like Home: The Digital Information Practices of Teen Fans", "Perspectives on Youth Data Literacy at the Public Library: Teen Services Staff Speak Out", and "What’s Going on Down Under? Part ...
  • A. Moeller, Robin; Wilson Overstreet, Deborah; Scrofano, Diane; L. Garrison, Kasey (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2019-03)
    Includes the articles: "Editor’s Message: Movements that Affect Teens", "One, Two, Three, Four! We Don’t Want Your F**king War! The Vietnam Antiwar Movement in Young Adult Fiction", "Disability Narrative Theory and Young ...
  • Masten, Kristy; Mobley-Sellers, Teresa; Sailors, Misty; Pickett, Anita; Siller, Melissa; Garcia-Alvarado, Socorro; Johnson, Paula; Whitlock, Tivy; Latham, Don; Gross, Melissa (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2019-01)
    Includes the articles: "The First All-Digital Library Space: The Effectiveness of BiblioTech’s Services for Urban Youth" and "Pausing at the Threshold: Peritextual Images in Young Adult Nonfiction Award Winners".
  • Creel, Stacy; McMullen, Rachel; Backman, Antonio; Sundt, Chayse; Park Dahlen, Sarah; Colborne, Adrienne; Howard, Vivian; D. Kumasi, Kafi; Greene Taylor, Natalie (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2018-07)
    Includes the articles: "The 2014 Rainbow List: A Descriptive Study of the List and Ten Public Libraries’ Ownership", "Asian American Teen Fiction: An Urban Public Library Analysis", "Happiness at the End of the Rainbow: ...
  • Betts-Green, Dawn; Latham, Don; Matloob Haghanikar, Taraneh (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2017-12)
    Includes the articles: "Drawing Queerness: Evaluating Notable LGBTQ Graphic Novels for Teens" and "Patterns in Multicultural Young Adults Novels about Persian Culture".
  • Davis, Jewel; Brendler, Beth; Beckman, Lindsay; Adkins, Denice; Moulaison Sandy, Heather; Wiggins-Prelas, Natalia; Adams, Vanessa; Phillips, Abigail (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2017-07)
    Includes the articles: "Dreaming in Color: Identifying Race and Ethnicity in YA Speculative Fiction Reviews", "Provide the Highest Level of Service: Public Library Collections of LGBTQ* Materials for Adolescents in the ...
  • Ostenson, Jon; Ribeira, Rosie; Wadham, Rachel; Irion, Katie; Applegate, Rachel; Irwin, Marilyn; Y. Goldsmith, Annette; LaRosee, Elizabeth; Richardson, Philina; Garmer, Nancy; Mahaney, Erin; Petrillo, Lisa; Weber, Rebecca (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2016-12)
    Includes the articles: "Hunky Cajuns and Gay Sextons: Diversity as Represented in Adolescent Book Reviews", "The Real Deal 2*: How Autism Is Described in YA Novels", "Teen Book Covers: What’s Missing?", and "What We Know: ...
  • Koh, Kyungwon; Abbas, June; Subramaniam, Mega; S. Chow, Anthony; J. Morris, Rebecca; Figley, Amy; Regan, Karla; Lam, Samantha; Sherard, Jessica; D. Markwei, Evelyn; Appiah, Doreen (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2016-06)
    Includes the articles: "Competencies Needed to Provide Teen Library Services of the Future: A Survey of Professionals in Learning Labs and Makerspaces", "Designing the Library of the Future for and with Teens: Librarians ...
  • M. Oltmann, Shannon; Marshall, Kyle; Friesem, Yonty; Greene, Kelsey; A. Niedbala, Mona; L. Chapman, Elizabeth; Birdi, Briony (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2016-03)
    Includes the articles: "“They Kind of Rely on the Library”: School Librarians Serving LGBT Students", "Sex in the Stacks: Teenager Sex Education Information Seeking Behavior and Barriers to the Use of Library Resources", ...
  • Hilbun, Janet; Abbas, June; Koh, Kyungwon; Irvin, Vanessa; Rhinesmith, Colin; Dettmann, Molly; Pierson, Michael; Spence, Rebecca; A. Copeland, Clayton; Gavigan, Karen (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2015-11)
    Includes the articles: "Find Poetry: Using Found Poems in School and Public Libraries to Enhance Student Creativity and Writing", "Future of Library and Museum Services Supporting Teen Learning: Perceptions of Professionals ...
  • Simmons, Emily; Naughton, Robin (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2015-08)
    Includes the articles: "Adolescent Females and the Graphic Novel: A Content Analysis" and "Teen Library Website Models: Identifying Design Models of Public Library Websites for Teens".
  • A. Moeller, Robin; E. Beenel, Kim; Irwin, Marilyn; Y. Goldsmith, Annette; Applegate, Rachel (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2015-04)
    Includes the articles: "You Are What You Read: Young Adult Literacy and Identity in Rural America" and "The Real Deal: Teen Characters with Autism in YA Novels".
  • Creel, Stacy; Martin, Crystle (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2015-03)
    Includes the articles: "The Impact of Assigned Reading on Reading Pleasure in Young Adults" and "Connected Learning, Librarians, and Connecting Youth Interest".
  • Drouillard, Colette; M. Hollister, Jonathan; Latham, Don; Elizabeth Mills, J.; Y. Goldsmith, Annette; Campana, Kathleen; J. Patin, Beth; A. Evans, Sarah; Koh, Kyungwon (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2015-01)
    Includes the articles: "Eliza Dresang and the Boy Who Lived", "Looking at Kim Dong Hwa’s Color Trilogy through the Prism of Radical Change", "Putting Youth First: The Radical Eliza T. Dresang", and "Radical Change Theory: ...
  • Farmer, Lesley (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2014-08)
    Includes the article: "Issues in Teen Technology Use to Find Health Information".
  • J. Guzzetti, Barbara; A. Mardis, Marcia; Levitt Shaulskiy, Stephanie; L. Capps, Janet; M. Justice, Laura; H. Anderman, Lynley; A. Lee, Shari; L. Phillips, Abigail; L. Tilley, Carol (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2014-05)
    Includes the articles: "From Dickens to 9/11: Exploring Graphic Nonfiction to Support the Secondary-School Curriculum", "Motivational Attributes of Children and Teenagers Who Participate in Summer Reading Clubs", "Beyond ...
  • Hannah Gomez, Sarah; M. Stauffer, Suzanne; Sierra Carter, Regina (Young Adult Library Services Association, 2013-04)
    Includes the articles: "This, That, Both, Neither: The Badging Of Biracial Identity In Young Adult Realism", "Taking a Dip in the Crazy Pool: The Evolution of X-Women From Heroic Subject to Sexual Object", and "YA Literature: ...

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