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The Office for Diversity is an active liaison with membership that consults, facilitates, and trains on diversity issues that impact the profession, the workplace, and the quality of service and information delivery such as recruitment, retention, personal/professional leadership, organizational change, capacity building, and skill building for effective communications within library organizations and with library users. The Office for Diversity serves as a key resource and link to the professional issues which speak to diversity as a fundamental value and key action area of the association. The Office for Diversity has since merged into the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services.

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Recent Submissions

  • Office for Diversity (2007-01)
    2007 Midwinter issue contains: Celebrating community collaboration and culture by Roy; Diversity Counts study; Spectrum celebrates 10 years; Diversity program database; book review.
  • Office for Diversity (2006-05)
    May-June 2006 Annual conference issue contains: Being here matters by Hall; Outside the magic circle by Sams-Abiodun; Working it Walking it living it by Tuttle; Concern of all by Prellwitz; Academic residency programs by ...
  • Office for Diversity (2006-03)
    March-April 2006 issue contains: Diversity research grant topics; Dollars for diversity campaign; Opening doors by Cooke; book review by Underhill; New voices by Carpenter.
  • Office for Diversity (2006-01)
    Midwinter 2006 issue contains: Choosing Your Mountain by Hall; Lesbians and Lovers in Library Land by de la tierra; ALA Ethnic Caucuses Without Borders by Garcia-Febo; Bound for Librarianship by Pollitz; The Library ...
  • Office for Diversity (2005-11)
    November-December 2005 issue contains: Need for American Indian librarians by McLaughlin; Stronger fabric by Spencer; Celebrating 20 years of diversity by Bankhead; Eyes wide shut by Smith; book review by Anderson.
  • Office for Diversity (2005-09)
    September-October 2005 issue contains: We the People Bookshelf: Becoming American; Outreach to Nontraditional Students by Chu; New Beginnings by French; Among the Hmong by Lee; Growing a Diversity Committee by Deeds; ...
  • Office for Diversity (2005-05)
    May-June 2005 special Annual issue was distributed in print. It contains: Toward a curriculum of readiness by Hall, Myths missionary expeditions and mobilizing the profession by Jones, Diversity librarians' network by ...
  • Office for Diversity (2005-03)
    March-April 2005 issue contains: ILA launches Spanish language outreach, Mellon foundation provides additional funding for collaborative librarian recruitment program, One community New Jersey by Kleiman, Intern program ...
  • Office for Diversity (2005-01)
    January 2005 special midwinter meeting issue contains: Looking for history through the streets of San Francisco by Griego, No time for the burden by Harvey, RBMS reaches out to librarians of color by Grob, Connecting people ...
  • Office for Diversity (2004-11)
    November-December 2004 issue contains: Magic carpet by Perkins, Languaging with the libraries by DeSantis, Role of diversity in accreditation by McKinney, and Mister librarian by Vega.
  • Office for Diversity (2004-09)
    Issue #4, Sept-Oct 2004. Articles include: Twenty ways to foster diversity by Musser, Hashing out world languages by Schlumpf, a case study on moving a library by Jessica Chandler, Disabilities & accessible information ...
  • Office for Diversity (2004-05)
    May-June 2004 Special Annual (conference) Issue. This was issued in print.
  • Office for Diversity (2004-03)
    Second issue from March/April 2004. This was only published online.
  • Office for Diversity (2004-01)
    Issue #1 of Versed. This is tne Midwinter (January) 2004 issue.
  • Office for Diversity (2004-01)
    Landing page for Versed: The Bulletin of the Office for Diversity