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  • Peters, Marybeth; Rohde, Gregory L.; Neal, James; Petersen, Rodney; Adler, Allan; Sorkin, Bernard; Attaway, Fritz; Kupferschmid, Keith; Hollaar, Lee; Moskowitz, Scott; Simon, Emery; Garnett, Nic; Mann, Susan; Berenson, Marvin; Klein, Gary; Horovitz, Pamela; Mitchell, John; Jaszi, Peter; Greenstein, Seth; Metalitz, Steven J.; Duncan, Daniel; Kunze, Carol; Sherman, Cary; Goldberg, David; Alben, Alex; Beal, David; Pakman, David; Ohlweiler, Bob; Nelson, Robert A. Jr. (2000-11-29)
    Transcript of the hearing before the United States Copyright Office and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, in pursuant to Section 104 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.



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