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New Voices
Maria Carpenter

As Chair of the Spectrum Scholar Interest Group, it's with great pleasure that I share information on the following five Spectrum Scholars running for ALA Council in the 2006 Election.

Michelle Baildon is a 2002 Spectrum Scholar.

"Although library workers should be proud of our role as leaders for social justice, equality, and democracy, we must admit that the profession has lagged in some ways regarding issues of diversity. I know first-hand the wonderful work of the Office for Diversity and its supporters in recruiting those from groups underrepresented in the profession, and to turn the organizations attention towards relevant interests and concerns. I believe Council should do all it can to recognize, strengthen, and promote OFDespecially the highly successful Spectrum Initiativeas well as to interact fruitfully with ethnic caucuses, GLBTRT, and other stakeholders. In addition, ALA must continue to cultivate libraries role, so vital to democracy, of enabling unfettered access to information by defending intellectual freedom and privacy and encouraging open access to knowledge. As a relative newcomer to librarianship, I hope my fresh outlook will provide welcome new perspectives to Council."

Michelle Baildon, History, Philosophy, and History of Science & Technology Librarian, MIT Humanities Library, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139: 2006.
Education: * Harvard University, B.A., History of Science, 1997 * Yale University, M.A., American Studies, 2001 * Simmons College, M.L.I.S., 2003.
ALA Activities: ALA Committee Involvement: * Spectrum Scholars Interest Group (under Committee on Diversity), member: 1/04-6/05 * Diversity Council, APALA representative, 1/06-1/08 ALA Division Committee Involvement: * ACRL Research Committee, intern: 6/03-6/04 * ACRL Ethics Committee: 6/05-6/06 * RUSA Access to Information Committee, member: 6/05-6/07 * RUSA History Bibliography & Indexes Committee, member: 6/05-6/07 Round Table Committee Involvement: * NMRT Midwinter Activities Committee, member: 1/04-1/05 * NMRT Liaison Committee, chair: 6/05-6/06 Other Group Involvement: * APALA, Secretary: 6/05-6/06 * APALA, Membership Committee chair, 1/06-.
Honors And Awards: * Javits Fellowship (from US Department of Education, used at Yale University), 2000 * Spectrum Scholar, 2002 * ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce stipend recipient, 2002 * LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship in Library and Information Technology, 2002 * Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award, Society for American Archivists, 2003 * Archie Motley Memorial Scholarship for Minority Students, Midwest Archives Conference, 2003.
Accomplishments: * Attended Spectrum Scholars Leadership Institute, 6/04 * Panelist, Lasting Legacy or Broken Promise? The First Decade of the Harold T. Pinkett Award, Society of American Archivists Annual Conference, 8/04 * Attended Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians, 10/04 * Poster presentation, Open Access Journal Production at the Boston College Libraries, ACRL/NY Symposium, Scholarly Communication: Evolution Or Revolution?, 12/04 Previous professional Experience: * Scholarly Communication Reference Librarian, Boston College, ONeill Library, 9/03-12/04 * Collection Development Librarian, History and Political Science, ONeill Library, 1/05-1/06.
ALA Member Since: 2003.

Amy Ferguson is a 2001 Spectrum Scholar.

"As a new librarian, my greatest concern is the future of librarianship. Even as we face technology that rapidly alters our daily work functions, the majority of experienced librarians are looking at retirement in the near future. In order to continue providing an ever-evolving menu of services, new librarians need leadership experience. ALA provides many opportunities for leadership experience, such as council and committee membership. However, these positions frequently go to experienced members, making it difficult for new librarians to gain the experience they need. ALA must be much more proactive in the development of tomorrows leaders by making leadership experiences more accessible to new librarians and promoting leadership opportunities, such as the New Members Round Table. As a 2001 Spectrum Scholar, I have received financial assistance and career guidance from ALA and its members. I would like the opportunity to return ALAs investment in me."

Amy Gonzalez Ferguson, Librarian III, Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243: 2004.
Education: Texas Womans University, MLS, 2003; University of Texas at Austin, BA, 1999.
ALA Activities: New Members Round Table, Membership Relations Committee, Chair, 2005-2006; New Members Round Table, Membership Promotion and Relations Committee, Co-chair, 2003-2005; New Members Round Table, Diversity Committee, Chair, 2002-2003; New Members Round Table, Diversity Committee, Member, 2002; New Members Round Table, Orientation Committee, Member, 2002-2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Texas Library Association, Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee, Member, 2005-2008; Texas Library Association, Library Support Staff Round Table, Councilor, 2003-2006.
Honors And Awards: Leadership DCCCD participant, Dallas County Community Colleges, 2005-2006; Spectrum Scholar, American Library Association, 2001.
Accomplishments: Infromation Literacy Librarian (blog) at; Texas Library Association, Library Support Staff Round Table, Webmaster, 2002-present http: //; Reviewer for ACRLs Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 2005-present; Leadership from Any Position, co-presented with Chandler Jackson & Dr. Mark McCallon, Texas Library Association Annual Conference, March 19, 2004; Developing Leadership Skills and Gaining Experience, Info Career Trends, Nov. 2003 http: //
ALA Member Since: 2002.

Michael Gutierrez is a 1999 Spectrum Scholar.
Michael Gutierrez, Senior Assistant Librarian, University of Delaware Library, 181 South College Avenue, Newark, DE 19717-5267: 2004.
Education: B.A. (Political Science and History), School of Arts and Sciences, University of New Mexico, May 1992 M.A. (Library and Information Science), School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, August 2000. Ed.D. (Education Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction), School of Education, University of Delaware, September 2003-.
ALA Activities: **American Library Association, 1999- ALA Awards Committee, Spectrum Jury, 2002-2003 Office of Diversity-Spectrum Initiative Curriculum and Planning Task Force, 2001-2004 Spectrum Leadership Institute, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (Chair, 2003-2004) Office of Diversity-Diversity Leadership Institute Planning Task Force, 2002-2003 Pay Equity Committee, 2001-2003 International Relations Round Table, 2000-2002 **Association of College and Research Libraries, 2002- Effective Practices Committee, Intern, 2005-2006 Distance Learning Section, 2002- University Libraries Section, 2002- **Library and Information Technology Association, 1999 **Reference and User Services Association, 2000-2005 Organization Committee, 2001-2005 (Chair, 2004-2005 RUSA Intern, 1999-2001.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Delaware Library Association, 2003- Treasurer, 2003- New Jersey Library Association, 2002-2004 Personnel Committee, 2003-2004 New Mexico Library Association, 1998-2000.
Honors And Awards: Spectrum Initiative Scholarship, 1999.
Accomplishments: I consider being the chair of the Spectrum Leadership Institute (SLI) from 2003-2004 as one of my major accomplishments. Leadership was a major theme ingrained into all Spectrum Scholars. Being a 1999 Spectrum Scholar, I volunteered my time and took on several different roles to give back to the Spectrum Institute, including serving on the SLI Planning Task Force, facilitating some of the discussions at the Institute, and performing master of ceremony duties. I also consider being the first Spectrum Scholar to chair the Spectrum Leadership Institute a major accomplishment. Currently, I serve as treasurer of the Delaware Library Association (DLA). As treasurer, I have worked to streamline the expenditure and revenue procedures of the association. Recently, I participated in an external audit of the organization and I took an active role in implementing the recommendations that came from the auditors, ensuring that DLA remains in a financial position to continue its programs and services for the state of Delaware.
ALA Member Since: 1999.

Avril Haughton is a 1999 Spectrum Scholar.
Avril N. Haughton, Head of Youth Services, Broward County Library (North Regional/BCC), 1100 Coconut Creek Boulevard, Coconut Creek, FL 33066: 2005.
Education: Masters in Educational Technology Florida Atlantic University, December 2004. Masters in Library and Information Science (MLS) University of South Florida, December 2000. Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies University of South Florida, December 2000. Certificate in Management and Community Studies Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, ON, June 1998. Bachelor of Arts University of the West Indies, Jamaica, W.I., June 1991.
ALA Activities: Member of ALA Publishing Committee (2002 2004).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: President, University of South Florida Student ChapterSpecial Library Association (Summer 2000).
Honors And Awards: Member of Beta Phi Mu Honor Society (2002). Member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (2000). E. J. Josey Award Winner (2000). ALA Spectrum Scholar (1999).
Accomplishments: I work with Broward County Library as the Head of Youth Services at the North Regional/BCC Branch. I am also an Adjunct Instructor at the University of South Florida (USF). It is my belief that information is the precursor to education and career success and that it can be used a tool to transcend barriers. I am motivated by this belief to be an advocate for equitable library services for disadvantaged groups, particularly teens and women. I recently applied for and was awarded a $4300 grant by the Broward County Library Foundation to provide library programsin Portugueseto the Brazilian population in selected areas of Broward County. I co-presented a poster session at Florida Library Association Annual Conference in April 2000 on Library Services to Minorities. I was also the co-researcher for two publications: Multiethnic Resource Directory and Cultural Guide (2001) published by Broward County Library and the Multicultural Directory (2001) published by South Florida Sun-Sentinel Newspaper I am an ALA Spectrum Scholar (1999), as well as the ALA Black Caucus E.J. Josey Scholar for 2000.
ALA Member Since: 1999.

Felicia Smith is a 2001 Spectrum Scholar.

"Librarians propagate comprehensive information through collection, scholarly publication, exhibits and speeches. Im speaking at Indianas Annual Conference and Ive published articles and bibliographic essays. Critical components include forging diversity in librarys racial and religious compositions. Library collections must raise awareness of conditions concerning underrepresented populations, globally. I utilize my training to unearth and disseminate information about obscure issues. As a representative of Diversity, it is incumbent upon me to include unrepresented beliefs, lifestyles and values. People confuse my being an African-American, as the sum total of my diversity contribution. Fortunately, I also have nonconformist ideals, and Im not afraid to vocalize them. I am an Activist Librarian. I dont believe librarianship is a passive profession. I am passionate about social issues. Librarians must lead the way, since we are uniquely positioned to stem societys arrested development by collection management from divergent sources."

Felicia Smith, Librarian-In-Residence, University of Notre Dame, 418 Court of the Royal Arms, South Bend, IN 46637: 2005.
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelor of Arts, 1994 and Dominican University, Master of Library and Information Science, 2004.
ALA Activities: Member, ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee, 2005-Present Member, LITA Top Technology Trends Committee, 2005-Present Member, Special Library Association Diversity Committee, 2001-2003 Member, Illinois Library Association Cultural & Racial Diversity, 2000-2003.
Honors And Awards: Sr. Reparata Murray Scholarship 2002 NML Scholar 2001 American Library Associations Spectrum Scholarship 2001 Dominican University (Spectrum-Matching) Scholarship 2001 Medical Library Association Scholarship 2001 INSPEC Travel Stipend 2001 Southern Illinois University Full Tuition Scholarship 1990.
Accomplishments: PUBLICATIONS Reflections of a Resident, Versed, Sept.-Oct. 2005. Seldom Explored Minorities Stories: Eyes Wide Shut, Versed, Nov.-Dec. 2005. From Private Investigator to Librarian., [Forthcoming; April 2006]. Spiritual Literacy Christian Librarian, [Forthcoming; April 2006]. Red Pill or Blue Pill? Do We Have a Choice? Sci-Tech News, v.55, no. 3 Aug. 2001, pp.6-7. The Function of Consumer Health Information Centers in Hospitals, MLA NEWS, no. 327(2000): 23. LECTURES Literacy in the 21st Century,(Invited Panelist). [Forthcoming; ILF Annual Conference, 13 April 2006] Health Information on the Web, Regional Coffee & Caucus. Chicago Department on Aging, July-October 2000. (Invited Speaker). Show Me the Money: How to Get Scholarships to Fund Your Graduate Education. Dominican University, February 19, 2002. (Invited Speaker).
ALA Member Since: 2000.

The Spectrum Scholars Interest Group is charged to facilitate and support the participation of Spectrum Scholars on ALA committees and in positions of leadership. Please help us to achieve this goal.

Maria Carpenter is a 1999 Spectrum Scholar, Chair of the Spectrum Scholar Interest Group and the Library Advancement & Communications Officer for the University Libraries at Northeastern University.

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