2000 Midwinter Meeting
San Antonio, TX

  1. Welcome
  2. Present: Sylva Natalie Manoogian, Ani Matosian, Arleen St. Aubin, and Nancy Kandoian

  3. Review of Committee status and membership responsibilities

    Make sure Committee name is spelled out followed by acronym. Include Committee members in EMIERT handbook p.G1.

    All Executive Committee members will stay on for a second consecutive term.

  4. Progress on projects for 1999/2000
  5. Directory of Armenian publishers and bookstores

    ALLIC Website

  6. Progress on ALLIC participation at IFLA/Jerusalem, August 17, 2000
  7. SNM met with Sara Japheth, the Local Arrangements Coordinator for IFLA regarding the Calouste Gulbenkian Library visit. The 3-hour program will include a tour of the Armenian quarter�s educational institutions and possibly a visit to the St. Toros Manuscripts Library. Attendance will be limited to 100 people. All visitors will be given a survey form prepared by ALLIC as a means of promoting continued communication, involvement and support for the library renovation project. The reception will be hosted by His Beatitude Archbishop Torkom II Manoogian.

  8. ALLIC/AAIP/LAA Travel Tour Fall 2001 (Armenia)
  9. LAA/AAIP has asked ALLIC to collaborate in organizing a 14-day travel tour to Armenia in Fall 2001. ALLIC will ask the Eurasia/Central Asia Subcommittee of the International Relations Committee (IRC) to cooperate. Possibility of organizing a regional symposium on "Empowering the Libraries of Eurasia and Central Asia," a proposal originally submitted as a World Book/ALA Goal Grant in March 1996 which was not funded.

  10. Annual Conference 2000 Program, Sunday, July 9, 2000, 2-4pm: "Armenian Library Treasures"
  11. Panelists will be ALA members. Included in the program will be the Armenian Library Treasures of Jerusalem. Visual enhancements will include a poster presentation on Armenian Library Treasures and an Internet connection. The budget will be determined. Early estimates place it at around $500. Money will be earmarked for creating a program booklet, handouts, etc.

  12. Annual Conference 2001 Program, Sunday, June 17, 2001, 2-5pm: "Armenian Spirit through its Folk Traditions"
  13. Of the presenters, Alidz Agbabian, storyteller, has confirmed her attendance. Awaiting word from Madeline Boghossian, dollmaker, and Sophie Khatchmanian, textile artist. Ask Ardem Tajerian, ALLIC member, to assist in Armenian cuisine presentation. The program will be publicized to young adult and children�s groups within ALA. Visual enhancements will include doll, textile arts, and book exhibit. ALLIC will look into enlisting the aid of Father Sarkis of San Francisco. Under consideration is a small honoraria for presenters, about $100 each plus $200 for travel expenses.

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