During the ALA 2008 Spring Meeting in Chicago, IL, the ALA Executive Board took the following actions:

By consent, approved the agenda for the 2008 Spring ALA Executive Board Meeting (2007-2008 EBD #9.3.1).  Consent

By consent, accepted the following reports:  President’s Report, 2007-2008 EBD #7.2; President-elect’s Report, 2007-2008 EBD #7.6; Executive Director’s Report, 2007-2008 EBD #12.4; Development Office Report, 2007-2008 EBD #6.2; Advocacy Report, 2007-2008 EBD #12.11; Campaign for America’s Libraries Report, 2007-2008 EBD #12.15; Media Relations Report, 2007-2008 EBD #12.19; and Office for Research & Statistics Report, 2007-2008 EBD #12.23. Consent Agenda

By consent, approved the 2008 ALA Executive Board Midwinter Meeting Minutes, as amended, and the corresponding Vote Tally (2007-2008 EBD #2.2 and EBD #1.6).  Consent

By consent, confirmed the Executive Board conference call votes as follows:

Voted, on the recommendation of the Finance & Audit Committee (F&A), that the Preliminary FY2009 Budget Proposal (2007-2008 EBD #4.19) be forwarded to the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) for further analysis and review and requests that BARC report back on its analysis at the 2008 Annual Conference.  EBD 4.19

Voted, on the recommendation of the Finance & Audit Committee (F&A), to approve the Reimbursement Resolution pertaining to purchasing and financing of the Liberty Square property located in Middletown, CT.  EBD 4.4 CHOICE Loan

Voted to approve the protocol for responding to requests for an official ALA position statement.  EBD #12.39

Voted to approve the proposal to separate corporate membership from corporate giving and direct the Membership Committee to forward the recommendation to BARC and to ALA Council for their action.  EBD #12.40

Voted that the Library Education Task Force widely distribute the draft of ALA’s Core Competencies of Librarianship for comment.  Further, the Executive Board acknowledges the fine work of the Task Force to date and supports their document with the comments and suggestions from the Board members at the 2008 Spring Executive Board Meeting.  EBD #12.45

Voted to approve the charge to the Presidential Task Force on the ALA Election Process and Guidelines.  EBD #12.47

In Executive Session, the Executive Board