At the 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, the ALSC Board of Directors:

Accepted, recommendations 1 & 2 from the Student Gift Membership Task Force’s report with the following two inclusions:
   (1) the task force remains active until the end of the pilot project;
   (2) an additional member, from the Membership committee,  is added to the task force.
Deferred, a proposed change to the Advocacy and Legislation Committee charge statement back to the Organization and Bylaws Committee for further refinement.
Approved, the Budget Committee’s recommendations for the FY-17 proposed budget as revised June 26, 2016.
Approved, the deferral of Document 35 (Notable Children’s Books Selection Committee - CSK seat) to the seated Diversity within ALSC Task Force. 
Accepted, recommendations 1, 2 & 3, as amended, from the Award Confidentiality Board Sub-Committee report.
Accepted, action recounted in the new business item from the University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign