American Library Association

New Members Round Table

Executive Board Meeting

SACC Centro A

Saturday, January 25, 1992

8:00-11:00 a. m.



The New Members Round Table Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President James Mouw at 8:08 a. m.  on Saturday, January 25, 1992 at the San Antonio Convention Center, Centro A.   The following members were present:

James Mouw, Betsy Fordon, Laura Jenny Sill, Deborah Colter, Mary Marcum Evans, Elaine Yontz, Joan L.  Dobson, Clare B.  Dunkle, Christine Smith, Beatrice L.  McKay, Anne Gordon, Susan Benjamin, Colleen M.  Conway, Joni Gomez, Carol Lunce, Jenifer Stone Abramson, Ann Branton, Joyce Taylor, Cindy S.  Church, Cecilia Schmitz, Richard Dickey, Jaclene M.  Pedersole, Rita Yribar, Suzanne Byron, Connie L.  Phelps, Camille Wood, Darlene Nichols, Joanna M.  Burkhardt



Mouw announced that committee reports were located on the table.  He reported that those members who were on his mailing list received an agenda in the mail.  However, there were some changes to the agenda, which now appeared on the bright orange sheet called ABSOLUTELY FINAL agenda.  Further changes to the agenda would also be accepted later in the meeting.  Mouw asked those present to introduce themselves, indicating their current appointment.  He reminded everyone that the only members of the Executive Board who are allowed to vote are the president, vice-president/president-elect, past president, treasurer, secretary, the four directors, and the affiliates council president.


Since there were no further changes requested, the agenda stands as printed.  Mouw asked treasurer Joan Dobson if she had the reprographics number.  Mouw commented that they would get it before the end of the conference.  Mouw reported an item for general information.  The new NMRT liaison from ALA is JoAn Segal.  She is at the conference and can be found at Table 60 labelled Program.  Her assistant, Judy Hambrick is also at the conference.



Mouw called for the approval of the minutes from the annual conference.           All committee chairs should have received copies, and copies were available at this meeting as well.  There were no additions, changes or corrections to the printed minutes.  Jenifer Abramson, Vice-President/President-Elect, moved that the minutes be approved as printed.  Dobson seconded.  The motion carried.



There were no items of old business.


REPORTS 8:15 a. m.

Mouw made some general comments about the reports.  There are three long board meetings with a lot to discuss.  He asked that those presenting the reports summarize the activities outlined in the written reports.  However, he stressed that everyone take as much time as needed.


President's Report - James Mouw

Mouw reported that he has had a busy fall, spending most of his time assigning committee appointments.  He also worked a great deal in the transition of the NMRT Liaison (Marcia Kuszmaul to JoAn Segal).  Mouw also wrote columns for FOOTNOTES.  The first column asked for ideas that members would like us to do or change in the round table.  To date, he has received only a couple of responses to the column.  He is still taking comments.  He has kept in contact with committee chairs.  This activity is outlined in his written report.  He reported that he spent no money and has no plans to spend any at this point.


Committee on Governance - (Eric Wade) James Mouw reporting

A printed report was not available for this committee.  There have no items that need resolution, and therefore the committee has seen very little activity.


Fiscal Planning - (Eric Wade) James Mouw reporting

Mouw commented that Wade is still chairing this committee.  There has not been a lot of activity for this committee over the fall months.


Constitution & Bylaws - Joni Gomez

There has been no activity in the current period and no action items.  The committee has not used any money.


New Initiatives - Beatrice McKay

Mouw introduced this new committee, whose charge is to be a think-tank for the round table.  The committee compliments the rigid committee structure.  It is a place for new stuff to "bubble up".  Wendy Wood was originally appointed as chair.  However, due to work scheduling she had to resign.  Beatrice McKay was recently assigned to replace Wood.


McKay needs to recruit more committee members.  The handbook pages for the committee need to be set up as well.  Questions such as how do people approach the committee need to be ironed out.


Vice President - Jenifer Abramson 8:20 a. m.

Abramson presented the new Committee Interest Forms.  She distributed the forms to those at the meeting, asking everyone to take as many as needed.  Abramson planned to hand many out during the conference.  She will accept photocopied forms as well.


In the next couple weeks, Abramson will be contacting committee chairs, officers, etc. regarding recommendations or suggestions for committee appointments.  She is interested in finding out those individuals who also want to stay on their present committee.  She reminded everyone to use phone, email, fax, etc. for questions or comments.


She pointed out that her address and phone numbers have changed.  Her mail is being forwarded through Monday, January 27, 1992.  The address is correct in the president's memo #2.


Midwinter Activities - Beatrice McKay and Clare Dunkle

Clare Dunkle reminded everyone that the orientation program is scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 1992 from 2:00-4:00 p. m.  The dinner/social is set for Monday night.  Publicity has been provided for both events in AMERICAN LIBRARIES, LIBRARY JOURNAL, COGNOTES, FOOTNOTES and email fists (PACS-L, NOTIS-L, LIBREF-L, LIBADMIN, and AUTOCAT).  Addition mailings went out from the NMRT Library School Outreach committee and to the NMRT officers and committee chairs.  Slots for the dinner/social were almost filled, flyers for the orientation were posted near the literature distribution center, message board and placement center as well.


The program agenda is outlined in one of the distributed handouts.  The packets are loaded with ALA information, information about San Antonio and even samples of Tex-Mex salsa.  The packets from EBSCO were solicited, received, and mailed by the NMRT Exhibitor Contact and Relations chair, but they were lost in the mail.  As a backup paper packets were provided.  Catering was secured for the orientation program, however, Dunkle stated that they do not want to report on the costs at this time.  Cascarones are the theme of the orientation program.  They are a South Texas party favor.


McKay discussed the dinner/social.  The dinner/social will take place Monday, January 27, 1992 from 7:00-10:00 p. m.  at the Southwest Craft Center.  She gladly offered to provide information regarding transportation and tickets after the meeting.  The dinner includes a Mexican buffet and cash bar.


McKay continued with the Action Item, which outlined a "Proposed Addition to the Handbook Pages for the Midwinter Activities Committee. " The proposal calls for a change to the major responsibilities section of the handbook.  McKay and Dunkle offer two suggested wordings.  They felt that the additions would provide the chairperson with guidelines for responding to requests for inclusion of informational brochures and flyers from various groups.


The motion from the committee was seconded by Abramson.  Discussion: Mouw commented that this came up because NMRT received requests from groups not affiliated with ALA to put brochures in the orientation packets.  A policy needs to be put in place for guidance and more background.  Dobson favored Option B.  Mouw commented that this option is a little broader and it still takes into account the other groups.  Abramson also favored Option B.  Colleen Conway and McKay agreed, stating that this option provides for more flexibility.  Abramson questioned where this wording should appear in the handbook.  It affects the Orientation committee as well.  Should it appear in both places or should be a separate policy that applies to any group?  Mouw asked that if it were made a general policy, where would it go in the handbook.  Perhaps in the back with the other forms and guidelines.  Abramson further explained this option.  She made a friendly amendment that option B language be added to both the Midwinter Activities and Orientation committee.  McKay noted that she had looked under the Timetable of activities for the Orientation committee which stated that a packet would be prepared.  Mouw asked for a vote on the motion.  The motion carried.


Immediate Past President - Mary Evans 8:35 am

Evans stated that she has enjoyed the first half of the year as past president.  She has read correspondence and answered phone calls. 


Goals and Obiectives - James Mouw reporting

Mouw reported that in mid fall, Peggy Royster Cook, past chair of the Goals and Objectives committee, resigned.  Mouw has her files in his office at work.  Mouw wanted to discuss where this committee is going before reassigning a new chair.  He would like to appoint a new committee and use the old files as a starting point.  Mouw and Abramson will work together on assigning members of the committee.  The Goals and Objectives were due to be reviewed last year or the year before.


Nominating - Richard Dickey

Dickey introduced his committee.  He reported that after placing an announcement in FOOTNOTES to NMRT members and sending a letter to NMRT officers, the committee received a good response for nominees.  Dickey read the slate for the 1992-93 ballot: Vice-P resident/President-Elect: Joanna Burkhardt and Joyce Taylor; Secretary: Cindy Church, Elizabeth Fordon and Carol Lunce; Treasurer: Joni Gomez; and Director: Kathy Kie, Beatrice McKay and Rita Yribar.


Dickey also called for volunteers to run for ALA Council.  The action item on the Nominating committee report was highlighted.  Dickey asked for a more thorough explanation of the ALA Council petition and individual nomination process.  He explained the two methods for nominating to Council: via nominee and via petition.  Dickey nominated Barbara Alexander, an active member of the Texas NMRT.  NMRT should try to include four names on the petition which requires 25 signatures and ALA membership numbers.  Dickey reported that Mouw is the first person on the petition.  Conway noted that she and Evans are already on the NMRT ballot.  Their names were carried over from the last year.


Mouw agreed that the process is confusing.  Conway said that the tradition has been that the individuals who ran by petition but are not elected are the people NMRT officially submits as their nominees.  Dickey added that NMRT does not officially get a vote.  The process needs to be clarified by ALA and updated in the Handbook.  Mouw stated that if he could find out any new information regarding this question, he would report at the next meeting.  Mouw introduced the nominees.


Abramson moved to accept the slate.  Evans seconded.  Discussion followed.  Mouw asked whether or not another name should be added for treasurer.  In the past a blank for write-in was simply added.  Mouw recommended that the motion be tabled and brought up under old business at Monday's meeting.


Secretary - Laura Jenny Sill 8:50 a. m.

The minutes were distributed from the Orientation and New Board Members meeting from the Annual conference.  Sill reported that she has also been working with Ann Branton from the Handbook committee and Robert Dunkelberger from the Archives committee.  The Monday minutes from Annual conference were condensed for FOOTNOTES.


Archives -- Robert Dunkelberger (Laura Jenny Sill reporting)

Dunkelberger reported receiving 9 cubic feet of files since he began as archivist in July.  He is spending most of his time condensing the NMRT files.  Dunkelberger encourages everyone to continue to send files.  If committe chairs have files over three years old they should be sent to the archivist.  A list of files received is available upon request.


Handbook - Ann Branton

Branton reported that a memo was mailed to all officers, directors and committee chairs requesting a quality check for materials in their NMRT Handbook.  Seven responses were received.  Packets of revisions were mailed out.  Branton found a consistent discrepancy in all the returned responses.  She has been in contact with the secretary in regards to locating lost masters, as well as with the archivist in regards to writing a more complete NMRT history.  Dunkelberger has agreed to expand on the current one page history.  She also pointed out four areas that need special attention:  Constitution and Bylaws, Long Range Goals and Objectives, Affiliates Development Guidelines and Fundraising - Charge and Timetable.  Branton reported that her own handbook is not complete.  She emphasized that this made the quality check very important.  Mouw commented on the problem with the forms.  Many of the forms are reproduced in the packets by the incoming president.  He suggested mailing a complete set of forms to the chairs.


Conway recommended reissuing the quality check, since some members hadn't yet received their handbooks at the time of the first mailing.  Evans commented that when the name change took place, she went through and redid some of the forms just as a stop gap.  She still has the masters and will make them available to the handbook committee.


Treasurer - Joan Dobson - 8:55 a. m.

Dobson brought extra "Tax Exempt" and "Request for Reimbursement" forms to the meeting.  The Request for Reimbursement forms should be used for speakers, since there is a space for social security number and address of the speaker.  Dobson emphasized that this information is important for the IRS. 


Dobson turned to the proposed budget for 1992-1993.  NMRT is running behind projections in income, and there isn't much cushion in the budget.  Dobson has been working closely with Mouw, Abramsgn, and Segal on this proposed budget.  Committees and officers over the past years have not used all the funds allotted to them, which has helped balance the budget when expenses have exceeded budget projections.  Dobson encouraged those present to look at the lines that directly affect them.  She concentrated especially on those committees who have been allocated more than the usual $25. 00, but have not made use of this money.


The big expense from last year was fundraising, but that was spending money to make money.  This year, Dobson commented, it is unclear how much we will spend on fundraising.  Another area with large expenses was the Olofson Memorial fund.  She noted that the funds that were raised went directly into the endowment.


The proposed budget has not been split into what might be external or internal support.  The Grassroots Grant is one area where Dobson proposed that perhaps NMRT talk to Baker & Taylor, who has been giving us $500. 00 only to be used for the mailing.  We have not used that money over the past years.  After further discussion, however, Mouw suggested that the $500. 00 was actually a reasonable amount.  Because of the committee chair's institutional' support, the entire $500. 00 has not been used.


Mouw inquired about the Olofson fundraising campaign.  His understanding was that the expenses were to be paid from that income.  Dobson commented that the income was deposited into the endowment.  Mouw added that this was not the original intent.  The expenses were meant to come from the income.


Elizabeth Fordan pointed out that the Olofson line could be reduced from $50. 00 to $25. 00.  Dobson added that the only reason she left the amount at $50. 00 was because the committee had spent $42. 85 in FY90/91.  Dobson will, however, put this amount back to $25. 00.  Mouw reminded the group that every committee chair is automatically given $25. 00, even though many do not spend that amount.  He would like to preserve the tradition that each committee gets support.


Dobson asked about the Leroy C.  Merritt scholarship fund, to which we have not contributed.  NMRT must decide if we will continue to support this and then actively participate or remove it from the budget.


Branton had a question about the handbook committee budget.  Dobson explained the difference between an operating and program expense.  Dobson asked for any further discussion on the Leroy C.  Merritt fund.  Dobson believes that it is a minorities scholarship fund, available on the ALA membershipform.  Mouw asked Dobson to track down the specifics on this fund.  She agreed to bring that information to the next meeting.


Dobson also asked members to review their budget and bring any questions to the next meeting.  Mouw said that in order to help Dobson plan, if you know that you are not going to spend your money, let her know.  Dobson commented that this would help only for committees with a budget of more than $25. 00.  Dobson commended everyone for following the guidelines for reimbursement.  She reminded the group that operating or committee expenses need to identified as such.  Dobson urged all committees to stay within their budget.  She commented that there is an increase in round table membership, however ours is static.  This is one reason that our income is down.


Dobson stated that the FOOTNOTES costs have been kept down.  If you need a check to be cut, Dobson said to allow for 3-4 weeks.  This is especially crucial if you need money in advance.  If you are arranging a meal for a program, etc. , Dobson recommends that you double-check for the bill.  Sometimes the bills are sent to the ALA Offices.  This causes problems when NMRT is not indicated.  Make sure the caterers understand that this is an NMRT function.  If the bill doesn't get to you quickly, call and double-check.  Abramson urges committees to get projections in writing.  The caterers should have your name and title.  Ask them to mail the bill directly to you.  Supervising officers should get a copy.  Dobson said not to use a personal credit card.  Mouw stated that if you are working with the conference arrangement offices, through the exhibits office or through a hotel, ALA receives a master bill.  You should not have to guarantee anything on your personal credit card.


Dobson added the NMRT gets the first $100. 00 of the booth costs free from the ALA conference arrangement offices.  If there are questions, call her.  Don't sign any contracts.


Dobson would also like to talk about the budget for the social and SALA.  Mouw recommended that these be brought up under individual reports.  Dobson said that a new line was created for the new initiatives committee.  The money was taken from the president's budget line.


Mouw closed by saying that these are challenging times.  The income is down and the expenses are going up.  NMRT has been eating away at its cash cushion for the last couple of years.  Expenses must come down.  Dobson added that Conway is still in charge of the sale of pins.  Conway stated that some of the money from the sale of pins has been turned over to Dobson.  She has more money to submit after the conference, however other members still have envelopes, pins and money outstanding.  She would like to get this back.  160 pins should be available at the ALA store.  Once those sell, Conway has only 5 pins left.  Mouw would like a couple sent to the ALA Archives.


Mouw asked Dobson to talk about the Guidelines for External Support.  Dobson pointed out that the "Ext. " in the budget is for exhibitor support.  This money does not come out of our budget.  The total of this line and our budget equals your budget for FY91 /92.  If your committee is dependant on monies from the "Ext. " line, please get in touch with Carla Zanotti, chair of the Exhibitor's Relations committee immediately.  Dobson does not have this money to give to you.  Abramson also commented that just because there is an amount in the "Ext. " line, the money may not be readily available.  Zanotti's job is to solicit vendor support.  Do not approach a vendor yourself.  Go through this committee.  Zanotti said that vendors are being very cautious about where their money is going.  She has brought along extra "Committee Request Form for Exhibitor Support" forms.  Zanotti has a list of vendors who offered support to NMRT over the last year.  She urged everyone to thank these vendors for their support.


Mouw suggested that since there will other changes made to the budget as committees give their reports, that the approval of the budget take place at the Monday meeting.


Fundraising - Carol Lunce

Since her committee has not yet met,, she has nothing definitive to report at this time.  However, in addition to the sale of pins, the committee will be considering the permanent versus temporary approaches to fundraising.  They are considering three ideas.  The first is a conference raffle for the Annual conference with the vendors.  The raffle would include giveaways of everything from pencils to CD-ROM subscriptions.  The tickets would have to be cheap and the vendors would receive promotion.  Selling t-shirts is another idea.  The supporting vendor would help with the initial start-up costs and be able to put their name on the back of the shirt.  This idea provides for promotion of the vendor and for a striking product.  The.  idea in which Lunce is most interested is a wrapping center.  The idea arose from a conversation Lunce had with Amy Katzenberger.  NMRT Would set up a table, supplied with boxes, paper and other supplies, next to the mailing table.  For $2. 00 or whatever NMRT would wrap conference-goers packages, so that they can simply walk next door and send them.  A fourth idea is a check-in counter for bags.  Mouw suggested also mailing tubes for posters, an idea used at the Illinois Library Association meeting.


Abramson commented that she has a concern about the Booth.  Traditionally, we have had some difficulty staffing the booth.  Who will do the wrapping?  Dobson noted that the booth must stay in the exhibitor area.  Abramson said that in the past J/NMRT has gotten lost in the exhibit area.  It might help if we got a corner spot in the exhibit area for the booth, where we could also do the wrapping.  Mouw reminded Lunce to get JoAn Segal involved right away.  She has been very helpful so far.


The committee has some good ideas.  Dobson noted how well the map round table's t-shirts sold.  Lunce sees the t-shirts appealing to the vendors and t-shirt collectors.  In regards to the Round Table coordinators meeting held the day before, Abramson said that the ALA Executive Committee needs to know about all fundraising efforts.


Rita Yribar reminded the group to look into the legal issues of doing the raffle.  Conway agreed that what you call it is important.  Mouw asked Zanotti if the vendor name on the t-shirt is an attractive idea.  She thought it might be.  The group would like to explore all these ideas.  Mouw said that you need to expend funds before the annual conference.  He can do a phone ballot of the board.  Dobson remembered that Joan Kaplowitz had suggested a similar idea of the t-shirt at the Annual conference.  Mouw noticed that there is a vendor that does promotional products exhibiting at the conference.  He would like Lunce to stop by during the conference and talk to them.  Mouw suggested getting support from vendors that produce promotional materials for libraries.  It would result in free advertising ("We made these t-shirts--call us!).  Dobson felt these were good, concrete ideas.  However as a reminder, summer conference bills must be submitted by August 1, 1992.  The ALA books close soon after.


Olofson Fundraising - (Joan Kaplowitz) Jenifer Abramson reporting

Abramson pointed to the action items in Kaplowltz's report.  The first included the question of whether or not the ad hoc committee should be reappointed.  The second item discussed exploring options for raising the needed funds for the endowment.  The committee recommends using FOOTNOTES as a means of distribution for an annual fund drive.  Abramson commented that JoAn Segal should be contacted.  Our ultimate goal is to fund the endowment.  Mouw called for a motion on the action items.  Conway seconded.  The discussion included the need to pursue the completion of the endowment, transferring fundraising duties to the fundraising committee and disbanding the ad hoc committee.  Dobson noted that Kaplowitz should stay involved with this fund.  Connie Phelps read a description of the Leroy C. Merritt fund.


Liaisons Coordinator (Connie Phelps) 9:45 a:m.

Phelps has contacted continuing liaisons and has developed a list of liaisonships with openings.  Mouw made one correction to the list by adding Denise Krell's name as ALSC Membership liaison.  He noted that some of the open liaisonships are so old and may not exist today.  Phelps will check on this point.


New Business (James Mouw)   9:50 a. m. 

Mouw knows of no new business.


Announcements            9:50 a. m.

Mouw reviewed information from the Conference Arrangements Office for the Annual conference.  He reminded the group about the standard meeting Room Request form, and the Copy Request form for the preliminary conference program (due January 31, 1992).  This is a great way to attract conference-goers.  He also mentioned the final program submission is due March 23, 1992.  He encouraged the group to use both programs.  Mouw also encourage all to attend the Orientation Program and the Monday night dinner/social.


Cindy Church would like all announcements and releases to come to her immediately, so that she can send them to journals.  Abramson had sent a letter to everyone in regards to the conference planning committee for Denver and New Orleans.  It will be held at 11:30 am at the Marriott.  It will be a brainstorming and planning session.


Adjournment    10:00 a. m.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a. m.