2:00 - 4:00 P.M.


The ALA/JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by President Judy Sessions.


Executive Board Members present:  Judy Sessions, June Breland, Charles Kratz, Paula Murphy, Mary Bride Mayer, Laura A. Shepard, David L. Searcy, Mary Jo Godwin, Kay K. Runge, Vivian Beech, Kathi Moeller-Peiffer, J. Linda Williams, Colette A. Wagner, Ray E. Metz, Jim Deutsch, Lisa Kinney, Mary F. Hicks, Rebecca Taylor, Kevin Rosswurm, Leslie Chamberlin, Pat Naismith, Pamela G. Bonnell, John A. Moorman, John Graves, Karen M. Bohrer, Carolyn M. White, Fred Pachman, Jerald Merrick.


Guests Present:  John Watson, Sharon Clark, David Anderson, Jeff Fox, Shirley Lowman, Larry Hicks, Billy Beal.


Judy Sessions began the meeting by asking those present to introduce themselves.


The first item on the agenda was old business.  June Breland led a discussion on the draft proposal for the J. Morris Jones & Bailey K. Howard--World Book Encyclopedia ALA Goal Award.  Criteria for selection of the award was discussed.  Some Board Members felt that we should be looking for people with little or no legislative lobbying experience whereas others felt that people with experience would profit even more since they did have some background in legislation.  As the discussion continued, a series of questions were suggested for the application form:  What do you think the librarian's role in lobbying should be?  How will you use the knowledge and information gained from Legislative Day?


Committee Reports


Committee on Governance - J. Linda Williams


The committee proposed four guidelines on budgetary expenditures to become effective in July 1982:

1.      Requests for payment or reimbursement from committee members must be approved and submitted by the committee chair.

2.      Any chair of an ad hoc or task force committee or an elected officer who does not have a line item on the budget must submit request for payment or reimbursement to the President for approval.

3.      Any expenditures by an individual of the elected Executive Board for JMRT operational costs over $100.00 for the fiscal year must have approval of the elected members of the Executive Board.

4.      Any overruns by committees must be approved by the elected members of the Executive Board.


There was much discussion on these four items.  Kay Runge suggested that directors be given a line item on the budget.  There was a motion to table these guidelines until a later time.  Three members voted to table, five not to table, and one abstained.  Each item was then considered and voted on individually. All four received eight votes in favor and one abstention, and therefore passed.


Affiliates Council - Rebecca Taylor, Lisa Kinney


The next item of business was the Affiliates Council reports.  Becky Taylor reported that two editions of NEWSNOTES were published in September and November 1981 and mailed to ALA/JMRT Executive Board members, state/regional JMRT chairpersons, state/regional JMRT newsletter editors, and other interested persons.  Assistance was given to a group in North Dakota in the formation of a new JMRT affiliate.  Attempts were made with some success to contact "lost" affiliates in South Carolina, Colorado, and Texas.  Minnesota no longer has an active JMRT.


During the first midwinter meeting of the Affiliates Council, state/regional activity reports were given, a nomination committee was appointed, and the Hospitality Suite was discussed.  Pam Bonnell expressed that the ALA Membership Task Force wants to participate in hosting the suite and have two places in the suite.  The Executive Board felt that JMRT members should get first chance to stay in the suite.


The Affiliates Council made the following recommendations to the Executive Board (all of which were approved):


- that a two bedroom suite in the Plaza Hotel be booked for the Suite

- that the Suite be booked for 6 nights (Friday, July 9 - Wednesday, July 14)

- that the Suite be almost totally self-supporting

- that the only functions held in the Suite would be JMRT functions

- that the four residents be charged $30.00 per night ($180.00) total

- that the deficit in the amount collected from residents and the cost of the Suite be paid from the Suite budget

- that a small portion of the Suite budget be used to purchase refreshments as needed

- that members of the Membership Task Force should be encouraged to help host in the Suite.  An invitation to Task Force members interested in residing in the Suite should be issued with a deadline for their reply

- that the basic purpose of the Suite should remain the same--to provide housing for JMRT members with financial need.  JMRT members with financial need would be housed first before Task Force members

- that the Suite be open for hospitality from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight July 10, 1982-July 14, 1982

- that the Suite be closed for the JMRT Orientation program and JMRT Social

- that the Suite Coordinator work through the Exhibits Roundtable to obtain some type of additional hospitality


Lisa Kinney, Affiliates Council Vice President/President-elect, reported that active affiliate groups have formed in Indiana and Rhode Island.  There are currently 18 paid affiliate members.


Booth Committee - Kathi Moeller-Peiffer


Kathi, committee member and next year's chair, gave the report on the Booth Committee's activities in Cynthia Ansell's absence.  Due to the number of complaints received concerning the condition of the booth, the committee decided to discontinue sending the booth to state and regional conferences.  Kathi recommended talking to Quality Books about underwriting a new booth.  The Executive Board agreed and asked her to pursue this and report back to the Board at our next meeting.  Kathi asked that her budget be increased so that there would be additional funds to contribute to the cost of a new booth.  This motion was tabled until she spoke to Quality Books.


Constitution and Bylaws Committee - John Moorman


This report was moved to the January 25th agenda.


Minorities Recruitment Committee - Laura A. Shepard


Laura stated that this year was being used as one for planning the Committee's future.  Various pieces of information were forwarded to the members regarding the functions of both JMRT and the Minorities Recruitment Committee.  Based on this information, long and short range goals and objectives are being established, including the possible compilation of a list of other minority-related organizations within and or affiliated with ALA, strategies for recruiting minority members into JMRT, and mechanisms for filling JMRT vacancies with minority members.


Footnotes Committee - Kevin Rosswurm


Kevin indicated that three more issues needed to come out of this year's budget and that we could handle only two.  A major reason for this is the new increase in the bulk mailing rate.  The question of the last issue was postponed until a later time.  Judy Sessions asked that Kevin include information on JMRT members running for ALA Council in the annual conference preview issue of Footnotes.


Membership Committee - Pamela G. Bonnell


In giving her report on the Membership Committee, Pam mentioned that her Committee would like to revise the brochure, prepare a mass mailing to JMRT members who have not renewed their memberships, and work to develop chapters in library schools.  The Executive Board felt that we should wait to revise the brochure until the name change question has been decided.  A member of the Executive Board asked if a letter of welcome and packet of pertinent information could be sent to new members.  This had been done in the past but the Board showed little interest in continuing this at the present time.


There was a motion to extend the meeting; it was seconded and accepted by a unanimous vote.


The reports of the Orientation and Grassroot Grants Committees and the Freedom to Read Foundation Liaison were postponed to the January 25th agenda.


Resources and Technical Services Division.  Cataloging & Classification Section.  Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access. - Liaison - John Graves


John reported that the committee discussed limiting its membership to organizations within ALA as well as the reclassification of federal librarians.


ALA Committee on Professional Ethics - Karen M. Bohrer


Karen attended the working session of the committee on Monday, January 25, 1982.  At that time the committee discussed the following methods for implementing the Statement on Professional Ethics.


1) Printing of the Statement on the back of the ALA membership card.

2) Printing of the Statement on a future cover of American Libraries.

3) Printing of the Statement in the newsletters of ALA divisions and round tables.  The committee will prepare an accompanying explanatory paragraph and coordinate efforts so that the Statement will appear in all the newsletters at approximately the same time.

4) Preparation and presentation of a program at the Los Angeles Conference.  Divisions and round tables will have the option of co-sponsoring the program.  In the meantime, the Committee will be available for consultation and interpretation of the Statement and will prepare and present talks on programs that would show how the Statement affects a particular division or round table.


Karen distributed a copy of the Statement to members of the Executive Board and asked that JMRT members publicize the existence of this code as much as possible.




John Watson of Catholic University distributed flyers describing President Betty Stone's Library Awareness Idea Search Program.


Mary Jo Godwin announced the 3M Professional Development Grant winners:  Laureen Carol Bowman, Victoria Lee Steele, and P. Steven Thomas.


Charles Kratz announced that he would be selling tickets to the JMRT social after the meeting.


With no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Charles E. Kratz

ALA/JMRT Secretary