9:00 - 11:00 A.M.



The ALA-JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Judy Sessions.


Executive Board Members Present:  Judy Sessions, June Breland, Charles Kratz, Paula Murphy, Kay K. Runge, Karen Carlson, R. Michael Collard, Laura A. Shepard, David L..Searcy, Mary Bride Mayer, Jerald Merrick, Barbara Hull, Mary F. Hicks, Vivian Beech, Donna Cranmer, Eloise Fasold, Rebecca Taylor, Ray E. Metz, J. Linda Williams, Karen M. Bohrer, Jim Deutsch, Fred Pachman, Pamela G. Bonnell, Pat Naismith, John A. Moorman, Colette Wagner, Leslie Chamberlin


Guests Present:  Jerry Mansfield, John A. Pritchard, Bonnie Suarez, Kristen Dahlen, Billy Beal, Larry Hicks, and Robert Boyer.


Judy Sessions began the meeting by asking those present to introduce themselves.  The Secretary reported that the minutes from the June 30, 1981 meeting had been mailed to all members of the executive board this past summer and asked if there were any corrections.  With no corrections being made, Charles Kratz moved that the minutes be accepted; the motion was seconded by Pat Naismith and was approved unanimously.


Judy then asked if there was any old business.  There being no old business, we moved to the report of the officers.


President's Report -- Judy Sessions


President Sessions reported that she had been very busy since San Francisco working with the JMRT committees in planning the Philadelphia Conference.  In the fall she attended the Virginia Library Association Conference and gave a talk to the Virginia JMRT.  Judy also reported that Anne Hollingsworth was unable to make Midwinter but hoped to attend the Annual Conference in Philadelphia.


Vice President's Report -- June Brelanu


Vice President Breland reported that she had appointed a Long Range Planning Committee at the request of President Judy Sessions; the committee planned to meet during the Conference.  The following people have been appointed as committee chairs for the 1982-83 year:

Booth Committee:  Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer

Cognotes Committee:  Lorene Ludy

Committee on Governance:  Jerry Spiegler

Membership Meeting Committee:  Pat Naismith

Midwinter Activities Committee:  Texas JMRT

Minorities Recruitment Committee:  Larry Hicks


June asked for other suggestions on committee chairs, especially people currently serving on committees.  She then distributed a draft of a grant proposal for the J. Morris Jones and Bailey K, Howard--World Book Encyclopedia ALA Goal award which she had prepared at the request of President Judy Sessions; this proposal would support a project to involve new members of the library profession in legislative lobbying by sponsoring their attendance at Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. during National Library Week, 1983.  Judy asked that discussion of this proposal be postponed until our next meeting so to enable members to read and study the proposal carefully.


Treasurer's Report -- Paula Murphy


In presenting the 1981-82 budget, Paula indicated that JMRT made $774.66 on the Social in San Francisco.  Judy mentioned that changes in the proposed budget could be made as committee chairs gave their reports.  Linda Williams reported that COG would be proposing some guidelines on budgetary expenditures at a future meeting.  A motion was then made by Kay Runge to accept the proposed budget.  It was seconded by Jay Merrick and approved by a unanimous vote.


Donna Cranmer requested that the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee budget be increased from $325. to $350.  It was seconded by Kay Runge and approved by a unanimous vote.


R. Michael Collard asked that the Freedom to Read budget be increased from $25. to $200.  It was seconded by Charles Kratz.  After a lengthy discussion, the motion was tabled.  Pam Bonnell then made the motion for JMRT to pay the 1982 FTRD dues.  This was seconded by June Breland and a discussion followed.  An amendment was then offered to increase the dues to $75.  This amendment was not seconded.  The motion for JMRT to pay the 1982 dues to the Freedom to Read Foundation was approved by a unanimous vote.


John Moorman reported that the Constitution and Bylaws Committee did not need its $25.


Mary Bride Mayer asked that the COGNOTES budget be increased from $25. to $55. since most of her budget had already been exhausted.  This motion was seconded by Jay Merrick and approved by a unanimous vote.


Committee Reports


Cognotes Committee --Mary Bride Mayer


Mary reported that they were using a word processor to produce the daily conference newsletter.  Art Plotnick of American Libraries requested and received approval from Robert Wedgeworth to a "trial run" with the processor.  From a JMRT perspective, having an operator and the equipment will mean that committee members and reporters can devote more time to covering meetings and to actual content of the newsletter.  Mary also asked JMRT Board members to encourage members to be reporters.  In addition, Mary indicated that the policy concerning acceptance of classified ads needs to be reviewed and ALA's exact role in publishing COGNOTES needs to be defined.  Mary further suggested that JMRT begin to prepare an editorial policy for all its publications.


Midwinter Activities Committee -- Eloise Fasold


In summarizing the orientation program scheduled immediately following the Executive Board meeting at 11:30 a.m., Eloise indicated that Peggy Sullivan and Joe Edelen would be the featured speakers.  The social was planned for Tuesday evening, January 26 at Coors Brewery.  Eloise mentioned that tickets would be sold at the orientation program and at the Colorado Library Association Booth in the Exhibits Hall.


Nominating Committee -- David Searcy


David presented the following slate of candidates for ALA/JMRT office, 1982-83:



Paula C. Murphy, Columbia College, Chicago, IL

J. Linda Williams, St. Mary's County Public School System, Mechanicsville, MD



Sheila Scullock, Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX

Colette A. Wagner, La Gaurdia Community College, Long Island City, NY


TREASURER (two-year term)

Charles E. Kratz, Rider College, Lawrenceville, NJ

Ray E. Metz, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI


DIRECTOR (two-year term)

Mary Jo Godwin, Edgecombe County Memorial Library, Tarboro, NC

Mary Bride Mayer, Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach, VA



Kristen M. Dahlen, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX

John A. Moorman, Brazoria County Library System, Angleton, TX

Patricia Naismith, Free Public Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

Frederic C. Pachman, Hamilton Township Public Library, Hamilton, NJ



June Breland, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS

Billy C. Beal, Meridian Junior College, Meridian, MS

Kevin M. Rosswurm, Akron-Summit County Public Library, Akron, OH

David L. Searcy, Atlanta Public Library, Atlanta, GA

Ann Scott Terry, York County Library, Rock Hill, SC


David circulated the petitions of JMRT members running for ALA Council.  Judy asked that JMRT members do their utmost to see that these people are elected and reminded the board that other supporters of JMRT, such as Tony Leisner, were also running for council.  A motion to accept the Nominating Committee's report was made by Pat Naismith, seconded by June Breland, and approved unanimously.


Footnotes Committee -- Kevin Rosswurm


This report was moved to the January 24th meeting agenda.


Annual Conference Social Committee -- Fred Pachman


Fred began his report by showing slides of the proposed Social site--the-top two floors of the Penn Mutual Tower Building which include an observation deck and museum.  The estimated charge for the site will be $1000.00.  Fred suggested that the ticket prices be $10.00 or $12.00 before Conference and $12.00 or $14.00 at Conference with $2.00 of the ticket price being donated to the Freedom to Read Foundation.  Pat Naismith then presented the various options for entertainment:  band, disc jockey, piano bar, skits, etc.  Most members of the Executive Board thought that a band which could provide a variety of music was very important.  A motion was made by Karen Carlson to approve the Penn Mutual Tower as the Conference Social location and to donate $2.00 of each ticket to the Freedom to Read Foundation, seconded by Kay Runge, and approved by a unanimous vote.  The question of co-sponsorship of the Social with the Exhibits Round Table was raised.  Judy indicated that she, Fred, and Pat Naismith would be meeting with Lee Kettell, former Chair of the Exhibits Round Table, to discuss this issue.


Local Arrangements Committee -- Pat Naismith


Pat reported that her committee had completed an alternative housing guide and a restaurant guide.  Pat asked how the housing guide could be printed.  Visitor Jerry Mansfield indicated that he might be able to help as did Judy Sessions and Charles Kratz.  Since most of the hotels are not close to the Convention Center, she mentioned that the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University are close and more reasonably priced.  Pat also indicated that her committee was planning a number of activities for JMRT members such as tours, Rocky's Run, etc.


Publicity Committee -- Leslie Chamberlin


Leslie asked that committee chairs give her enough lead time in the coming months to send publicity releases to the appropriate journals and newsletters.


Archives Committee -- Ray E. Metz


This report was moved to the January 25th meeting agenda.


With no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at l0:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Charles E. Kratz