SUNDAY, JULY 11, 1982

11:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.



The ALA-JMRT Executive Board meeting was called to order at 11:35 A.M. by President Judy Sessions.


Executive Board Members Present:  Judy Sessions, June Breland, Paula Murphy, Charles Kratz, Kay Runge, Karen Carlson, Greg Heid, Mary Bride Mayer, Pamela Bonnell, Vivian Beech, Karen Bohrer, Kevin Rosswurm, Becky Taylor, Jim Deutsch, Carolyn White, Donna Cranmer, Pat Naismith, J. Linda Williams, Mary Jo Godwin.


Guests Present:  Jerry Mansfield, Mollie Fein.


Judy Sessions began the meeting by announcing JMRT's account number for xeroxing.  Judy thanked Carolyn White and Charles Kratz for an outstanding orientation program and Becky Taylor for the outstanding job she did with organizing the Hospitality Suite.




Membership Committee--Pamela Bonnell


The JMRT membership brochure was redesigned by Shirley Lowman but will not be printed until the name change issue is settled.  Pamela reported that JMRT was down 100 members but that the membership year extended to August 31, 1982.  The Committee did not expend $600 in a mailing to non-renewals as expected.  Pamela announced that Shirley Lowman would be the Committee's incoming chair and that she would need the money for next year.


Freedom to Read Foundation--Pamela Bonnell


Pamela reported for Michael Collard on FTRF's activities during the year.  Jean Layton has been reinstated and will be trying to retrieve her court costs.  Pamela made a motion that JMRT support FTRF by making its annual contribution of $25.00.  Judy Sessions indicated that this needed to be approved by the new Board.  Pamela withdrew her motion.  Pamela announced that this would be her last JMRT Executive Board Meeting and thanked everyone for their support.


Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee--Donna Cranmer


Donna reported that three winners were selected for the 1982 Conference:  Jeannette Larson, Mesquite Public Library, Texas; Shirley Ann Lowman, Oregon State Library; and Molly Fein, Baltimore County Public Library, Maryland.  They will be presented with a check of $100.00 at the JMRT membership Program Meeting.  The committee also prepared an awards application for the 1983 Conference.  The bulk of the committee's budget was used for the awards, the remainder was used for phone calls and postage.  Donna then introduced one of the winners, Molly Fein.


3M Professional Development Grant Committee--Mary Jo Godwin


Mary Jo announced that the three 1982 recipients:  Laureen Carol Bowman, Farmington Community Library, Michigan; Victoria Lee Steele, UCLA Library. Los Angeles, CA; and P. Steven Thomas, Fritz Library, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND would be honored at a breakfast hosted by 3M on Monday, July 12 and that 3M hosted a wine and cheese party for all former grant winners on Friday, July 9.  Mary Jo also announced that 3M will continue the grants for1983.


Judy Sessions then indicated that the Grassroot Grants Committee report would be postponed until Monday's meeting.


Library Education Assembly Liaison Report--Vivian Beech


The LEA Liaison plans to attend the LEA program "Competencies for Library/Information Science Education" on Monday, July 12, 2-4 P.M.  The representatives to LEA will give reports of their activities after the program.


Footnotes Committee--Kevin Rosswurm


Kevin reported that three issues of Footnotes had been published.  A balance of $102.75 remains for the last issue.


Judy Sessions then reported on exhibitor support for various programs and events:


Students to ALA Reception: 

  Carrollton Press - $200.00

  F. W. Faxon - $600.00

  Blackwell North America $500.00 (refreshments)


Hospitality Suite: 

  Dataphase - $500.00 (refreshments)

  Marshall Cavendish - $200.00


Annual Conference Social:  Ballen Books - $360.00 (printing costs)


Orientation Program:  Ebsco Subscription Service (packets)


Unspecified Donation: 

  Roy C. Young/

  Art Book Co. in New York


Students to ALA Committee--Barbara Hull


Barbara reported on the Students to ALA reception to take place at Drexel University School of Library Science on Sunday, July 11, 5:30-6:30 pm.  Copy for the SALA guide was revised, and the Local Arrangements Committee provided assembly.  A pre-conference mailing flier was sent to library schools, student organizations, council members, and all JMRT Executive Board members.


Grassroot Grants Committee--Mary Hicks


Mary arrived to report on her year as chair of the Grassroot Grants Committee.  During the 1981-82 year, 37 awards were presented in 35 states.  Four winners received $100 awards and 33 winners, $250 awards.  Other accomplishments included an informational meeting at Midwinter to discuss problems and ideas, rewriting of the Contacts procedure handbook, development of a training session at the annual conference, survey of contacts for preferences regarding the number and size of the grants and whether posters were necessary.  Mary reported that for the first time a grant would be presented at the ALA Annual Conference due to the joint conference with Pennsylvania thus giving greater publicity for the grants on the national level.


June Breland asked board members to suggest people for committee assignments.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Charles E. Kratz

ALA/JMRT Secretary, 1981-82