Call to Order

President Dora Ho called the Executive Board Meeting of the NMRT of the ALA to order at 2:12 pm on Friday, January 17, 2002.  A quorum was present.

Consent of Agenda

The agenda was accepted with unanimous consent.



Motion #1

Joseph Yue moved to accept the minutes for the June 2001 Executive Board Meetings and for the December 2001 Online Meeting.  After Sigrid Kelsey noted some minor corrections, the motion was seconded by Shannon Tennant and carried.

Old Business


Agenda Item II. A. Motion #2

Shannon Tennant moved to take the booth banner discussion from the table.  Seconded by Ann Snoeyenbos, motion carried.  Discussion: Quality Books will pay for the banner.  No motion needed to accept this.

New Business


Agenda Item III. A.

Sylvia Contreras introduces the slate of candidates for the 2002 Election:  Vice President/President Elect: Erik Drake, Meredith Goins, Elizabeth Kraemer  Secretary: William Armstrong, Sara Morris, Michelle Turvey  Directors: Teresa Abaid, Melody Allison, Nadine Flores, Sally Gibson  ALA/NMRT Councilor: Stacey Shoup

Motion #3

Ann Snoeyenbos moved that the slate of candidate be accepted.  Seconded by Joseph Yue, motion carried.

Agenda Item III. B.

Digitization Task Force Term Extension.  Bill Armstrong brought forth the proposal and a brief discussion followed.

Motion #4

Ann Dykas moved that the Digitization Taskforce term be extended to 2002 Annual.  Motion seconded by Ann Snoeyenbos, and carried.

Agenda Item III. C.

Archives Committee Term change- a proposal was brought forth by Bill Armstrong and Sherise Kimura that the Archives Committee Terms be changed to MW-MW

Motion #5

Suzanna VanZant moved that the term changes be accepted.  Shannon Tennant seconded.  Motion carried.

Agenda Item III. D.

Sherise Kimura discussed the draft Archives Policy and asked the board to approve it.

Motion #6

Joseph Yue moved to accept the Archives Policy as presented.  Seconded by Sigrid Kelsey.  Motion carried.

Agenda Item III. E.

Proposal to add a monetary amount to the Student Chapter of the Year award.  Discussion followed.  There were questions about the amount of money, who would get it, if it could be split between several people, would the application deadline have to change, should we move ahead, and could we get the students comp. rooms at ALA as part of the award.  The consensus was that it is a good idea and the committee should move forward and look into it further.

Agenda Item III. F.

Web committee charge.  Ann Dykas discussed the Web Committee Charge, noting that clarification was needed, and that the charge needs to address the policy.

Motion #7

Ann Snoeyenbos moved that the board accept the Web Committee Charge proposal.  Seconded by Joseph Yue.  Motion carried.

Agenda Item III. G.

Joseph announced that he will present some changes at Annual regarding the Advisory Committee and Two Year committee chair appointment

Agenda Item III. H.

Suzanna Van Zant proposed to form a committee to help build liaison relationships.  She noted that Bylaws sections 2 and 4 would need to be changed.  Discussion followed with questions such as do we need a committee or just one person?  How many people?  What is the role of the liaison?  The Board decided that Dora will form an Ad Hoc committee to explore the duties and report back at Annual.


Dora Ho announced that Karen Weaver was removed from her chair position on the Leadership development Forum Committee because of failure to renew here ALA membership.

Motion #8

Ann Dykas moved that the meeting Recess until Sunday January 20, 2002, to discuss the budget.  Seconded by Shannon Tennant, motion carried.



Addendum: Names of those present Friday, January 17:


Bill Armstrong

Sylvia Contreras

Erik Drake

Ann Dykas

Dora Ho

Bill Jenkins

Sigrid Kelsey

Sherise Kimura

Beth Kraemer

Shannon Tennant

Ann Snoeyenbos

Suzanna Van Zant

Joseph Yue