New Members Round Table

American Library Association

1991-1992 Executive Board and New Board Orientation

Monday, July 1, 1991

2:00 - 5:30

Westin, Henry Room

Atlanta, Georgia




The ALA NMRT Executive Board and New Board orientation meeting was called to order by President Mary Marcum Evans at 2:10 p.m. The following members were present:

Richard Dickey, Connie Phelps, James Mouw, Chris Smith, Mary Marcum Evans, Carol Bell, Lori Logsdon, Cecilia Schmitz, Laura Jenny, Peggy Royster Cook, Pat Brill, Ann Branton, Deb Tuma Church, Lorelei Tanji, Susan Schmidt, Clare Dunkle, Joni Gomez, Colleen Conway, Beatrice McKay, Kimberly Spyers-Duran, Joan Kaplowitz, Elizabeth Fordon, Wendy Woods, Mollie Niemeyer, Joan Dobson, Joanna Burkhardt, Lonnie Lawson, Elaine Yontz, Kathyrn Sorury




Lonnie Lawson presented the new NMRT video. He introduced the video by commenting that the committee had made use of the old slide show. The video ran eight minutes long, a considerably shorter amount of time than the slide show.




Carole Bell received reports from six affiliates. She proposed the following agenda items for vote. 1. the dues schedule, which she moved to change from December 31st to June 30th. 2. a discussion on members who paid for this year. Bell proposed a motion to allow those chapters to be paid up through June 30,1991. Susan Schmidt stated that the dues schedule should correspond to the calendar year. Jim Mouw suggested that the details of this change be looked into and that the item be up for further discussion at Midwinter. 3. a motion to discontinue the office of 2nd Vice President with the discontinuation of the hospitality suite. Bell commented, however, that they would like to retain the office at the council level. Mouw recommended eliminating the position and making this a council decision.


Bell announced that Diane Turesky is the Affiliates Council Vice President and that Carol Lunce is the Affiliates Council President.


The issue of seed money for Mississippi was discussed.  Mouw recommended that guidelines be established for future requests.  Bell questioned whether they should put together a proposal for funds. Mary Marcum Evans felt that since they have been taken off the application form, they were defunct and should reapply for funding.



Mouw introduced officers, committee chairs and liaisons.  Changes to the ­Directory should be given to Mouw.  He did not want to take changes during the meeting.




Mouw announced that committee appointments and rosters have not been completed.  He will resort through the forms after the conference.  He asked for input from other committee chairs.  The official acceptance forms will be sent out shortly.


Mouw walked everyone through the orientation packets.  The orientation packet included:

a.    agenda

b.    directory

c.    division of responsibilities

d.    orientation notes

e.    calendar

f.    committee planning report form

g.    exhibitor support form

h.    exhibitor support guidelines

i.    guidelines for budgetary expenditures

j.    archives procedures

k.    committee report form

l.    copies of your handbook pages

m.    letterhead

n.    committee interest form


The Important Deadlines and Other Dates handout, which outlined overall NMRT deadlines, was reviewed in detail.  Mouw suggested that committee chairs check with their respective director or Marcia Kuszmaul if the ALA Conference Arrangements mailing is not received by August 20th.  Mouw will try to set board meeting times by August 1st.


Other highlighted areas and times included:

Late October - Second midwinter mailing from CAO (to include schedule of meetings).


Late October - Deadline for requesting Annual MEETINGS times.


Late October - Copy deadline for Midwinter Official Program.


November 15 - Deadline for 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant applications (to Susan Schmidt, Chair)


November 15 - Deadline for NMRT office nominations (to Richard Dickey, Chair)


December 1 - Deadline for Shirley Olofson Memorial Award - applications (to Betsy Fordon, Chair)


Early December - Third Midwinter mailing (including room assignments)


Mid December - Second Annual Conference mailing (including preliminary schedule)


Late January - Copy deadline for San Francisco Preliminary Program Booklet


The New Board Orientation Notes are intended to assist in completing your term as officer, committee chair or liaison.  Mouw touched on several key areas for this document.


Correspondence:  Mouw reminded everyone to use their own judgment when recording telephone conversations.  Letters and memos should indicate your affiliation with NMRT, since some members are active in more than one area of the round table.  Copy the appropriate individuals, Mouw reminded.  Copy form letters once.


Exhibitor Support:  Mouw urged committee chairs not to contact exhibitors directly.  Indirect or preliminary planning may be carried out by individual committee chairs, however, “the Exhibitor Contact & Relations Committee is appointed to act as NMRT liaison to exhibitors.”


Reports:  Mouw stressed the importance of knowing the schedule for your committee.  He discussed the three possible reports and their functions.  Mouw emphasized the role of the Committee Meeting Report as the official record or minutes of committee meetings during the conferences.  He commented that while the appropriate forms have been supplied in the packets, composing reports on a word processor was acceptable as long as all information was included.  Joan Dobson stated that financial information must be included in the reports and that the Request for Reimbursement Form supplied in the packet must be used.




The report, passed out to those present at the meeting, represented proposals for the next year.


Dobson spoke about the use of the Request for Reimbursement Forms. She reminded everyone that these forms can not be substituted. All areas on the form must be filled out.  "If the payment is to an individual, that person's Social Security Number is required as is a home address, even if the check is not being mailed directly.  This is an IRS requirement."


Requests of more that $20.00 need the appropriate supervisor's approval, according to Dobson. Advances need four weeks to process. Most requests, however, should go through the normal procedures (a four to six weeks process}. If you are asking for reimbursement for another individual, have the check sent to you as a fail-safe acknowledgement. Make sure vendors, etc. do not send bills directly to the American Library Association. Make use of the sales tax exempt form if appropriate.


Dobson stated that it is crucial to stay within your budget. There is no extra money if you go over budget. She suggested using local speakers and ALA members.  Income is growing at a slower rate than expenses. Dobson also commented that donating goods-in-kind are more attractive to vendors that giving money.


Dobson reported that she will not be available from July 30th through August 22nd. There will be no one to process her mail. All correspondence should be sent soon after this conference, since ALA books close September 1st.


Dobson offered other helpful tips. Contact vendors for bills. Do not wait for bills to show up. Keep an eye on your expenses.


When it comes to ALA Conference Arrangements, Dobson urges new members to read carefully. Don't sign contracts. For funds over $100.00, board action is required. Don't put expenses on your personal credit card. All unusual activity needs preapproval. ALA looks at our budget very closely. Stick to the Financial Guidelines (19:5).


There are two lines in each budget: committee expenses and program expenses. Make sure to tell Dobson if an expenditure is a committee or program expense.


Reimbursement forms can be found in the revised handbook. Committee members need to go through their committee chair for reimbursement.


Dobson told of the budget situation for the American Library Association. There has been a loss in membership and an $800,000
shortfall. Book sales are down. Office positions are frozen.
They are looking for possible ways to save (one idea includes
cutting bus service at conferences).


Preliminary Budget:


Some key points of the budget were discussed:

- the increase for the Membership Committee to $225.00 to cover equipment costs.

- the President's Program should make use of the $350.00 for speakers (preferably ALA related speakers)

- the Social - Mouw was not comfortable lowering the budget until the 1991 Social could be evaluated.



Program expense:  Expenses incurred to run a program.

Committee expense:  Expenses incurred to run a committee.

Operating expense:  Expenses incurred for mechanical operations of certain committees.


Ann Branton, Chair of the Handbook Committee, suggested raising the committee's budget from $75.00 to $100.00.  Betsy Fordon, Chair of the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee, was willing to decrease her committee's budget from $150.00 to $25.00.


Mouw moved to approve the budget, the motion was seconded and passed.




Midwinter Activities - San Antonio, 1991:

Beatrice McKay introduced the members of her committee.  She reminded everyone that they were all new members to New Members.  She outlined the committee's ideas for the conference to include a speaker for the conference orientation program who can introduce NMRTers to ALA and a local speaker, perhaps the former mayor of San Antonio, Henry Cisneros.  She noted that the social, scheduled for Sunday, may include a barbecue buffet, dance lessons, and a dance; a mexican buffet with tex-mex music; or a tour of the Lone Star Brewery.


Pat Brill stated that in scheduling the social, Sunday is preferred for better attendance.  Monday would be an alternative.  Dobson emphasized that this social should pay for itself.  While the midwinter social is designed for NMRT members only, guests are not prohibited.


SALA First Timers Reception/Orientation:

Mouw feels that this program needs to be looked at closely.  “Are we being bumped out of the business?”, Mouw asked.  ALA is consciously trying to reduce programs.  Mouw would like to ask that ALA make our orientation THE orientation.  He suggested combining SALA with the orientation idea.  If not emphasize that it is a pair.  Evans commented that the luncheon is only for first timers or students.  There are problems.  The concept is sound, but things need to be solidified.


Branton proposed an informal arrangement, where each committee is assigned a table and first timers could mingle from table to table. Members felt this might not be feasible.


Overall, the concept was pleasing and the attendance numbers were impressive. Baker & Taylor was suggested as a possible source for further support.




Mouw moved to officially reappoint Peggy Royster Cook as Chair of
the Ad Hoc Committee on Goals and Objectives. The motion was seconded and carried.

During the 1991 Membership Meeting, Mouw realized that the NMRT structure has no room for new ideas. He proposed a "New Initiatives Committee". Dobson suggested that the first job of the committee should be to investigate Brooke Sheldon's idea of whether or NMRT played a role in the careers of ALA leaders.  Dobson moved that a committee be appointed to research and evaluate new concepts. Mouw added that this committee should also be a clearing house for others. The motion was seconded and carried. This special committee will be added to the division of responsibilities by Mouw.




Colleen Conway announced that there are committee appointments
available in ACRL.


Joan Dobson asked whether or not it would be out of line to increase NMRT dues at this time. She proposed looking at dues from other round tables. Other possible fundraising activities were discussed. Joan Kaplowitz proposed a T-shirt or official slogan such as, "NMRT and you, together can make the difference."  While selling a product may help fund raising, Conway is skeptical about selling at the ALA Store. She recommends that exhibit hall rules are investigated as well. Dobson, who admits she is raffle-oriented, suggests the idea of a San Francisco restaurant giving something away at the midwinter social to raise funds for the Olofson Endowment Fund.


Mouw reminded everyone about the Social.


Mouw passed around a ALCTS "Guide for New and Prospective Members". He made a plug for internships.


Fordon spoke about the ALA Professional Ethics Committee as the "watch-dog of ALA". She said they would like input from NMRT on the present code of ethics. They would like at least an NMRT liaison to attend their meetings on this issue.


Evans moved that the meeting be adjourned at 4:40 p.m. for small group discussions. The motion was seconded and passed.