Monday, June 25, 1990 2:00-5:30 P.M.

Chicago, Sheraton,Plaza, Salon C



Lori Logsdon Camille Wood

Mollie Niemeyer V.Lonnie Lawson

Betsy Fordon Patty Wade

Eric Wade Nolan Hatcher

Chris Smith Jeffrey Levy

Richard Dickey Lorelei Tanji

Susan H. Schmidt Connie Phelps

Peggy Royster Cook Joanna Burkhardt

Kathryn Soury James Mouw

Carole R.'Bell Wendy Wood

Joan Kaplowitz Joan Dobson

Rachel Robbins Pat Brill

Carla Zanotti Cindy Saur

Annette Corsiglia Laura Jenny

Jenifer Stone Abramson Debbie Tenofsky

Joyce G. Taylor Mary Marcum Evans

Myrtis Collins


Call to Order/Old Business

President Collins called the meeting to order at 2:05 P.M. Collins announced the winner of this year's Friendly Booth Award as Interax. Collins then turned the meeting over to Mary Marcum Evans and introduced her as the new JMRT/NMRT President. Evans welcomed everyone and distributed information packet s and calendars. She reminded everyone to contact their supervising officer, or her with any problems or questions. She urged committee chairs to distribute work to committee members to give them the opportunity to be involved in NMRT. She said that the new handbook pages should be arriving soon; they have been updated and a lot of work had been done by the handbook committee. She said that new committee chairs should be receiving files from the previous committee chairs. Files older than three years should be sent to the archivist. Evans commented that communication with committee members, officers, and the President is very important. She urged members to record all telephone calls and to put their titles on all correspondence. The handbook indicates who copies should be sent to. Copies can also be sent via fax machine. Jim Mouw urged everyone to stay within their budgets; if increases are needed, they have to be approved by the board. Purchases over $20 need to be approved by the supervising officer. Advance payments take 4-6 weeks. Evans said that there is currently no chair of Exhibitor Contacts/Relations and that one is needed; members should not contact exhibitors on their own. Evans asked that everyone be aware ofdeadlines and that planning reports are due by August 15. Evans said that Cindy Linn is chair of publicity in the coming year and thatinformation should be sent to Cindy as early as possible. Information should also be sent to the three NMRT newsletters. Evans indicated she had not appointed liaisons for the coming year and that she would do so in the two weeks following the conference. Directory changes will be sent to members.



Jim Mouw said that he will have treasurer duties until August 31 when new treasurer Joan Dobson will take over. He handed out copies of the budget and explained how it worked. Mouw noted a hefty increase in membership promotion costs and the production of "Footnotes" and that programming costs were approximately what they were in previous years. He said that this was a $3000 deficit year and that the board needed to discuss this. Collins asked if this included the social profit incomes. Mouw said that the beginning cash balance estimates were based on the cash on hand at the moment and that SALA and stationary were not in the budget at that time. He said that the board could let it go now and discuss the budget again at Mid-Winter. Evans asked where the increases were; Mouw replied that they were in membership promotion and "Footnotes." External support was just under $5000, which goes against the board's wishes to control vendor support. Mouw recommended that the board look at this again when all expenses from 1989/90 are available for review. The problem with 1990/91 is that NMRT is spending more than is anticipated will be brought in. Evans remarked that some of the costs for new brochures, etc. will not be a cost every year. Mouw indicated that NMRT should watch expenses and keep them down. Jenifer Abramson motioned that NMRT accept the budget as submitted with the usual adjustments at Mid-Winter. Collins seconded. The motion carried.


Abramson commented that SALA attracted over 180 people which was an increase over last year. The catering bill was approximately $2600. Pat Brill said that social tickets were $11 and $13 and that expenses would not run over $2000. Ticket sales over 200 will be pure profit. Abramson suggested ways of linking other groups with events to cut costs. Each of the officers gave brief summaries of their responsibilities.


Affiliates Council

Carole Bell announced the Affiliates Council had had an election of officers and that they had approved the decision by the board not to go through with the hospitality suite. There were five chapters present at the Affiliates Council meeting and six chapters had paid dues. Kansas won the Numero Uno award. Since there is no hospitality suite, Diane Tereski will assist SALA and will be the general contact person for general social events. She is on the Library School Outreach committee. This year, the council wishes tocontact every state to see if they have a JMRT chapter and to see if they do not if they would be interested in having one. They are going to compile a list of state organizations and contact people and are up for other suggestions.


Discussion of Ideas for 1990-91

Midwinter Activities - Carla Zanotti

Zanotti said that her committee had not met yet, but she has contacted all but one committee member. They have several ideas in terms of speakers, etc. Peggy Cook asked if NMRT would be able to advertise the program as an orientation program; Collins replied she did not know yet. Collins suggested Sarah Paretski as a speaker. Evans suggested a discussion of funding. Mouw replied he thought the board should have a brief discussion about how they felt about paying big ticket speakers and indicated that NMRT had been paying speakers up to $1000. Joyce Taylor commented that even the larger ALA groups did not pay much for speakers. Mouw commented that NMRT could do more to have publishers pick up expenses for their authors. Joan Dobson said that TLA had done this with speakers for the state conference and that NMRT could also. Evans said that NMRT should explore this and said that some vendors are very willing to pay and that one vendor had paid $1000 speaker fee three times. This year, part of the President's program speaker expenses were picked up by the publisher.


President's Program - Camille Wood

Camille Wood-said that she is working with Evans on ideas for the program. Several suggestions were made for a program dealing with the ALA Conference theme "Kids Who Read Succeed," and a program focusing on YA and college age. Abramson commented that many children's publishers are willing to pay.


Membership Meeting - Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood remarked that she did not think that the theme for the membership program would deal with the conference theme. There was some discussion of this meeting being more of a membership/reporting meeting than a program meeting.


Orientation - Debbie Tenofsky

Debbie Tenofsky said that they did not have any speakers or themes at this time for the orientation program. She asked if the board would like to try a different program format. She said that the committee would like to focus on meeting people and that JMRT used to have "roundabouts." The roundabouts were difficult because JMRT had to contact busy officers who stopped in to the meeting and then had to leave. Joyce Taylor suggested having liaisons at round tables for discussions. Comments were made that attendance at the program has dwindled because the conference grows bigger every year and more programs are being offered; should we be offering something different? Students who attended SALA were appreciative of the reception because the conference was overwhelming. Other points discussed concerning the program included: the feeling that a name speaker was needed; that there was more time needed to cover conference information; that there was a need to improve the ways of letting people know about the program; that NMRT needs to explore ways of getting the Students to ALA


Reception Richard Dickey

This committee has mane no specific plans as yet. They would like to talk to someone from Atlanta.

Social Evans said there was no current chair for the social-committee. There was discussion about having the social on a weekend that attendance might be better. The nightclub might not be willing to rent on a weekend, whereas it would be more willing to rent on a Monday evening. Saturday and Sunday nights are also big nights for vendor parties. Discussion was tabled until after the 1990 social to see how it did. The social has not made money the past couple of years. New business - Evans

Evans said that in the mid-80's there was an ad hoc committee on goals and objectives. She said that it was time to re-evaluate this, and discuss who is responsible for meeting these. Evans moved that NMRT have an ad hoc goals and objectives committee. Mouw seconded. The motion carried; Evans will appoint the committee. The committee will be tied with an ad hoc fiscal planning committee-the chair of the goals and objectives will serve on fiscal planning. Mouw suggested that NMRT have plans by Mid-Winter--an outline and a time-frame for accomplishing goals and objectives. It was also suggested that the membership meeting could be an open forum on what kind of organization NMRT should be. The motion was carried




Evans announced NMRT is supposed to receive $100 from ALA for membership. The money has never been transferred. There was discussion that maybe ALA should be doing mere for NMRT and now NMRT could get more from ALA, since NMRT helps ALA a lot in terms of membership.


The group liked the new NMRT stationary. Zanotti announced that the NMRT traveling booth was lost and that Quality Books was providing NMRT with a new traveling booth.


There was discussion about the JMRT slide snow and that it had been booked for three states this fall. NMRT should investigate production of a video and literature to explain the name change.


There was discussion of a buddy system or mentor program and how this had been done by other groups and states. It was suggested that this might be a good idea for the orientation program.



Jim Mouw moved to adjourn the meeting. Collins seconded and the vote passed unanimously.