CHICAGO, Palmer House, Parlor E


9:00 AM - 12:30 PM



The ALA/JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President Myrtis Collins at 9:07 AM. The following members were present:

Cindy Saur                             Karin Ford

James Mouw                         Mary Marcum Evans

Myrtis Collins                         Jenifer Stone Abramson

Pat Brill                                  Joyce Taylor

Chris Smith                            Colleen M. Conway

Carole R. Bell                        Debbie Tenofsky

Susan Schmidt                       Jeff Levy

Kathryn Sorury                      Diana Brice

Ann Palomo                           Peggy Royster Cook

Wendy Wood                        Lorretta Turnage

Carol Lunce                           Joan Dobson

Lori Logsdon                         Barbara Alexanden

JoAnn W. Rogers                  Patty Wade

Eric Wade                             Joan Kaplowitz

Elinor Barrett                         Verdie F. Richburg

Marlena Wald                        Robert Newlen

Carla Zanotti



President Myrtis Collins welcomed everyone to the Annual Conference Executive Board Meeting. Introductions were made around the table, an attendance sheet was circulated, and the voting members of the Board were announced: President, Vice President, Treasurer, the three directors, and the Affiliates Council President. Non-voting members were encouraged to participate and make their ideas known throughout meeting discussions. Reports were encouraged to be action items and highlights, with details in the written version only.



Collins requested any corrections to the minutes for Midwinter Conference/1990/Chicago. With 3 name spellings corrected, Mary Marcum Evans moved to approve them. Jenifer Stone Abramson seconded the motion. Motion Passed unanimously.



President Collins listed correspondence received since the Mid-Winter meeting in her written report. In addition to this written report, Collins drafted a proposal to establish an endowment for the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award. As background, OCLC donated $1700.00 and will award JMRT three additional $1000.00 checks provided we match the funds. We hope the endowment will begin when the level reaches the $10,000.00 amount. This was mailed to the ALA endowment trustees in May. It is now in their hands and it is hoped they will respond favorably soon after this Annual Conference. Myrtis will send the Olofson Proposal to anyone requesting a copy. Thank yous to all those putting together programs. Please attend the JMRT Membership Meeting (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ) following the Membership Program for a brief business meeting. All Officers should plan to be Present. Collins said she had been asked to give three additional reports.


For Susan Schmidt, Constitution and Bylaws Committee; Susan inquired and was informed that grammatical changes in the Constitution & Bylaws may be made without a membership vote.


For Cindy Linn, Chair of Leadership Development Committee; Cindy Wished to thank everyone lending suggestions and assistance to her committee. Cindy had obligations to Special Libraries Association and will not be attending ALA.


For Rosemary Arneson, Committee on Governance (COG); Eric Wade, a COG committee member is Present to answer any questions. New logo and letterhead were started by COG, but from here on the responsibility will be passed on. Please request new Stationery from our ALA staff liaison. Karin Ford suggested that the responsibility of stationery should lie with the NMRT Secretary and the ALA staff liaison. Susan Schmidt added that the NMRT Archivist should also share in this responsibility. The original camera-ready copy is complete and now COG is done. After Wednesday, June 27, 1990, JMRT is NMRT. Colleen Conway questioned the color decision of led and black, since blue and green were the colors originally decided upon by majority vote. Executive Board approved the change by phone vote. Mary Marcum Evans will debut the stationery at Monday's New Board Orientation.


Vice-President Evans maintained communication With various officers and committee chairs, distributed committee interest forms, and reviewed the Olofson endowment proposal. All current liaison appointments are up. These will be appointed for a one year, as appropriate.


JMRT Secretary transcribed Midwinter ALA Conference minutes.

Secretary Saur also maintained contact with the Handbook and Archives Committees. Cindy gave her new work numbers and address at Gallaudet University.



Treasurer Mouw has a new business card. Changes/comments to Jim's written report include the following: (page 1) Columns 4+5=6. There is a $10 charge for each member. Handbook had extensive photocopying charges. FOOTNOTES is on budget. (page 2) COG spent $500 for the design of the new logo. (page 3) 3M/JMRT made the photographer payment as discussed at Midwinter. Kudos to social committee being under budget. External support is figure of actual dollars in hand when report was prepared. Expenses from logo not yet in are expected to run about $450. There has been a problem lately with getting checks cut. The vendor support list isincluded in Marlena Wald's report. The Ad Hoc Fiscal Committee is Elinor Barrett & Jim Mouw. There is no current financial plan overall. A preliminary report was recommended for Jan. 1991 and discussion at Annual 1991. Mouw motioned to recommend a 5 year fiscal plan coming from the Ad Hoc Fiscal Planning Committee to report before Annual 1991. Colleen Conway seconded. Jim suggested in discussion that the committee should make recommendations on how to handle the structure of this group (subcommittees, COG members, chairs from various committees) with a compromise perhaps being COG committee, treasurer, exhibitor contact chair and a representative from AdHoc committee on Goals & Objectives, with chair of COG to convine and Jim as consultant, as needed. Motion carried. Please mail reimbursement requests to Jim, so he doesn't lose them.



Ford requested we read her written report for her activities. She asked Elinor Barrett (Nominating) to report election results and announced that JMRT bylaws did pass.



Membership, Awards & Continuing Education - Peggy Royster Cook

Grassroots Grants: Cook said Baker & Taylor Books is reevaluating its relationship with JMRT. It will probably still do printing for Grassroots Grants, but would like out of the clerical duties it previously performed. Possibly it will cater the board meeting instead of having a breakfast, as before. They want to ship materials to one person and have the committee do individual mailings. Certificates were suggested instead of plaques. It was suggested that all materials be shipped to the chair of the Grassroots Committee, to be settled at the New Board Meeting. Please note that this committee's budget may need to be increased. Perhaps the new president should write to Baker & Taylor Books.


Library School Outreach: Mass mailings were done for possible contacts for student outreach and to library school contacts. Robert Newlen said there was a good response from the library school contacts. The 50,000th ALA member was given a free membership to JMRT. Information was collected to consider giving library school students free memberships. There are about 2200 new students.


Membership Promotion & Relations: Need to do reprinting of membership brochures, so these can be mailed out with new logo, name, etc. Old slide/tape needs to be redone also to update. Peggy made a motion that the format be changed to video. Colleen Conway seconded. Motion passed. Colleen then motioned that the committee investigate costs and sources for the video project by Annual 1991. Jim Mouw seconded. Motion carried.


Olofson Award: Carol Lunce and Joann Rogers were introduced as winners in attendance. See written report.

BREAK at 10:45. Back at 11 A.M.


Conference Arrangements - Jenifer Abramson

Local Arrangements: Acting Chair, Wendy Wood presented for Chair, Roberta Handy. A question arose on providing A-V items for speakers. Perhaps there needs to be an increase in the next budget to accommodate this expense annually.


Orientation: A concern to use recycled paper for flyers, programs, etc. came up as a financial and environmental issue needing to be addressed.


President's Program: No check yet for Patricia McKissack (keynote speaker). Debbie Tenofsky brought a tape deck to assist the program.


Social: Everything appears to be done and done well. Flyers announcing shuttle bus schedules are done. We should make a profit.


Students to ALA: More money is needed. There are concerns for funding without a suite. AdHoc Committee will discuss, but what for 1991? Documentation is needed to send to vendors. Jenifer feels a higher item line is needed. Here is an area in which to actively pursue ALA funding. Suggestion to have other groups combine with first time conference event done by ALA President.


Publications & Public Relations - Joyce Taylor

COGNOTES: The printing contract was awarded to the Front Page Co. that did our printing for Midwinter. ALA paid for the software update to WordPerfect 5.0. Deadlines for volume 20 are as follows: July 13 & Nov. 1, 1990 and Feb. 1 & April 1, 1991. More money for future budgets is requested. See written report for other details.


Exhibitor Contact & Relations: All written action items will be covered by the AdHoc Committee on Fiscal Planning. It would also be nice to know what we spend from what vendors give us (any left over as a cushion). Committee recommends doing a prospectus for "big-ticket" items. Chair Marlena Wald thanked Debbie Tenofsky for pinch-hitting last minute.


Publicity: Only one member of this committee was able to attend this Annual Conference. Perhaps more members need to be assigned to this committee (with better salaries.)


Liaisons Coordinator - Joe Harzbecker

(Joe was not present.)Jim Mouw commented that there has been no informal method of reporting liaison activities and finding out what has been happening. Peggy Cook suggested putting 6 or 7 liaison reports in each Footnotes, so we know the highlights. Robert Newlen said summaries instead of reports. Lorretta Turnage suggested a summary of what is happening from the Liaison Director (2 issues a year). Colleen Conway brought out that the intern program died at the ALA level. Perhaps that makes the liaison program even more important to view a wide variety of activities.


Affiliates Council - Colleen Conway

Colleen stated there had been few complaints related to the lack of a hospitality suite. Suggest there be no Atlanta suite. Jim Mouw moved that until further board action JMRT not sponsor another suite. Cindy Saur seconded. Motion passed. Colleen said there was no response to the lunch groups program.


New Business

Jim Mouw announced the reprographics number is 1-3-607-5910-0-0000


Old Business

Colleen Conway inquired about ALA budget enhancements. Examples will be passed on to Mary Marcum Evans. JMRT has some good potential program candidates for this major money. ALA dues increase did not pass.



--Bobbie Walters, a JMRT past president, is visiting us today.

--Call Joyce Taylor at home if needed. She is changing positions.

--Steven Kerchoff, our JMRT/3M Grant winner is with us today.

--Get tickets for social from Pat Brill or other committee members.

--Attend JMRT Membership Meeting Monday, if possible.

--M.M. Evans has interest forms.



Jim Mouw made a motion to adjourn at 12:05 P.M. Mary Marcum Evans seconded and motion passes unanimously.