Monday, January 8, 1990, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Chicago, Palmer House, Parlor E


Cindy Saur                               Rachel Robins

Peggy Cook                             Lorretta Turnage

Joan Dobson                            Verdie F. Richburg

Elinor Barrett                            Susan H. Schmidt

Chris Smith                              Cecilia Schmitz

Karin Ford                               Jenifer Stone Abramson

Roxanne Sellberg                        Colleen M. Conway

James Mouw                            Mary Marcum Evans

Myrtis Collins                           Joyce G. Taylor



Colleen Conway made a motion to accept agenda changes as noted. Peggy Cook seconded, motion passed.


Nominating- Elinor Barrett

The slate presented was the following--

Vice president/President Elect: Jim Mouw

Secretary: Judy Jeng
Lori Logsdon

Treasurer: Joan Dobson
Karen Pearson

Director: (two to be elected)
Pat Brill

Colleen Conway
Richard Dickey
Connie Phelps

In addition, the following JMRT members will be running for ALA Council by petition: Sara Behrman, Robert Newlen, Joyce Taylor & Lorretta Turnage.


Scholarship - Sally Barringer

Sallie Barringer was not able to be present, thus Peggy Cook gave her report. Lilia Fernandez, a library science student at the University of Texas at Austin, was the winner of the 1990 JMRT/EBSCO scholarship, chosen from the 17 applicants.


President's Program - Lori Logsdon


Patricia McKissack, a children's author, will be the keynote speaker for the program "The Creative Process--A Carnival of Ideas." A vendor will cover McKissack's honorarium. There will be 2 20-minute small group discussions during the program with discussion leaders.

3MLJMRT Professional Development Grant - Verdie Richburg


The 3 winners of the grant are Rose-Marie Gulley, Graduate Assistant at Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management; Steven Paul Kerchoff, Visitor Information Specialist in the Educational Liaison Office at the Library of Congress; and Rachel H. Robbins, Head of the Interlibrary Loan Dept. at Sterling C. Evans Library, Texas A & M University. The winners were selected from 25 applicants. The winners will be honored at a special event hosted by 3M during Annual Conference.


Shirley Olofson Memorial Award -Lorretta Turnage


Carole Lunce, Asst. Reference Librarian, University of North Texas (Denton) and JoAnn Rogers, Head of Public Services, McKinney Memorial Public Library, McKinney, TX have been chosen as the 1990 recipients. There were 10 applicants.The committee discussed various options for issues confronting this award. Issue 1 was stated as "Does JMRT want to create an endowment
for Olofson or continue to fund the award through the budget?" Jim Mouw moved that the executive board establish a group consisting of Director, MACE; President; Vice President; & Treasurer, to proceed with writing a proposal to the ALA Board of Trustees to establish
this endowment, as suggested by this committee, or to give reasons for any problems and to keep OCLC up-to-date with a report by 1990 Annual. This report will go before Executive Board at Annual Conference. There was a motion from Pres. Collins to table Mouw's
motion. Mary M. Evans seconded and the motion passed.Jim Mouw moved that JMRT alter funding Olofson to an endowment if feasible. Colleen Conway seconded and motion passed. Karin Ford requested that Jim's original motion be put back on the table. C. Saur seconded and the motion passed. A report on Olofson will be presented at Executive Board at Annual Conference.

Issue 2 dealt with OCLC's gift of $1700.00 and trying to generate more interest and money for the award. Various fundraisers were mentioned, possibly in conjunction with a special commemorative orhonoring for 1992.


In issue 3 the committee recommends: 1) Give 1 award for $300 beginning in 1991 and increase the number of awards to two after the endowment has been established. 2) Continue granting the award for Annual Conference. 3) Change criteria requiring that applicant have attended no more than 5 Annual Conferences.

Jim Mouw moved to accept these 3 recommendations.                   Mary M. Evans seconded. Karin Ford made a friendly amendment that the motion be taken worded as in their written report. Mary M. Evans seconded. Colleen Conway made a friendly amendment deleting "to two" in the written clause 1 of issue 3. This was okayed by Jim Mouw and the
vote passed. Thus the committee is charged with looking at criteria and getting back to Pres. Collins, who will get back to Executive Board by separate mailing.

Membership Meeting Program - Roberta Handy

Jenifer Abramson gave an oral summary for Roberta, who was not present. This committee met twice,at Midwinter. The program will be on Monday, June 25th, "Paying the Piper--The Price of Information," discussing money, integrity and privacy. The
committee may request an additional $50 for the program. Roberta Handy will not be at Annual Conference. Steve Kerchaff will act as chair or co-chair.

Liaisons - Joe Harzbecker

Harzbecker was unable to attend Midwinter, thus Roxanne Sellberg ran the liaisons meeting and gave this oral report. There continues to be some difficulty in moving from 1 liaison to the next. Library Education Assembly Liaison doesn't have a meeting. Should
this liaison be a member of the Library School Outreach Committee and continue to attend forum meetings? If so, the handbook would also need to be changed for this liaison description.

New Business

Cecilia Schmitz of the Booth Committee wondered if the table for us in the ALA office area is really needed. It does not appear to have been used this midwinter. Karin Ford stated that its intent was for those at midwinter to have a place to leave documents. Joan Dobson added that Cocnotes was the original "dumping ground" and perhaps the table would be used if it were publicized. The discussion continued, concluding with Karin Ford's suggestion that the Booth Chair for next year contact Marcia Kuszmaul to arrange for it.

Colleen Conway informally discussed ALA enhancement Money. She will investigate for JMRT for 1992 programs.

Jim Mouw had several items. 1) He showed us his new book. 2) JMRT has a "bad debt" morally, if not legally. 3M went through a company to pay photographer and the company went bankrupt. The debt is over $200.00. Joyce Taylor made a motion to pay the photographer.
Peggy Cook seconded and the vote passed. 3) There are currently 898 official members of JMRT. 4) Only 1 budget change has been received thus far. There are bound to be other changes. Jim will
contact chairs and need responses. 5) Get reimbursement requests in for specific items. Go through your director if over $25.00. 6) Requests for next year?



Joan Dobson announced she brought buttons to support Patrick O'Brien from Dallas Public who is running for ALA President. Myrtis Collins announced there is a candidate forum at 4:30 to 5:30
today at the Hilton.Rachel Robbins reminded everyone of the February 1st deadline for
Footnotes. Rachel received a round of applause for her work with Footnotes.



Jim Mouw moved to adjourn. C. Saur seconded and the vote passed unanimously.