Monday, June 26, 1989, 2:00 - 5:30 PM
Annual - Dallas, Days Hotel, Seasons Ballroom


The ALA/JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President Karin Ford at 2:00 PM. Forty-three members were present:

Myrtis Collins                        Joan L. Dobson

Karin Ford                        Deborah Schaeffer

Barbara Alexander                        Cynthia Usieh

Marlena M. Wald                        Pat Brill

Roberta M. Handy                        Joyce Taylor

Robert Newlen                        Deborah Colter

Susan Schmidt                        Chris Smith

Mark Watson                        Carole R. Bell

Joe Harzbecker                        Rosemary Arneson

Susan M. Agent                        Eric Wade

Jane Tupin                        Patricia Wade

Edith Reiss                        Jenifer Stone Abramson

Connie Phelps                        Colleen M. Conway

Elinor Barrett                        Ann Palomo Stroud

Barbara S. McFadden                        Eric D. Suess

Lori Logsdon                        Mary Marcum Evans

Peggy Royster                        James Mouw

Cindy Saur                        Laura A. Sullivan

Verdie F. Richburg                        Ophelia L. Roop

Sallie Barringer                        Kathryn Sorury

Lorretta Turnage                        Diana Brice
Jacqueline Douglas



President Karin Ford had two items of old business for discussion: name change implementation and the Suite recommendation.

Rosemary Arneson, COG Chair, spoke to the first item.She said she had not received any more feedback on implementation suggestions for the name change.


Ford asked that this issue be considered as new business for the new Executive Board. Peggy Rovster made a motion that the name change implementation issue be considered as new business for the new Executive Board. Jim Mouw seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Ford then reviewed those with voting privileges: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the three Directors and the Affiliates Council President.


Colleen Conway discussed the second item--the Suite recommendation. She said that the Affiliates Council voted not to sponsor the Hospitality Suite at the next annual conference (Chicago). This decision will be reevaluated immediately after conference.


Conway said two alternative activities are planned as the second Vice-President's duties:

1) To sponsor a clearinghouse for housing prior to conference

2) To plan at least one social, similar to the Bite with LIRT program.

Peggy Royster moved that the meeting of the outgoing Executive Board be adjourned. Myrtis Collins seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Myrtis Collins, new JMRT President, reminded new chairs, officers, and liaisons to pick up information packets in the back of the room.

President Collins welcomed everyone and congratulated the new Executive Board officers. She then asked for any changes to the agenda. As there were none, Karin Ford moved that the agenda be approved. Jenifer Abramson seconded. Motion passed. Introductions were made by those present.



President Collins provided background information about herself and said she was honored to be president of JMRT. Emphasizing that this meeting was procedural, Collins began the orientation by going over the information in the packets.

Included are:

Division of Responsibilities - This is a list of officers with the committees they oversee. Collins added names to this sheet: Colleen Conway is Affiliates Council President; Carole Bell is Affiliates council 1st Vice-President; and Carol Lunce is Affiliates Council 2nd Vice-President. Collins said to delete "Hospitality Suite" under "Affiliates Council President."

Calendar - Collins said to pick up the revised FOOTNOTES deadline sheet in the back of the room to accompany this calendar.

Directory - This lists names, addresses', phone numbers for officers, committee chairs and liaisons. There were corrections to the directory:

Jenifer Abramson/zip code - 93063

Eric Suess/following zip code - M/C 234

Jim Mouw/Bitnet # - U40028@UICVM

Rosemary Arneson/work phone number - 203-254-4044

Joe Harzbecker/work phone number - 617-638-4228

Deborah Colter/work phone number - 317-887-1045

Myrtis asked those with fax numbers and electronic mail numbers to send them to her. They will be added, along with these corrections, to the directory.

Collins said she would speak about the rest of the forms in the packet later. Collins continued her report by highlighting information in the New Board Orientation Notes.

PURPOSE: The purpose of JMRT is to provide leadership skills for new members to the profession. Collins stressed that chairs should involve members with their committee; make this a goal as a chair.

HANDBOOK: Collins said chairs, officers, and liaisons would receive their handbook in the mail or at conference. JMRT operational documents are included here--Constitution and Bylaws, Goals and Objectives. Each committee has an entry in the Handbook; chairs should have Handbook entries in their packets. Collins informed Joe Harzbecker that liaisons' entries were not
photocopied. Also, some liaisons do not have Handbook entries yet. Collins said JMRT forms are included in the Handbook; if any are missing, Joni Gomez, Handbook Chair, should be contacted.


FILES: Collins said those receiving Handbooks should also receive current files from the previous chair/officer/liaison. The policy is to keep three years of the files; if a Handbook has more than three years, the files should be weeded and sent to Judy Jeng, Archivist.



TELEPHONE CALLS: There is a telephone conversation record form in 'the Handbook to be used to document important calls (i.e. if a decision is made on an important issue); the form is not
necessary to use for every call. Collins asked that mail correspondence carbons be mailed out as soon as possible.

LETTERS, MEMOS:                   Collins said that the JMRT stationery will still be used this year. Marcia Kuzmaul, JMRT Staff Liaison, has more stationery if anyone needs more. (Her address is in the
directory.) Please include return address and phone number on all correspondence and send copies of all relevant correspondence to designated people.                   Only one version of a form letter needs to be sent to the appropriate people.


ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: Electronic mail and telefaxing is handled the same as other written correspondence.


BUDGET: Collins asked that everyone read through the guidelines in the packet regarding the budget and exhibitor support.

Expenditures over $20 must receive approval from the supervising officer (this can be done over the phone). Collins stressed that approval is necessary before the money is spent.

Jim Mouw said he prefers that money approval requests be mailed to the officer to be signed and then mailed on to him. Use the phone only if there is a time constraint.

EXHIBITOR SUPPORT: Collins said Marlena Wald, Chair of Exhibitor Contact and Relations, is the person to contact if your committee needs vendor support. There is a Committee Request Form for Exhibitor Support to fill out and send to Wald who will then work at contacting vendors.

Wald suggested not to ask for odd amounts or amounts that may be considered too small by vendors.

Mouw said he budgets vendor money; if anyone is requesting vendor money for a new program not already budgeted, please let him know (carbon paper work).

In response to a question, Wald said that committee members should not personally ask a vendor for money, even if he/she knows the vendor well. Give the vendor's name to Wald and let Wald make the contact.

PLANNING: Collins warned chairs to pay attention to deadline dates on the calendar, especially program committee chairs. If a chair does not receive information from the ALA Conference
Arrangement Office, call the supervising officer.

REPORTS: There are three major JMRT reports: Planning Report, Committee Report and Committee Meeting Report. Collins explained the purpose of each (see Orientation Notes). The
reports need to be in writing and submitted before conference or immediately after. Collins said that the reports help with planning next ,year's JMRT activities.


COMMITTEE: Jean Scappator is the Chair of the Publicity Committee.Collins encouraged chairs to use this committee and be aware of publicity deadlines.

NEWSLETTERS: There are three: FOOTNOTES, COGNOTES, and. NEWSNOTFS. Please follow deadlines for these groups.

REPRESENTING & PROMOTING JMRT:                        Collins said a large part of representing JMRT is done by liaisons, although all officers, chairs, and members represent and can promote JMRT as well. She encouraged all to recruit new members too.

HELP: Collins encouraged chairs and committee members to ask for help if necessary, particularly if there is a problem with a committee or if the responsibility becomes overwhelming. Collins said it is best that the Executive Board know early on if a problem exists.\




Jim Mouw asked everyone to look at the Request for Reimbursement form in the packet. He stressed the importance of having receipts for reimbursement (if possible). For this fiscal year's expenditures, Mouw said to have receipts to him by~Mid-July. If over $20, get approval from supervising officer before making the expenditure. Also, if a committee needs to go over
budget, seek approval.

Mouw said he prepared a preliminary budget. Two corrections:

1) Page 1, Summary Page, last two columns should read FY FY 89/90 (External Funds, Total Budget)

2) Page 2, Section B, Responsible Person for NEWSNOTES is Conway (not Evans)

Mouw explained that this budget is derived from a combination of things: actual expenditures this year, specific requests, and sometimes standard amounts. There may be changes; a revised
budget will be voted on at Midwinter.

He said operating expenses seem to be dropping due mainly to the fact that ALA expenses have not been as high as expected. Communication costs are holding even; committee expenses are about the same; programming expenses have increased a little, but not significantly. He reminded the group that vendor support is used for programmatic activities.

Peggy Royster moved to approve the preliminary budget. Cindy Saur seconded. Discussion followed. Mouw had a revision request--to remove the Suite from the budget. He would like to

recommend that JMRT use the $500 that JMRT has been spending from their money on the Suite to improve the SALA reception. Since $100 has already been designated for SALA, the additional $500 makes the SALA total $600.00 from JMRT. Mouw said the vendor support has yet to be worked out. (Delete the Suite lines under Section E, Programming and Estimated Income, page 5). Mouw announced that he did not budget for the Meet the Winners Reception since there are no plans for that next year.


Karin Ford made the friendly amendment to revise the budget as discussed.   Mary Marcum Evans seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mouw continued with a report on the establishment of a JMRT endowment for the Olofson Award. Mouw said he spoke with the ALA Chief Financial Officer about this matter. Mouw said the endowment is possible, but restrictive. The money must originate from outside funds (JMRT operating money may not be used) and the principal cannot be touched. The endowment cannot be used to buy supplies for a fundraising project.


Marlena Wald announced a new ALA policy which asks that all awards, grants and scholarships established be increased (minimum $1000 for an award, $3000 for a scholarship). Wald said-she would send this report to the Executive Board.

Mouw stated that the ALA Endowment Board, which meets in early fall, will need to approve the establishment of the endowment.



Vice-President/President-Elect - Mary Marcus Evans

Nothing to report.


Mediate Past President - Karin Ford

Karin Ford said her responsibility this year will be to oversee the Nominating Committee as well as serve on the committee. She will also assist Liaisons Coordinator,Joe Harzbecker, with the liaisons.


Secretary - Cindy Saur

Nothing to report.

Director for Conference Arrangements - Jenifer Abramson

Jenifer Abramson requested that her committee members maintain contact with her.

Director of Membership, Awards and Continuing Education - Peggy Royster

Peggy Royster also asked her committee members to keep in touch.

Director for Publications and Public Relations - Joyce Taylor

Joyce Taylor said she does not like working up to deadlines and asked her committee members to plan ahead. She encouraged her people to call or write her if there are any problems.




Colleen Conway said Affiliates Council plans to identify state affiliates, as well as work toward meeting one of the Affiliates. Council's goals: to provide communication among affiliates and
between state or regional groups and ALA/JMRT. She said Affiliates Council also hopes to work closely with some committees including the Booth Committee, Grassroots Grants Committee, and
Library School Outreach Committee.

Conway said Carol Lunce, Affiliates Council 2nd Vice-President will be responsible for the alternate activities to the Suite this coming year.

She also said that deadlines for NEWSNOTES are the same as FOOTNOTES.                      


Midwinter Activities - Cynthia Hsieh

Cynthia Hsieh, Chair, said she still needed more committee members.

Concerning Midwinter Orientation, Hsieh said she is considering two options: doing Orientation the traditional way or having a continental breakfast. Hsieh clarified that a breakfast
would be in addition to the Social.

Peggy Royster mentioned that ALA is currently redefining what a program is; JMRT will need to investigate this issue to see if Orientation is affected.

Royster also said she would like to see a slide show of museums in Chicago at Orientation. Marlena Wald suggested the auditorium at the Art Institute as a location for Orientation.

Discussion followed about changing the format part of Midwinter Orientation. One problem with Orientation is that JMRT is not able to publicize it as a program. Others expressed concern about having a breakfast due to the expense and time of a breakfast.

President Collins said that Hsieh should work with her supervising officer on suggested ideas.


President's Program - Lori Logsdon

Lori Logsdon, Chair, asked for speaker/program ideas. President Collins suggested "creativity" in
libraries/librarianship as a topic. Roberta Handy said she may have names of speakers on this topic for Logsdon.

Membership Meeting Program -Roberta Handy,

Roberta Handy, Chair, said she has met with her committee members and they have generated ideas, but nothing definite. One suggested speaker was Tom Blanton with the National Security
Archive who speaks on librarians as information scientists.

Orientation - Kathryn Sorury

Kathryn Sorury, Chair, listed ideas her committee discussed for keynote speakers:

Michael Scully - Apple Computers

Mr. Grovener - President of the National Geographic Society

For local color speakers, suggestions were:

Oprah Winfrey
Studs Terkel
Mike Royko
Roger Ebert

Karin Ford suggested choosing just one well-known speaker, as opposed to a competing keynote and local color speaker. Also, she cautioned not to pick too many speakers; Collins agreed.

Students to ALA Reception - Ann Paloma

Ann Paloma, Chair, said there were new possibilities on hosting the SALA reception this coming year. She said SALA could be used as a recruiting tool for both JMRT and Minorities Recruitment.

Some discussion followed. Rosemary Arneson told Paloma that early SALA receptions were held at non-conference sites and these were poorly attended.This is something to keep in mind when planning location. Also mentioned was the conflict that SALA usually presents with library school reunions.


Social - Pat Brill

Pat Brill, Chair, said the Social will be Monday, June 25, 1990, 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Her committee has not yet met, but she had five suggestions already:

1. Riviera Nightclub - Largest ballroom in Chicago, 5,000 sq. ft. dance floor, excellent audio system, two levels, uptown, "iffy neighborhood".

2. Baja Beachclub - Hottest nightclub spot currently, off Lakeshore Drive, renovated warehouse.

3. Limelight - bought out by Snuggery who is presently renovating the Limelight.

4. America's Bar - North River area.

5. Field Museum - Acoustics are terrible due to marble interior.

Brill said since the Social is an informal, fun event, she and her committee prefer a large dance floor on one level, if possible, with a good band/good acoustics.

Brill asked for any ideas to help her committee make a decision.

Collins reminded committee chairs to complete a Committee Planning Report with ideas and carbon the appropriate people.

Collins called a five minute break.


Rosemary Arneson addressed the issue of the name change. She had requested preliminary costs for implementation from committee chairs and prepared an informational sheet with these figures.
Arneson said initial action should be the following:

1) Publicize the name change - July 1990 JMRT will be NMRT

2) Develop a new logo

Arneson recommended:

1) One person be appointed from the Publicity Committee to work with COG on the name change.

2) Work on preliminary designs for the logo between now and Midwinter.

Mary Marcum Evans moved that Arneson's recommendations be accepted. Karin Ford seconded.

Discussion followed. Arneson said that between now and Midwinter COG would also come up with a priority list of other things to be changed. She also said she would have to work with
Marcia Kuszmaul and ALA to ensure ALA is apprised of the name change.

Motion passed unanimously. President Collins thanked Arneson and her committee for their work on the name change.

Jenifer Abramson brought up the issue of the charge regarding the membership of the Library School Outreach Committee (made at Midwinter). The recommendation was ". . . that membership consist of an appointed chair, three to five working members, and as ex-
officio members, the chair of the Membership Promotion and Relations Committee, the Affiliates Council First Vice President, and the National Grassroots Grants Coordinator." Abramson
requested that the SALA chair be an ex-officio member of the committee.

Karin Ford made a motion that the SALA chair be an ex-officio member of the Library School Outreach Committee. Discussion followed as to whether the SALA chair should serve on the
committee. Peggy Royster made a friendly amendment to the motion that the SALA chair or a SALA committee member be an ex-officio member of the Library School Outreach Committee. Motion passed.


Rosemary Arneson said that LAMA is reactivating their mentor program and JMRT members may be interested in this. She will share information as she receives it.

President Collins encouraged everyone to attend the Social that evening.


Peggy Royster moved to adjourn the meeting. Cindy Saur seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Laura A. Sullivan
JMRT Secretary