9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


The ALA/NMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President Mary Marcum Evans at 9:50 A.M.  The following members were present:

Lori Logsdon, Pat Brill, Connie Phelps, Cindy Linn, Lorelei Tanji, Joyce Taylor, Marcia Kuszmaul, Joanna Burkhardt, Jane Tupin, Jeff Levy, Richard Dickey, Carla Zanotti, Myrtis Collins, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Joan Kaplowitz, Jenifer S. Abramson, James R. Mouw, Mary Marcum Evans, Susan H. Schmidt, Kathryn Sorury, Chris Smith, John Stevenson, Nancy Nelson, Peggy Cook, Colleen M. Conway, Carol Lunce, Joan Reyes, Camille Wood, Debbie Tenofsky, Betsy Fordon, Annette Corsiglia, Carole R. Bell, Wendy Wood, V. Lonnie Lawson, Karin Ford, Mollie Niemeyer



President Mary Marcum Evans welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained who could vote. She encouraged everyone to take part in discussions.            Introductions were made around the table; an attendance sheet was circulated. She asked if there were any changes for the agenda.

Vice President/President-Elect Jim Mouw moved that the minutes be approved at the next day's meeting. Former President Myrtis Collins seconded. The motion passed.


There was no old business.


PRESIDENT - Mary Marcum Evans

President Evans announced that there were still four liaison positions open: AASL Membership, ALSC Membership, ASCLA Membership, and PLA SMLS. She asked that if anyone knew of anyone that might be interested in the positions to let her know. She said that all of the other liaison positions had been filled. Evans remarked that Sylvia Reimer, the Handbook Chair had resigned and that she hoped to find a new chair by the end of the conference.            She said that Judith Krug had produced a document on the free flow of information and wanted comments, as well as the support of the ALA divisions and round tables. Evans agreed to get copies for the next meeting'to hand out.  She said she had not spent any money.



Vice President Mouw said that he had no action items and that he had spent no money.  He said that he was learning to handle correspondence, but that he wanted more mail, and that officers were to be copied on all correspondence. He is trying to fill committees and distributed committee interest forms. Members are free to reproduce the forms and distribute them.

SECRETARY - Lori Logsdon


Secretary Logsdon inquired if minutes should be sent to committee chairs in addition to board members. The board agreed that minutes should be sent to committee chairs. Director Jenifer Abramson suggested that a synopsis of the minutes be sent to "Footnotes."


PAST PRESIDENT - Myrtis Collins


Past President Collins said she has enjoyed several relaxing months.  She said she had been monitoring several committees. The Shirley Olofson Award proposal has been sent to the Endowment Trust board and to the Financial and Audit Committee. The proposal had gotten bogged down, but would be looked at during the Mid-Winter conference. Mouw said that later a proposal would come to the NMRT board to increase the endowment. He asked if NMRT needed to wait for final approval from the ALA Executive Board to approve the proposal before NMRT could make plans. Collins answered that it was OK to make plans for fundraising, but no decision had yet been made.



Director Brill said she was monitoring the activities of six committees. She said that the Local Arrangements Chair would not be at the conference. She had not had the opportunity to meet with all of her chairs, but would have the opportunity to meet with most of them at the Monday Task Force meeting. Brill said that Carla Zanotti, Exhibitor Contact and Relations Chair and a representative from the PR committee would attend the meeting.  She remarked that all of the chairs had been great to work with and that she had received a lot of calls. She worked with the ALA Office, which was helpful. She spent no money to date.




Director Taylor said that she had communicated with the appointed liaisons and that they were meeting on Sunday.  She commented that a lot of things needed to be spelled out to the liaisons. She said that they
have many misconceptions about their duties and that she has a difficult time keeping in contact because she cannot use the phone at work. She suggested that the liaisons report only at annual conference since most of them had nothing to report at the Mid-Winter Conference. She spent no money.


MACE DIRECTOR - Connie Phelps


Director Phelps monitored the activities of seven committees. She said that things seemed to be going well and that she had spent no money.


Director Abramson monitored the activities of five committees. She monitored correspondence and she announced the new "Footnotes" Editor will be Darlene Nichols.



Corsiglia thanked her committee members and said that although they got a late start that things were under control. She said that the orientation program would be Saturday afternoon and that they had gotten good speakers. They had asked NMRT people to be table leaders and lead informal conversations with people sitting at the tables. She announced that the social would take place Sunday at Ophrah Winfrey's Eccentric Restaurant at 6:30 and that tickets were $20.00. The social would include a
buffet and cash bar. Carla Zanotti and her staff did the restaurant guide, saving money. NMRT received beautiful briefcases from EBSCO, and the committee was very appreciative. 


Corsiglia brought up several items for discussion. She asked that NMRT revise their forms and include a spot for the the social security number of the speaker. She suggested there could be better communication with ALA.  Zanotti commented that there had been several embarrassing situations; ALA did not get a check to Annette. In advertising events, NMRT has to wait until the last minute to know if they can get checks for speakers. Mouw said that last year NMRT did not have a check on time for a speaker and although the speaker still spoke, it was a very gracious gesture. Evans said that the Olofson winner did not receive a check until after the conference and that the check should have arrived before the conference. She said she would need to talk to Marcia, NMRT's ALA Liaison.  Zanotti commented that people need to be aware of the problems in dealing with ALA. Taylor added that the paperwork for one of her LAMA speakers was in at ALA in January and that the speaker was not paid until October. She called every month and it got embarrassing. Corsiglia said that ALA should be responsible to the membership and the job was not getting done. Collins said that this was not acceptable, that committee chairs had to be persistent, should not have to call every day, and that calls are not being returned from ALA.  Mouw remarked that there were a number of things causing problems and that the best thing NMRT members could do was to get paperwork in as early as possible.                          He went on to say
that ALA has had problems for years with fiscal people and that it was a top priority for ALA Executive Director Linda Crismond. Evans proposed that a group composed of herself, Mouw, Abramson, and Corsiglia arrange to meet with Marcia to discuss the problems with ALA.


Corsiglia suggested that the Mid-Winter Activities Chair be appointed at Midwinter instead of annual so that the committee would have a whole year to work. She did not recieve information from the previous committee chair. She also suggested that there be two committees, one to work on the orientation, and the other to work on the social. She proposed that all committee chairs be given a copy of the tax letter. She requested one from ALA, but it took a long time.  She asked if committee chairs could request checks for $50 or $100 without going through the officer to do so, and that this might speed things up. She concluded that she would give her final report on Monday after the social.


Evans announced locations for Annual and Mid-Winter conferences through 1998. Annual conferences are scheduled for the following: 1991-Atlanta; 1992-San Francisco; 1993-New Orleans; 1994-Miami; 1995-Chicago; 1996-Orlando; 1997-San Francisco; 1998-Washington D.C.   Mid-Winter conferences are scheduled for the following:  1992-San Antonio; 1993-Denver; 1994-Los Angeles; 1995-Cincinnati; 1996-San Antonio; 1997-New Orleans; 1998-Denver. 


Mouw added that as of 1992, the annual conference will run from Thursday-Thursday (Thurs.-Fri. pre-conferences, Sat.-Tues. exhibits, Sat.-Thurs. meetings and events) and that the Mid-Winter conference will run from Friday-Thursday for business meetings.



Lawson said that he has been bombarded with requests for the new NMRT brochures and membership forms. The committee had 1000 of each printed and they ran out at Thanksgiving. He said that he was trying to finalize the next printing for the end of the month. The committee is working on the new video and Lawson will preview it at the end of next month. He announced the committee had spent $184.00 so far and that the brochures, etc. were printed at his institution, Central Missouri State University. Conway asked if there were any color guidelines from the board. Mouw said that NMRT colors were red and black on white. Zanotti said that the red was #186.

PUBLICITY - Cindy Linn


Linn sent out releases for individuals who requested them. She said that her major work will begin after the conference. She asked that material be sent to her as soon as possible. She said that publicity had to

be sent out far in advance. Things do not need to be in a special format. Mouw asked that people keep Cindy informed and Evans added that publicity is very important. Brill said that publicity is important be-
cause there are so many things going on at ALA that as much publicity as possible is needed. Collins stressed that deadlines were important and that information should be put together as early as possible.



Zimmerman said that LC received more money than they requested and that there were 164 new permanent positions for LC. He said that most of the positions were in the special collections area, that 65-70 were professional positions. He added that LC has an aging work force because of 4-5 years of cutbacks and that this was.a good opportunity fo fill the positions as soon as possible. He handed out a list of the positions, pay scales and said that LC was at the Placement Center if anyone was interest-
ed in the positions.


Mouw added that he had openings for three serials catalogers and an opening for an assistant department head for serials cataloging. Linn said that she had openings for two reference positions.


Evans announced the reprographics number for copies: 1-3-607-5910-0-0000.



Schmidt said that she is the only member of the committee and that she is still revising the constitution and by-laws with the name change.  She asked that the Executive board survey past presidents about Article 3-1, the announcement of the nominating committee. It was decided that the Outgoing President will announce this committee.


This committee has sent out a lot of brochures and works closely with the Membership Promotion and Relations Committee. Niemeyer announced that NMRT showed the highest percentage of growth of all round tables during this reporting period. She said that the committee got a good start under Robert Newlen's chairmanship. She said that the committee has compiled a listing of addresses of all library schools (300-400 institutions) and that this listing is available if needed by members. A listing of student
chapters and faculty liaisons is also available. Only a few presentations have been done this year. Niemeyer asked that if members live near a library school to contact them about doing a presentation. The committee is looking for new ways to do outreach. She announced that CMSU has three job openings.


Mouw asked if mailing "Footnotes" to schools would help. Niemeyer replied that this would help, even if it were just to the 60 accredited programs. Mouw asked if there was a packet for presentations, and
Niemeyer said that if anyone was interested in giving a presentation that she would provide the information.

ORIENTATION - Debbie Tenofsky (Pat Brill reporting)

The committee will have their first meeting Sunday to discuss a keynote speaker for the annual conference and orienation packets. More information about this program will be available at the end of the conference.

STUDENTS TO ALA - Richard Dickey

Dickey said that he had a good committee that was working on the various aspects of the reception. He said that the Minorities Recruitment committee would help with the reception and asked what the budget for the reception was. Brill suggested transferring $2000 from the social to SARA so that they are not dependent on vendors. Abramson said that vendors could be used for printing, etc. but felt that the shift of money was a good idea. Mouw indicated there was still some information that needed to be finalized. He was approached by Linda Crismond, ALA Executive Director, about merging the new members reception with the SALA reception. NMRT has received no information on funding yet. He said he would try to meet with her to get information.


Evans said that the reasons ALA wanted to merge their reception with SALA's were: NMRT's is earlier, Sun. vs. Mon.; it would help streamline the conference program; it is hard for ALA officers and board to attend both; the merging would increase the scope, publicity, and visibility of both receptions.  She said that NMRT would be allowed a one-half page ad in the conference program at no charge. She asked for comments on the merger. Joan Kaplowitz said that there should not be a conflict with the library school reunions on Sunday night. Mouw said that the traditional date for the SALA reception was Saturday afternoon but that had been dropped when ALA labeled that as a no-conflict time. Conway suggested
negotiating., that the biggest problem was space and that ALA could possibly find a location. Mouw said that he would like to move the orientation program to Saturday morning with the SALA reception after that being a buffet lunch. Evans said that to accomplish that there would need to be a lot of schedule shuffling, that many people do not come to the conference until Saturday and that then they have to register for the conference. Schmidt suggested that attendees could come to lunch and then to the orien-
tation program in the afternoon. Abramson asked about the possibility of Sunday morning. Sunday morning was considered bad because of swap and shop, Affiliates Council, etc. Mouw moved to table the report until Monday. Abramson seconded. The motion passed.


Evans asked if the two receptions were combined and more people came if NMRT's costs would be increased; if the reception is not funded by ALA, are the extra people worth the extra visibility? Conway inquired if it was NMRT's function to train new people or to put on all-conference receptions, that thinking about this would help NMRT to make a decision since there are so many programs already. Mouw announced that he would be re-examining the programming and that first-time conference goers are people NMRT could attract. He was not opposed to the idea to get more new members. Evans remarked that NMRT members are trying to get active in other organizations too and that it is hard to get involved in other things. NMRT will look at streamlining meetings and that Goals and Objectives
would be looking at this issue.


Bell asked what ALA did at their new members reception. Evans answered that the head honchos of ALA attended the reception and that it had been poorly attended. Niemeyer commented that for the last two years, a representative from NMRT had attended the reception and promoted NMRT.  Conway suggested that a new name for the reception is needed: would first-timers want to attend a reception for students, etc. Kaplowitz asked if the two were merged, who would be in charge. Mouw and Evans
agreed that NMRT would be in charge and that they would insist that NMRT control the planning of the event. Evans said they would talk to Linda Crismond at the orientation.



There was no new business.


The orientation will be held at 2:00 in the Crystal Room. There will be executive board meetings Sunday and Monday. Don't forget the social.


Bell moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 A.M. Taylor seconded and the motion passed unanimously.