American Library Association New Members Round Table
NMRT Executive Board Meeting #1
Friday, January 14, 2000 - 2-3:30 pm, St. Anthony - Peraux Room

I. Convene (Priscilla Shontz)
The meeting was called to order at 2:03 pm.

A. Approve agenda:
  Jimmie Lundgren made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Ann Snoeyenbos seconded the motion.

B. Attendance:
  Jeff Kempe; Dennis Wilson; Dora Ho; Ann Snoeyenbos; Melanie Kimball; F. Ann Dykas; Priscilla Shontz; Chris Shupula; Jimmie Lundgren; Mary Anne Hansen; Melissa Becher; Kris Stacy-Bates; Norman Buchwald; Teresa Abaid; Maria Berenbaum; Marilyn Grush.

C. Miscellaneous:
   Chris Shupula brought a stopwatch/timer, just in case, if the time for a specific topic begins to run passed its allotted time.

II. Parliamentary Procedure Workshop (Ann Dykas):

Ann Dykas, Chair of Governance Committee, provided a parliamentary procedure workshop for the attendees. Ann distributed several handouts. She said that the purpose of using parliamentary procedure is to facilitate the transaction of business and to promote cooperation and harmony (from Sturgis). She stated that those individuals who know parliamentary procedures are able to run more effective meetings. Ann stated that as Parliamentarian, it is her responsibility to advise the president on procedures. Ann provided the group with parliamentary procedure background as well as discussing the types of motions (in order of precedence) and providing definitions of terms used in parliamentary procedure. Ann then had the group participate in acting out "sample" motions.

III. Fall Board E-Meeting Minutes (Dennis Wilson)

Action: A motion to approve the minutes of the 1999 Fall NMRTBD E-Meeting was made by Chris Shupula and seconded by Dora Ho. The minutes were approved by a unanimous vote by the board.

IV. Archives:

Archives Position (Melanie Kimball) - Melanie Kimball, NMRT Archives, brought a proposal to revise the description/role, as written in the NMRT Handbook, of the Archives Committee, specifically the Chair's role. She provided a background as to the history of the NMRT Archivist at the University of Illinois. It has been a position, handed down from graduate assistant to graduate assistant that has been a "position", and primarily seen as an opportunity for the library school student to add this type of experience to his or her resume.

Discussion: A discussion was held about how NMRT's archives are handled through that of ALA archives. After discussing how "NMRT Archives" works/functions, it was proposed that the Chair does not necessarily need to be "on site" at the University of Illinois -Champaign, where the ALA Archives are stored.

Action: Melissa Becher made a motion to support the archivist's proposal to clarify the role of chair of the NMRT Archives Committee as written in the NMRT Handbook. Dora Ho seconded the motion. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

Action Pending: NMRT Archives (Melanie Kimball) and Handbook will need to work together on clarifying the wording that appears in the NMRT Handbook.

V. Nominating:

Revised Slate of Candidates (Teresa Abaid, Maria Berenbaum) - Teresa Abaid and Maria Berenbaum presented the NMRT Executive Board with a revised slate of candidates for the 2000-2001 terms. Dora Ho has been added to the Vice-President/President Elect slate. Laura Lucio, earlier a candidate for VP/President Elect, and Dennis Wilson, earlier a candidate for Director, have dropped out as candidates for 2000-2001 terms due to other commitments.

Revised slate of candidates for 2000-2001 term as submitted:

Vice-President/President Elect
   Dora Ho
   Alesia McManus

Directors (2 openings)
   F. Ann Dykas
   Alison Hopkins
   Susanna Van Sant

   Janet Foster
   Joseph Yue

Action: Chris Shupula made a motion to approve the revised slate of candidates, as submitted by the Nominating Committee. Melissa Becher seconded the motion. The revised slate of candidates was approved by a unanimous vote.

VI. ALA Core Values Statement (Ann Snoeyenbos)

NMRT Councilor Ann Snoeyenbos distributed a copy of ALA Core Values Task Force's DRAFT statement as written 11/21/99. Ann provided some background involving this document. ALA is seeking responses from all ALA divisions, sections, and round tables over the next six months, as ALA would like to review this core value statement at ALA Annual 2000 in Chicago.

Discussion: It was stated that ALA already has a "Code of Ethics" and that this document does not really add anything new. Ann wanted feedback about the document. Melissa Becher said that the "core values" are those of our society…what is so new about this? Jimmie Lundgren said that the "library" is missing as the "growing organism" in this document. Ann said that this document would serve not only as a recruitment tool to the library profession, but also as a support statement for the library profession. Ann attended the conference/seminar where this document was being prepared and that the document is not a reflection of what Ann remembered as the outcomes. She said that approximately sixteen (16) individuals drafted this document after the conference/seminar had concluded. Kris Stacy-Bates stated that she supports Jimmie's comment…that the “library” is missing from the document as the "living and growing organism."

Action: Priscilla Shontz asked Ann Snoeyenbos to send an e-mail outlining this issue/discussion to the NMRTBD and NMRT-L listservs, this spring, for further discussion by NMRT members. Additional feedback about the Core Value Statement can be given at that time.

VII. Officer Reports

1. Leadership Development Director - Dora Ho Dora reported that the 3M Profession Development Committee has received thirty (30) applications and that 3M will once again give out three (3) awards this year. The Shirley Olofson Award Committee has received eleven (11) applications to date.

Leadership Development Forum will be held on Monday, January 17, 2000 from 7:30 -9:30 am - Candidates for NMRT offices and ALA President will have an opportunity to speak to the attendees. The program will be "Leadership Skills for Non-Managers".

President's Program, at ALA Annual in Chicago, will be held July 8, 2000. The topic of the program will be resumes and interviewing. The featured speakers for the President's Program will be Dr. Camila Alire and Mr. Robert Newlen.

2. Member Services Director - Jimmie Lundgren (Jimmie was appointed as Member Services Director in October due to a resignation.)

Footnotes: Jimmie reported that she was pleased with the latest Footnotes newsletter, which was filled with much information. She distributed a copy of the latest Footnotes newsletter for viewing by meeting attendees.

Publicity: She reported that Publicity is doing well. She encouraged NMRT members to provide Publicity with any comments/feedback.

Resume Committee: The committee is working on consolidating their roles.

Membership Committee: The committee is busy planning and developing publicity.

Mentoring: The committee has also been busy. The web page has been updated. She reported that many individuals have expressed interest in wanting to be a mentee…not just at conference, but in a year-round mentoring program, too. The committee is hoping to work with other divisions within ALA, who are also interested in developing mentoring opportunities.

3. Councilor - Ann Snoeyenbos Ann reported that she had no report at this time.

4. Secretary - Dennis Wilson Dennis reported that Archives (Melanie Kimball) and NMRT-L (Bill Jenkins) were doing fine and that there was no reports, from those two committees, at this time. The Handbook Committee's chair resigned in October and the committee chair position was appointed to Carla Robinson. With the committee chair changes, the committee has been fairly inactive during November and December 1999. The Handbook Committee will be gathering at tomorrow's “Big Tent” meeting to discuss Handbook's direction, projects, etc. for 2000.

VIII. Adjourn - Chris Shupula made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jimmie Lundgren seconded the motion. The motion to adjourn the meeting was approved by a unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.