Committee Planning Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Planning Report


**Date: October 4, 2006



**Committee Name:  NMRT Web Committee



**Supervising Board Member: 

 Katie Dunneback (



**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:  Co-Chairs: Mike Bolam (mrbst20+ @, Tim Donohue (tdonohue @


**Committee members: 

John Meier (jmeier @
Akeisha Heard (alheard_mlis @

Steve Brantley (jbrant1 @
Gina Costello (gcoste1 @



**Committee Charge: 

Maintain all NMRT related Web pages.



**2006 - 2007 Project Description / Goals: 

--Maintain all NMRT related pages. Make updates in a timely fashion

--Complete work to transition all NMRT Web pages to the new content management system.

--Setup and configure NMRT Community in ALA Communities software.

--Setup and configure of NMRT Blog (dependant on functionality available in conjunction with new CMS).
--Setup and configure NMRT Handbook Wiki (dependant on functionality available in conjunction with new CMS)
--Develop a web form for SASCO student contacts (as necessary)
--Create pages for the NMRT Stories project.



**Specific Objectives (numbers, tangible end-products): 

NMRT Community is created and released.  Once functionality is available from ALA, NMRT Blog and Wiki are created and released. New Web pages and Web forms are created as necessary. NMRT Web site released in new CMS.



Financial Report Section:

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Your estimated additional expenses this year

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Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)

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f. Vendor support planned or anticipated for the year (either money or in-kind gifts), list here: 




g. Vendor support requested: (From the above list, what, if any, has been requested from the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee?)




h. Vendor support received: (From the above list, what if any, has been received?)




Specific Needs/Support (non-financial): (For the categories below, please include approximate date service needed)

a. Web Support (help with webpage creation, web form creation, web database, web database, scripting, etc): 




b. On-site conference volunteers: (include estimated numbers needed and brief job description)



c. Publicity planned for the committee (posting to other discussion lists, official press release for webpage, etc.): 





**Report submitted by:  Michael Bolam


**Email address: