Committee Planning Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Planning Report


**Date: October 10, 2006



**Committee Name:  Vice Presidential Planning Committee




**Supervising Board Member:  Nanette Donohue




**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:  Jannelle Ruswick




**Committee members:  Tiana French, Jody Gray, Erica Mabry, Jodi Shepherd




**Committee Charge:  The VP Planning Committee is charged with assisting the current Vice President, Nanette Donohue, with her projects and needs during her term. 




**2006 - 2007 Project Description / Goals: 

The committee will be active in assisting with the following projects:


  1. Planning the Annual NMRT President's Program for the ALA conference in 2008.  The plan is to create an online leadership institute that will take place during 2007-2008, with the Annual Program in June 2008 as the culminating event.  The online sessions will be free to all NMRT members who wish to participate.  The committee will assist with finding funding for bringing speakers to the Annual Program.
  2. Developing a strategic plan for NMRT with the use of a facilitator.  The committee will look at how other ALA committees created their strategic plans, and ask for advice.  The committee will also research various types of strategic plans, and determine the best plan of action for the NMRT plan.
  3. Assisting in processing the suggestions from a future ad hoc Marketing Task Force.  The committee will integrate the task force's suggestions for marketing to NMRT's target population groups, and incorporate this into the strategic plan.
  4. Additionally, the committee may develop blogs and wikis, with the assistance of the NMRT Web Committee, when/if the ALA upgrades their Web site's content management system.
  5. Assisting with any future ideas and work the Vice President needs.



**Specific Objectives (numbers, tangible end-products): 

  1. A fully planned Annual program for 2008's ALA Conference
  2. A 2007-2008 Online Leadership Institute
  3. A strategic plan for NMRT that incorporates the Marketing Task Force's work




Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)

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Amount which you have spent so far this year

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Your estimated additional expenses this year

c. not sure

Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year (b+c)


Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)

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f. Vendor support planned or anticipated for the year (either money or in-kind gifts), list here:  N/A




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h. Vendor support received: N/A




Specific Needs/Support (non-financial): (For the categories below, please include approximate date service needed)

a. Web Support (help with webpage creation, web form creation, web database, web database, scripting, etc): 


Although a specific timeline has not yet been determined, the committee may need help in software and logistical planning for the online institute.  This will also involve creating a web page for the institute, and probably a discussion board.  The committee chair will work with the Web Committee, giving them advance notice of any needs.


b. On-site conference volunteers: None



c. Publicity planned for the committee (posting to other discussion lists, official press release for webpage, etc.): 





**Report submitted by:  Jannelle Ruswick


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