NMRT Board Member Progress Report


1. Office Name: Vice President/President-Elect


2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2005-2006): 2005-2006


3. What kind of interaction have you had with your committees thus far this year? What support have you been able to provide them?


The Vice Presidential Planning Committee met (and surpassed) its goals. All of the members of the committee have agreed to work with or on NMRT committees to carry out the projects they prepared for this year.


In terms of support, I submitted and presented 2 Vice Presidential Planning Committee proposals to the NMRT Board for approval.


4. What would you still like to accomplish in your office before the end of your term?


Complete the 2006-2007 NMRT committee and liaison appointments.

Prepare and submit 2007 Midwinter and Annual conference schedules.

Meet with NMRT leaders at Annual to prepare for upcoming year.

Meet with NMRT liaisons as needed to begin an ALA apprenticeship program.

Assist NMRT committees involved with running NMRT events at ALA Annual.

Continue to work with NMRT President, Past-President, 2006-2007 Vice President/President-Elect, and NMRT Board members to assure smooth transition of NMRT leadership.

 5. Date of report: May 11, 2006


6. Submitted by: Amanda Roberts, aroberts_nmrt@yahoo.com