NMRT Board Member Final Report


1. Office Name:  Member Services Director


2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2005-2006): 2005-2006


3. Discuss/summarize your involvement with your committees this year:


I've been fortunate that the chairs of my committees have been extremely capable and very proactive in dealing with their workload this year.  I've answered questions over email and facilitated communication amongst committees.


4. Based on your year’s experience in this office, what future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year or the following year?


For me, NMRT has always been an organization that has encouraged change and growth.  Each committee I've worked with this year has looked for ways to expand their services to our members, while streamlining the processes.  I believe that this energetic growth will continue within committees, and that the Executive Board has the responsibility to support and direct it.


5. What tips or hints do you have that might help your successor carry out the duties of this office?


I’ve found that reading past reports and timelines has helped me understand the work of each committee.  Regular communication with the chairs is a requirement. 



6. Please address the role of the board member as coordinator. For example, projects between membership promotion, diversity & recruitment and student outreach would need to be coordinated. How might activities such as this be handled by board members efficiently and smoothly? Your thoughts here will be most helpful for future boards.


Effective communication between committees is an ongoing effort.  To keep our members informed, we should continue to use the listserv as a communication tool, and be very open about projects that committees are working on.



7. Date of report:  6/13/06


8. Submitted by:  Laurel Bliss