NMRT Executive Board Meeting #2
Monday, July 10, 2000 - 8:00 – 9:30 am
Swissotel – Grand Ballroom II, Chicago

I. Introductions (Priscilla Shontz)

Priscilla Shontz called the meeting to order at 8:16 am.  At this time, all attendees introduced themselves.

Michael Wong; Beth Jedlicka; Dennis Wilson; Shannon Tennant; Joseph Yue; Priscilla Shontz; Jeff Bullington; Chris Shupala; Ann Snoeyenbos; Ed Rock; Ann Dykas; Laura Lucio; Dora Ho; Erik Drake; Norman Buchwald.

II. Year-round mentoring (Marilyn Tsirigotis, Jeff Bullington)
There were thirty-three pairs (mentors/mentees) at ALA Annual 2000.  The committee indicated that the program went well and that participants have appreciated this program. The committee indicated that thank you notes and evaluations would be sent to the participants following the conference. It was reported that nineteen mentoring participants attended the SALA reception on Sunday evening.  It was stated that SALA members should be encouraged to participate in the mentoring program.

A discussion was held about the future activities of the Mentoring Committee and the committee's charge.  Currently, the mentoring program is conducted at conference only. The committee members have investigated the committee's future and would like to change the committee's charge to:

  • Establish a year-round mentoring program, which would include having a mentoring program at conference.
  • Establish an information clearinghouse of all ALA mentoring programs and may include some state library association too for members to seek out information on mentoring opportunities.
  • A discussion was held about the committee's charge. Snoeyenbos favored a less specific charge. It was also mentioned that “coaching” as well as “mentoring” be worded in the committee's charge.

    Action/Action Pending
    The committee will work with the incoming NMRT President (Shupala) to revise the charge for the upcoming year…no executive board action is required. Bullington will rewrite the charge and forward to Shupala.

    III. SASCO/SALA merger (Joseph Yue, Mike Wong, Shannon Tennant)
      IV. NMRT Bash & Bash Scholarship (Priscilla Shontz)
    Shontz provided an overview of NMRT Bash to the attendees. For the past two years, NMRT has provided volunteers to the ALA Scholarship Bash, which is held at Annual Conference. At this conference, NMRT will be providing seventy (70) volunteers to the Bash. The ALA Scholarship Bash will be continuing into the future.  The issue/problem is that NMRT has been recruiting and coordinating volunteers for the ALA Bash, but also recruits and coordinates volunteers for many NMRT events as well, such as Resume Reviewing Service, Mentoring, Booth, Friendly Booth Award Judges, etc.

    The current arrangement with the ALA Scholarship Bash is that if NMRT recruits and coordinates volunteers for the Saturday night “Bash”, ALA provides $4000.00 to NMRT for the Shirley Olofson Award. It was stated that it is difficult to get many volunteers to cover many, if not all, of these activities.

    What is NMRT's future role in the ALA Scholarship Bash?  Should ALA recruit volunteers ALA-wide?  It was mentioned that ALA is encouraging the development of “Bash Scholarships”.  If NMRT would create a NMRT Bash Scholarship, ALA would provide NMRT with $3000.00 per scholarship. Yue asked how could the money be used. Snoeyenbos replied that the scholarships are solely intended for attending library school. Should NMRT start a NMRT Bash Scholarship?

    Does NMRT want to continue to recruit and coordinate volunteers for the ALA Scholarship Bash?

    Tennant commented that volunteers, who are students or first timers to conference, receive a free ticket to the Bash. The cost of a ticket to the Bash can be difficult for students and conference attendees. Shupala commented that perhaps NMRT could coordinate the volunteers, but other ALA divisions would need to do the recruiting. Snoeyenbos stated that the NMRT Social, which was held on Saturday evening prior to the creation of the ALA Scholarship Bash, was a much smaller and intimate setting and the cost was $10.00, which is much more feasible than a $25 ticket to a large event.

    Shontz asked if we do not continue participating in the Bash, NMRT would lose $4000.00.  It was stated that volunteering is difficult work and not much fun…you are scheduled to volunteer for a two-hour slot, but really end up working longer. It was also mentioned that if NMRT bows out, the ALA Scholarship Bash would need to set a “committee” to recruit and coordinate volunteers.

    Other thoughts mentioned…could NMRT have a “money in/money out” dinner/social on Sunday evening?

    A question was addressed to Lucio, NMRT Treasurer, that if NMRT no longer participates in the Bash and lose the $4000.00, is NMRT's Shirley Olofson Award self-supporting? Lucio replied that the Shirley Olofson Award is self-supporting.  The Olofson fund is approximately $45,000.00, which NMRT awards a $1000.00 award annually.

    Other questions/thoughts mentioned…
    Is this a risk worth taking?

    What might be the implications?

    Should we focus back on NMRT?

    What about future of NMRT and vendor sponsorships?
    It was mentioned that NMRT may want to investigate the possibly of shifting sponsorships from one NMRT event/activity/program to another.

    Does the ALA Scholarship Bash activity live up to our vision statement?
    A comment was said that NMRT think about what we are getting/not getting out of the Bash.  Wong told the attendees of his experience as a
    Bash volunteer in New Orleans last year. He indicated that the experience was hectic.

    As the discussion came to a close, Tennant said that perhaps NMRT could have “formal” reception then adjourn to a “less formal” social…maybe in an adjoining room. Lucio stated that she would communicate with Gerald Hodges, ALA Staff Liaison, to follow-up about issues regarding the Olofson Award and its self-supporting status. Shontz commented that perhaps revenue generated with NMRT's preconference could assist with adding funds to the Olofson fund.

    Snoeyenbos made the motion to discontinue coordinating volunteers for the ALA Bash and channel NMRT's efforts to activities more in line with NMRT's vision statement. Shupala seconded the motion. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.

    Action Pending
    Shontz, Shupala, and Ho will contact supporting vendors to discuss vendor sponsorship of NMRT events/activities/programs.

    V. New business & announcements
    NMRT Budget (Laura Lucio)
    The NMRT budget was moved from Friday's board agenda to Monday's board agenda.  Lucio distributed the “Proposed ALA-NMRT Budget 9/1/00-8/31/01” to the attendees.  Lucio provided an overview of the budget and noted that there had been a change of $56.00 under Estimated Programming and Promotional Expenditures; Member Services; Postage.  The amount should be $1150.00, not $1094.00.  Lucio also commented that money is distributed among the officers and that if any changes to a given officer's budget would necessitate another officer's to decrease his/her budget.

    Shupala commented that NMRT may need to look at increasing the budget for the Resume Reviewing Service in the future, which would be the 9/1/01-8/31/02 budget at the earliest.

    Shupala made the motion to approve the ALA-NMRT Budget 9/1/00-8/31/01. Ho seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a unanimous vote.

    VI. Welcoming incoming board (Priscilla Shontz, Chris Shupala)
    Shontz thanked everyone for their hard work throughout the past year and exchanged thanks and appreciation to Shupala, incoming NMRT President for 2000-2001.

    Introductions of the 2000-2001 NMRT Executive Board:
    President – Chris Shupala
    Vice President/President-Elect – Dora Ho
    Past President – Priscilla Shontz
    Secretary – Joseph Yue
    Treasurer – Mary Anne Hansen
    Outreach Director – Alison Hopkins
    Leadership Development Director – Ann Dykas
    Member Services Director – Susanna Van Sant
    Networking Director – Victor Schill
    Councilor – Ann Snoeyenbos

    VII. Meeting adjourned at 9:32 am