February 3, 1981



The ALA Executive Board meeting was called to order at 2 p.m. by President, Anne Hollingsworth.


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS are: Anne Hollingsworth, Judith Sessions, Paula Murphy, Kay Runge, John Moorman, Beth Bingham, Charles Krantz, Greg Heid, J. Linda Williams, Pamela Bonnell, Linda Hauck, Mary Bride Mayer, Blanche Wilson, Becky Taylor, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Susan Broomall, Vivian Williams, Karen Carlson, Mary Hicks, Cary Fredericks.


Visitors were: Ray Metz, Ray Howes, Joann Lietner, Jim Deutsh, Ann Nieuwkoog, Laurel Laffrey.



1.   Social N.Y. – Carey Fredericks

$8678.67 income

 5622.00 expense

$6056.00 profit

2.   Affiliates Council – Blanche Wysor

Suite coordination with states. State affiliates report. Will have JMRT seed money to turn in.

3.   Students to ALA – Mary Hicks

Reception U. of California Hastings School of Law after orientation on Saturday, June 28, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

4.   Committee on Governance – J. Linda Williams

Revision continues. Committee revised section.

5.   Lama – J. Merrick

Conflict JMRT-PAS programs, will work on no conflicts for Philadelphia.

6.   Exhibits Round Table – Pam Bonnell

No ERT Banquet. Award Friendly Booth Award at Membership Meeting for JMRT and mention it at ERT membership meeting.

Gaylord – print tickets for social

Grolier – Boat party

Faxon – train and orientation activities

Time-Life – Students to ALA

Brodart – Social poster design

Franklin Watts – Suite Wine and Cheese Sunday night

7.   ALA Membership Liaison – Nancy Bettencourt

a.   Up to $850 for suite with JMRT at ALA

b.   State representative staff suite at same time as state affiliate

c.   Do want to be involved in orientation in Philadelphia

8.   Social

Monetary aspects of social. Blanch Wysor moved change price of social tickets to $10 pre-conference sales and vendors and $12 at conference and will include 1 drink ticket. All but one voting in favor.

9.   Cognotes Report – Mary Bride Mayer

Was published Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Midwinter Wednesday will be “What to expect in San Francisco”. Pre conference issue for San Francisco with the help of Art Plotnick. Suggested Cognotes editor appointed before annual conference. Commended on fantastic job done.



-     Midwinter Executive Board Meeting scheduled down to 2 days. Do Not schedule same time as Council

-     Train to California will be greeted by Wine and Cheese party provided by Oakland Public Library.

-     Michael Collard will submit a proposal to combine Cog and Constitution and By-laws Committees.


Executive Board Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.