February 3, 1981



ALA JMRT Executive Board meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. by President, Anne Hollingsworth.


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT were: Anne Hollingsworth, Judith Sessions, Lay Runge, Paula Murphy, Pamela Bonnell, J. Linda Williams, Vivian Williams, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Rebecca Taylor, Donna Cranmer, Blanche Wysor, Mary Bride Mayer, Beth Bingham, Jerald Merrick, June Breland, Susan Broomall, Karen Carlson, John Moorman, David Searcy,  Joe Eden.


Visitors were: Patricia Scarry, Jan Harvey, Rosemary Augliera, Ray E. Metz, Joe Rine, Robert Boyer, Barbara Hull.



1. CCDS – Joe Edelen

Question the need for a liaison to this group unless really involved in cataloging.


2. Olofson Award $100 – Erlene Bishop Killeen

Guidelines were set up for the award. Feel Chair would be appointed from a person that has been a member on the committee. President asked new guidelines be sent along to COG for conferral. Logo identified for Olofson Award.


3. Lama/PAS – Liaison –Jerald Merrick

1981 ALA Program “Tell Me About yourself” a film and talk group concerning interviewing. Need facilitators, Friday, June 26, 2-4 p.m. training sessions. Contact Jerald Merrick if interested in being a facilitator, program Saturday and Monday.


4. Conference Arrangements – Susan Broomall



5. Booth – Jeannie Dixon (report by Susan Broomall)

Will sign up for booth or table for ALA. Booth has missing parts that need to be replaced.


6. Membership Meeting – Kristin Dahlen

ALA 1981 “Performance Evaluation” topic of program speaker


7. Orientation – June Breland

Everything moving along OK. Making special efforts to publicize the All-Conference orientation for everything.


8. Suite- Donna Cranmer

$3000 suite - $25 night for 8 residence. $2000 JMRT cost ($400 from Suite Budget) D. Cranmer asked if this suite available – we take it.


9. Social – discussion

Casino night prizes and a drawing.


10. COG – Linda Williams

Written into Operations Manual Mid-Winter Chair appointed at previous Mid-Winter.

Nominating Committee – to take to Constitution and Bylaws

Linda Williams moved 2 elected offices; 1 elected, I Chair; 2 Chair of Committee should not be held at the same time. All voted in favor.

Recommend President studies Student to ALA Committee to see if they are fulfilling goal of committee. May need to be reorganized and given an increase on budget, etc.

Problem with names for Student to ALA because there is another group of 20 selected to attend ALA. ALA doesn't consider it a problem.

Chair of Committee saying have problem hearing from committee members appointing. Have Chair recommend members who should be considered for other committee. Will be changed.


11. Minorities Recruitment – David Searcy

Recruitment Packet.


Adjourned 11:00 a.m.