Committee Progress Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Progress Report


**Date: February 7, 2006



**Committee Name:Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee




**Supervising Board Member:Laura Kortz



**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:Tiana French, Chair




**Committee members:Robin Ewing, Tiana French, Meghann Matwichuk, Richard A Murray, Cynthia Welsh





**Activity in Current Reporting Period

a)      Projects completed (For example, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during this period):

The committee has modified the awards rubric in order to reflect the spirit of the award.

The committee has selected a winner of the 2006 Shirley Olofson Memorial AwardóLi Zhang from Mississippi State University. She has accepted this award and we have submitted the paperwork for her to receive her award. We have also updated the online application form to show that the award process is completed for this year and have updated the website to show the current winner. We have also posted to NMRT-L and NMRT-BD, as well as to Footnotes, in order to publicize our winner.


b)      Projects in progress but not yet completed:

We are currently working on a brochure to hand out at ALA Annual in New Orleans and are drafting some helpful hints for the Chair of the committee for 2006-2007.




**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved (What is left to do, based on your Planning Report?
Have there been any substantial changes in plans since then? What items, if any, have been deferred until next year?):

None that I know of.



Financial Report Section:

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Amount which you have spent so far this year

b. $1000.00

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Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year (b+c)

d. $1000.00

Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)

e. $100.00



**Report submitted by:Tiana French, Chair