Executive Board Minutes


February 1, 1981



The ALA JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. by President, Anne Hollingsworth. Nancy Bettencourt moved minutes be approved as mailed. All voted in favor.


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT were: Anne Hollingsworth, Kay K. Runge, Paula Murphy, Greg Heid, J. Linda Williams, Charles Krantz, Donna Cranmer, Rebecca Taylor, Kevin Rosswurm, Vivian Williams, Leslie Chamberlain, Mary Bride Mayer, Mary Hicks, Linda Hauck, Nancy Bettencourt, Jerald Merrick, Ann S. Terry, Sheila Schullock, Susan Broomall, Karen Carlson, Blanche Wysor, Beth Bingham.


Visitors were: Colette Wagner, Ray L. Howes, Terrill Brooks.


REPORTS were presented for file:

1. President


2. Secretary


3. Treasurer ask if additional expenditures to arise please let her know during Midwinter. Doing research on guidelines for what are allowable expenses. Be patient when waiting for reimbursement takes six weeks. Also please send receipts with reimbursement requests.


4. Past President



1. Cognotes Mary Bride Mayer

ERT discussed putting out a vendor daily newsletter and a suggestion will be presented to ALA Executive Board. JMRT does not recommend as in direct conflict to Cognotes.


2. Nominating Committee Ann Scott Terry

Presented slate of officers (enclosed). Beth Bingham moved to accept. Susan Broomhall seconded. All voted in favor.


3. Mid-Winter Activities Charles Krantz

Orientation a success. Informal dinner social Monday, February 2.


4. Director Karen Carlson

Things going well in all her areas of responsibilities.


5. Footnotes Kevin Rosswurm

2 issues distributed, looking into ALA printing and mailing newsletter. Advantages would be not having to pay PO bulk mailing permit. Continuity between editors, next two deadlines March 6, 1981; April 24, 1981.


6. 3M/JMRT Professional Development Grant Kay Runge

110 applications

4 winners


7. Freedom to Read Foundation Sheila Scullock

Jen Layton Fund took care of legal expenses. Pam Bonnell running for Freedom to Read Board.


8. Local Arrangements Leslie Chamberlain

San Francisco 1981. Social Dottie Erb concern about finances will not reap huge profits. Is not to be a money maker but nice if could be.