SASCO Committee Final Report



**Type of report being submitted: Committee Progress Report



**Date: March 1, 2006



**Committee Name:  Student and Student Chapter Outreach



**Supervising Board Member:  Nanette Wargo Donahue



**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:  Michelle Fossum     



**Committee members:  Susan Anderson, Michael Bolam, Donna Colamatteo, Jenny

Cole, Sarah Evans, Elaine Hagen, Nanako Kodaira, Anne Pemberton, Robyn

Rosenberg, Tanzi Merrit Sutton, Sarah Trowbridge




**Activity in Current Reporting Period


a)  Projects completed (For example, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists,

etc. created during this period):


*Update and maintain LIS program and student chapter contacts list.


*Establish and maintain relationships with student chapters.



b)  Projects in progress but not yet completed:

*Work with the NMRT SASCO Web Liaison to update and maintain the SASCO



*Revitalize and maintain an electronic mode of discussion through

regularly posted discussion topics on a message board or via other means


*Work with the Student Chapter of the Year Award and Student Reception

committees to help promote their activities




**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved (What is left to do, based on your Planning


Have there been any substantial changes in plans since then? What items, if any,

have been deferred until next year?):


*Work with library schools to get information about NMRT into library

school orientations (possible collaboration with Membership, Promotions and

Relations & Publicity)

*Create SASCO Handbook of sample emails, timelines, tip sheets, etc. for

incoming committee members




Financial Report Section:

      Your budget appropriation (see budget)          a. N/A

      Amount which you have spent so far this year    b. N/A

      Your estimated additional expenses this year    c. N/A

      Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year

                                                      (b+c)d. N/A

      Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above

                                                      (a-d)e. N/A




**Report submitted by:  Michelle Fossum    


**Email address: