NMRT Board Member Planning ReportNMRT Board Member Planning Report


1. Office Name: Past President


2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2005-2006): 2005-2006


3. How do you plan to help committees address the four NMRT goals? (If it does

not apply, put N/A.)


I will help the nominating committee produce a slate of candidates

who are qualified to serve in NMRT leadership roles.



4. How do you plan to create a positive committee experience? What type of

support do you plan to provide to chairs and committee members, and how often do

you plan to provide such support?


I will be available to answer questions in a timely manner and

provide any guidance that is needed. 


5. What future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this

year or the following year? What kind of strategies do you envision for

addressing projects that affect committees outside of your supervision?


This year I will help finalize the Organizational Review. I will assist with making sure that the new structure is clear.  I will also help with

changes to the by-laws. The Past President has more of an advisory role and I will serve in that capacity.



6. Date of report: September 9, 2005


7. Submitted by: Sally Gibson