American Library Association


Executive Board Minutes

January 8, 1979

9:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.


The ALA/JMRT Executive Board meeting was called to order by President Joyce Wyngaarden at 9:40 a.m.



Sharon Stewart, Beth Bingham, Jon Scheer, Pam Bonnell, Gail Terwilliger, Sue Stroyan, Nancy Bettencourt, Janis Bruwelheide, Carolyn Jeffries, Kippy Jagoe, Celia Moore, Bob Halcums, Kristen Dahlen, Tom Carter, Stan Bustetter, Ann Scott, David Warren, Carrie Alford, Janice Beck, Ann Vidor, Blanche Wyson, Jan Dickens, Anthony Benoit, Cary Frederick and Margaret Stewart.



Karen Stoudenmier, John A. Mooman, Mary B. Mayer, Barbara Tooker, Larry Iraim, G. David Anderson, and Al Tweedy.


All the above people were introduced. A quorum was determined and it was also determined that two Affiliates officers could vote since twenty eight Affiliates had paid.



Changes were made on the proposed agenda and it was then adopted.



Margaret announced that all board members should have received copies of the minutes and asked if there were any corrections, additions or deletions to be made. There were no corrections and a motion was made and carried to dispense with the reading of the minutes.



Beth Thompson, Staff Liaison from Mr. Wedgeworth's office was introduced and asked that anyone having problems please contact her.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT New Matters for Consideration Joyce Wyngaarden

Joyce commented that stationary was available at the conference and Beth Thompson of ALA will send out envelopes. A reminder was given to carbon people on correspondence and telephone calls. Needed are written procedures for tasks to be performed. Anne Hollingsworth has been appointed to chair an Annual Conference Social Ad-Hoc Sub Committee which will develop written procedures for disposal of collected monies in Dallas.


The Affiliates Suite Committee has already written procedures that are pending approval of Affiliate Council.


The President was contacted by the Office for Library Services to Disadvantaged to determine if there are areas of mutual concern for JMRT and OLSD. OLSD also expressed the willingness to set up a liaison between them and JMRT. Joyce would later ask for feedback from the board on this matter.


Jackie McGirt has resigned as liaison to LAMA; therefore, people interested in that position should contact Joyce. A donation to Freedom to Read Foundation had been made. A few copies of an updated committee directory are available. Since picture-taking in JMRT has never been organized, it would be helpful if anyone taking pictures would identify themselves and make their pictures available.



Last year's social made over $2,000 and the cash balance from last year is $7,042.07. Projected income from dues it $6,000 and from other sources, $250.


Members of the committee were asked to let it be known if anyone wanted to give up their allocated sum or if anyone needed additional monies. After tallying those figures, Joyce, Beth Bingham and Sharon would meet to determine adjustments and report to the Board for further consideration.


A question on Midwinter Activities figures showing in the red was answered with the fact that Joyce, Sharon and Beth had given the okay for Midwinter Activities Chairman, Cary Frederick to spend extra money on printing of pouches and audio-visual equipment.



Beth requested that people interested in serving on committees next year contact her. Also, chairmen of two year committees should immediately reserve meetings times for next Midwinter, as well as New York (even one year committees should do so for New York). A reminder was given to send carbons of their correspondence to Beth.


Beth also announced that she was looking for people to assist with preparing proposals for the J Morris Jones/Bailey K. Howard, due March 31. She suggested that we submit a proposal either for orientation and/or membership, but was open for other suggestions.



Jan presented the following slate of candidates for office:


Vice President: Kris Dahlen, Anne Hollingsworth

Secretary: June Breland, Bob Halcum, Mary Nicholson

Directors: Susan Broomall, Tom Carter, Larry Weitkemper

Petition for 1980 ALA Council to 1979 ALA Nominating Committee: David Warren, Sharon Stewart

Petition for 1981 ALA Council to 1980 ALA Nominating Committee: Beth Bingham, Judy Sessions, Henry Stewart, Joyce Wyngaarden


A motion was carried to adopt the list from the nominating committee. Anyone else wishing to run must send a petition and statement to Secretary Margaret Stewart by April 12.


Jan also announced that both she and Joe Edelen would be petitioning to run for Council, but not through JMRT since they were on the Nominating Committee. Margaret Stewart was already on the list from ALA Nominating Committee to run for Council and is the only JMRT member on the list.



Stan reported that the committee had reviewed the constitution to reflect the amendment to bylaws adopted at membership meeting, summer 1978 which is to suggest JMRT names for ALA Council to the ALA Nominating Committee.



The committee plans to ask every JMRT committee to evaluate themselves by responding to five or six questions formulated by the committee. The committee is to meet (delayed due to late arrival of committee members) and Jon will report again.


Ann Scott asked about the Olofson fund, as she understood it had been referred to the Committee on Governance in the past. Jon responded that the Olofson was established by a membership resolution and to change that, a membership vote would have to be taken. (Jon was Olofson chairman last year).


ERT LIAISON Carrie Alford

Carrie had two questions for which she wanted the board's reaction. (1) A decision on whether the boothsitters project would be provided for ERT next summer and (2) whether the Friendly Booth Award should be awarded at the ERT banquet or should be awarded at the JMRT membership meeting? Carrie also reminded the board that no offers from vendors could be accepted by them, and that all offers for assistance should be referred to her as liaison.


The boothsitters project was on the agenda to be discussed before the day's session would end and would be discussed at that time. No vote was taken, but it was suggested that Carrie ask the ERT Board what they would like JMRT to do for them.



Gail reported that her assignment was to determine if JMRT should continue the boothsitting for exhibitors and if so, to develop guidelines. She has requested input via FOOTNOTES and had some response. She would like to open the table for reaction about the project from the Board.


After much discussion, a motion was made, seconded and the Board voted to have a Boothsitting Project again this summer. Gail it to get with Joyce, Beth and Carrie to develop guidelines.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE Preliminary Report Kippy Jagoe

The committee proposed three possibilities for the social. Kippy provided brochures on the options, which are attached to the official minutes.


Option 1: Western Stomp (Texas Chic) at Longhorn Ballroom

Capacity of over 2,000. Minimum of 500 people. Close to convention. Closed to the public that night. Break-even price $7.50. Beer served, but liquor may be brought in. For additional money, a square dancing group would be brought in and/or Cutter Bill's would have a style show.


Option 2: Amusement Park (Six Flags over Texas)

Would require buses to carry out and remain there for transportation back. No minimum number of people. Open to all public, not just JMRT. Price of $6.50 per person which includes admission to park, all rides, and any entertainment that might be going on at the time. No liquor. For an additional $3.50 per person, a catered barbeque dinner would be just for JMRT. Beer may be brought in for dinner only at an advance deposit price of $462.00 for containers (returnable).


Option 3: Musical Play at State Fair Music Hall

Don't know what play would be on that night (at this time). Could get advance block of tickets, but it would be open for all public. Convenient to convention.


No money up-front for any of the three options. Final choice is to be made at another board meeting. The Social Committee prefers option # one.



The location of the reception will be the Tracy Locke Advertising Co. in downtown Dallas (special library). Mexican theme will prevail with chips and sangria punch. The reception will be after the orientation on Sunday.


Each committee member brought a completed section of the handbook to be mailed to library schools. An expression of thanks went to Pam Bonnell for assistance in acquiring a location for the reception.



As of the Midwinter date, Ann had received letters from twelve people requesting applications for the award. The deadline is February 15. Ann mentioned the problem of the declining number of applications each year. She and Director An Scott had asked the COG to give them more information on the variables for Olofson.



For 1978 summer, Joe received 35 requests with 15 people showing for rooms. For Midwinter, '79 he received 15 requests and 10 people showed. He will try it again once more at Dallas but feels it is too much for an individual to undertake. He suggested that the board might want to take on this duty.


It was suggested that the exchange might be combined with the Travel Network. Joe was requested to meet with Larry Weitkemper and bring their ideas back to the board.



Sue announced that her written report reflected the activities in process. She said she would need volunteers to assist in staffing the booth this summer.


COGNOTES Ednita Bullock

Her written report would be distributed later. COGNOTES was just off the press and was then being distributed to various points at the conference.


Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Stewart