American Library Association


Executive Board

Minutes of Meeting

June 26, 1978

2:00-6:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order by David Warren.




Stan Bustetter, David Warren, Joyce A. Wyngaarden, Sharon Stewart, Anne Hollingsworth, Jeri Baker, Carolyn Jeffries, Susan Broomall, Bob Halcums, Rheda Epstein, Jacquelyn McGirt, Paula Murphy, Jon Scheer, E. Paulette Smith, Cary Frederick, Ann Walker, Nancy Bettencourt, Margaret Stewart, David Henry Stewart, Judy Mucci, Babetta Jimpie, Jan Beck, Ann Scott, Joe Edelen, and Bob Plotzke.




Marty Onieal, Margaret Collins, David Searey, Larry E. Hicks, Colette Wagner, Lynn Baird, Marcia Thomas, and Ann Stephens.




Stuart Miller presented a resolution relating to the Conference Placement Center location being so far from the official conference site and requested that the JMRT Executive Board endorse the resolution (see the minutes of the board meeting of June 24 for a copy of the resolution). Jeri Baker moved and Stan Bustetter seconded the endorsement of the resolution as presented by Stuart Miller. Passed unanimously.




Diana Young presented a resolution for JMRT's information from the Association for Library Service to Children. This resolution had been passed by that group (it stated that the Association for Library Service to Children commends the president of the JMRT for scheduling the JMRT Social so that it does not conflict with the Newberry-Caldecott Award Dinner.)




Handbook (by Rheda Epstein). Rheda presented the handbook, displayed the binders and handed out new inserts. Jerry Bexley from Jostens was kind enough to secure funding for JMRT for this project.


Minorities Recruitment (by Paulette Smith). David noted the fine work done in this area on comparison to what JMRT had been able to accomplish in past years.

Publications-Director (by Jeri Baker). Jeri made three specific recommendations to the Board and noted that number three had already been taken care of.


Conference Coordination – Director (by Carolyn Jeffries). Carolyn thanked her committee chair people for the good work that had been done in various areas during the past year.


Local-arrangements (By Paula Murphy). Paula reviewed the work the committee has done during the past year.


Membership Meeting (by Henry Stewart). Henry took recognition of the good turnout at the membership meeting and the discussion that took place there. He noted that a recommendation was made to establish a budget for this committee in the future.


Orientation (by Anne Hollingsworth). Anne said there were about 600-700 in attendance at the Orientation Meeting. She announced that the slide program was available for state and regional meetings. David said that Eric Moon had told him it was one of the best orientations to ALA he had ever seen.


Student to ALA (by Ann Walker). Ann said that there were about 280 people at the program and that she was very pleased with the turnout.


Suite (by Margaret Stewart for Elizabeth Runyon-Lancaster). Elizabeth was unable to be at the meeting and a written report was submitted in her behalf by Margaret Stewart.


Booth (by Nancy Bettencourt). Nancy said that the committee wrestled with many problems (mainly logistical) during the year and was passing information on to the new committee so that they would not have to encounter the same ones over again.


ERT Liaison (by Beth Bingham – report given by Jan Beck). Jan announced that the Quality Books was awarded the Friendly Booth Award and the runners-p included Baker and Taylor, University of Microfilms, Combine Book Exhibit, and Datasphere. The Boothsitter program was stressed and people who had agreed to “sit” were urged to be there at the appointed times (no written report was given do to Beth's illness.)


Affiliates Council (by Margaret Stewart). Margaret noted the jump from 24 to 41 members on the Affiliates Council – which is the highest number in history. She also said that the Developing Affiliates have increased from 1 to 18 the paid affiliates have increased from 18 to 26. She was pleased at the overall increase. The Grassroots Grants Program is one of the most exciting developments of the year she said. She congratulated June Breland on the good work she had done and announced that June would also be the next Affiliates Council President. Later in the program Margaret also noted that receptions would not occur in the Suite in the future unless approved by the Affiliates Council in advance.


LAD/PAS Liaison (by Bob Plotzke). Bob reported on the LAD/PAS/JMRT and Staff organization Round Table Workshop and the $ 200 JMRT in contributing to it.


Footnotes (by Jeri Baker and Ann Scott). There was considerable discussion, both pro and con, on the matted of possible advertisement in Footnotes. Ann reported that Mr. Wedgeworth said that there is no ALA policy which would prohibit advertisement from being placed in Footnotes. After a considerable amount of discussion Stan Bustetter moved and Jeri Baker seconded that the Footnotes editorial policy be referred to the Publications Committee and for that committee report back to the Executive Board of mid-winter.


CLENE Liaison (by Judy Mucci – no written report). Judy reported that CLENE is moving away from an individually oriented organization toward one which gives more emphasis to institutions and large groups.




David called on Joyce Wyngaarden, President-Elect, to give a report on the officers and committee chairmen whom she has appointed. Joyce announced the following appointments:


Vice-president/President elect – Beth Bingham

Past President – David Warren

Treasurer – Sharon Stewart

Secretary – Margaret Stewart

Directors- Carolyn Jeffries, Ann Scott, Kris Dahlen

Affiliates Council President – June Breland

Affiliates Council Vice-President – Wilton Bureell

Affiliates Council Second Vice-President and Suite Coordinator – Anthony Benoit

COG – Jon Scheer

Constitution and By-laws – Stan Bustetter

Footnotes – Paula Murphy

Publicity – Bob Halcums

 Conference Social – Kippie Jagoe

Archives – Celia Moore

Booth – Sue Stroyan

Booth Sitters – Gail Terwilliger

Cognotes – Ednita Bullick*

Handbook – Ray Riddle

Local Arrangements – Pam Bonnell

Membership Meeting – Tom Carter

Mid-winter Activities – Cary Frederick

Minorities Recruitment – Paulette Smith

Nominating – Jan Beck

Olofson – Ann Vidor

Orientation – Nancy Bettencourt

Professional Development Grant – Janis Bruwelhside

Students to ALA – Jan Dickens*

Travel Network – Larry Weitkemper

FTRF – Judy Sessions

LITA – Leslie Burke

LAD/PAS – Jackie McGirt

CLENE – Blanche Wysor

ERT – Carrie Alford

*appointed at a later date




David thanked all the members of JMRT who did such a great amount of work during his year as President. He reviewed the charges and objectives which he had given to the organization one year ago and indicated that all had been accomplished to his satisfaction except the further development of the COG Planning Document formulation. He indicated he was especially pleased with the record membership at the present time, the fact that there was a better informed membership and much greater participation on the part of that membership, the great strives in the affiliates development, the division of responsibilities to various Directors, the increased visibility of Cognotes, the development of the mid-winter activities program and the increased attention being paid to the recruitment of minorities.


David adjourned  the meeting commenting that it would reconvene at 4:30 under the leadership of the new President, Joyce Wyngaarden.


Respectfully submitted,

Joe Edelen