Minutes of the committee meeting held in the Pick Congress Hotel, Chicago, Wednesday, June 26, 1978 for 4:30-6:00 p.m.


The orientation meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order at 4:40 p.m. by Joyce Wyngaarden, President.


Executive Committee Members Present: Kristen Dahlen, Susan Broomall, Carolyn Jeffries, Pamela Bonnell, Cary Fredrick, Ann Scott, Paula Murphy, Jon Scheer, Tom Carter, Sharon Stewart, Stan Bustetter, Gail Terwilliger, David Warren, Judy Sessions, Carrie Alford, Nancy Bettencourt, Janice Beck, Jacquelyn McGirt, June Breland, Wilton Burwell, Blanche Wysor, Anthony Benoit, Celia Moore, Larry Weitkemper, Paulette Smith, Joyce Wyngaarden, Robert Wedgeworth, and Margaret Stewart.


Guests: Rheda Epstein, Joe Edelen, Henry Stewart, Ann Stephens, Lynn Baird, Robert Plotzke, Susan Stillwater, Ann Vidor, David Vidor, Pamela Martin, Anne Hollingsworth, Margaret Collins, Jonathan Lindsey, David Anderson, and Richard Roginski.


Order of Business




Joyce Wyngaarden reminded all attendees that people accepting a committee must attend both midwinter and annual ALA conferences, and should be familiar with the JMRT handbook.


Joyce challenged the Executive Board and Membership Committee to put JMRT membership over 1200 by the time of the annual conference.


The Committee on Governance was charged to study the efficacy of our programs, both in quality and content. Questions to be answered are: Are we meeting the needs of our members for professional development and information as needs were articulated in the 1976-77 membership survey? How could we better meet their needs without current redirected programming or new programming? Should we consider allying ourselves with other ALA units to accomplish what we want to accomplish and work to a greater extent both with personnel and money on joint sponsorship of programs? Conclusions drawn by the Governance Committee will be presented in Dallas.


Other challenges were : to make an aggressive effort in the area of minorities recruitment; to have a dynamic busy and fun filled year; and to provide a program in Dallas to be remembered as “the big time in big D”.




Robert Wedgeworth stated that the reason for reassignment of JMRT staff liaison was:


1.   JMRT's previous record of doing very good work.

2.   The concern over reported number of hours the liaison was spending on JMRT activities.


This assignment would allow him to monitor what is actually being done and to make suggestions for things to flow more smoothly.


Copies of JMRT Executive Board Orientation Notes were distributed and then discussed (copy attached to minutes). Mr. Wedgeworth stated that those brief series of steps are the basic kinds of things that have to be done in conjunction with ALA JMRT staff liaison. Much other paperwork currently being prepared for the staff liaison is not necessary. Appointments to committees within JMRT, committee reports, announcements, minutes and official correspondence should be sent to the staff liaison.






Division of Responsibility

Division of Responsibilities, 1978-79 sheets were outlined and distributed by Joyce Wyngaarden. (copy attached to minutes). Committee chairmen were asked to consult the officer or director of their committee and to also consult past chairman.


Appointment of Committees

Committee appointment letters will only be sent out by Joyce, she reported. Recommendations for committees can be made to Joyce. Committee assignments will be made within the first three weeks after the conference.


JMRT Stationary

Joyce stated that JMRT letterhead and ALA envelopes are to be used for all correspondence and can be requested from Mr. Wedgeworth's office. Two weeks should be allowed for delivery as items are shipped 3rd class.


Carbon Copies

Carbon copies of correspondence should be made for Joyce, Beth Bingham, and the directors of activity. Correspondence includes committee memos of meetings, letters to people in and outside of JMRT. Return addresses should be on both letter and envelope. Phone call conversations should be summarized and carbons sent to the callee, Joyce, Beth, and the director of activity.



When possible, allow institutions to absorb costs. For expenses incurred for an activity to be reimbursed, receipts and whatever other documentation should be sent to Sharon Stewart, Treasurer.


Exhibitor Support

If an exhibitor offers to do something for JMRT, it must be referred to Carrie Alford, JMRT Liaison.


Retention of Records

After determining that materials from past files will no longer be needed for the current files, send past records to Celia Moore, Archives Committee.




A skeleton of JMRT activities to be held at the Dallas annual conference as given by Joyce is as follows:


Sunday, June 25

9:30 a.m. – 11:00

Executive Board Meeting


2:00 p.m. – 4:00



4:30 p.m. – 6:00

Students to ALA


Monday, June 26

8:00 a.m. – 12:30

Executive Board Meetings


Tuesday, June 27

2:00 p.m. – 4:00

Membership Meeting


8:00 p.m. –



Wednesday, June 28

9:30 a.m. – 12:30

Executive Board Meeting


11:30 a.m. – 12:30

Orientation for next Board


Joyce will summarize those meetings in the first President's Memo. Mr. Wedgeworth questioned the conflict with the Caldecott Awards night and promised to look at the schedule again after the final schedule is submitted.



Joyce stated that five President's Memos will be published which will include the budget, directory of JMRT officers, critical dates of which to be aware, a skeleton of JMRT activities at the Dallas conference and a skeleton of JMRT Executive Board meetings at Midwinter. Also, copies of planning documents will be mailed out, which will be due on September 1.




A tentative budget was distributed (copy attached to official minutes) and corrections were made. A complete budget will be in the first President's Memo. Carolyn Jeffries moved the tentative budget with corrections be adopted. The motion carried.




Midwinter Activities Committee

Cary Frederick, Chairman, reported that this committee has two charges: (1) to have the second orientation program and (2) to have the first social at Midwinter.


The orientation program will be geared to students looking for their first job. It will probably cover information on placement services, job interviews, and perhaps suppliers. A revised version of the Orientation slide show will be shown. The Committee would also like to consider giving each exhibitor in attendance at Midwinter, a packet including JMRT recommended restaurants.


For the social, the committee is working with conference arrangements in an attempt to select a no-conflict period. Tentative ideas are to have a Greek restaurant expedition followed by belly-dancing, Greek singers and JMRT demonstrations. Because of space the social may become a JMRT social instead of an all-conference social.


JMRT/Baker & Taylor Grassroots Grants Committee

June Breland, Chairman, reported that forty-five state were represented at the Baker & Taylor/JMRT Affiliate Delegates breakfast. Suggested guidelines had been mailed to all representatives prior to conference. Those guidelines, plus all other questions were discussed at the meeting. States not having JMRT groups were contacted through presidents of state library associations who then selected a representative.


Library Education Assembly

Ann Scott reported that the Library Education Assembly which is being established, will be directly responsible to the ALA Council. ALA felt that since education crosses so many boundaries, it was best to be supported by ALA rather than a specific division as the Library Education Division was in the past.


Joyce stated that she was asked to have a JMRT member on the Standards Committee of Library Education. Mona Couts, a JMRTer from Georgia is on the Committee.



Paula Murphy, Editor, distributed forms for reporting and a schedule of deadlines for future issues of Footnotes.

v. 8      #1        Sept. issue        information due by July 30

v. 8      #2        Jan. issue          information due by Nov. 15

v. 8      #3        April issue        information due by March 10

v. 8      #4        June issue         information due by April 26

Paula also attended a meeting of newsletter editors at ALA headquarters and state that the editors talked about common issues such as not enough material submitted and copyrighting the newsletters and various other problems.



Forms for reporting publicity were distributed by Joyce in the absence of Bob Halcums.


Voting Members of Executive Board

At the request of some JMRTers, Joyce reviewed the officers and committee members who vote. They are: President (in case of a tie), Vice-President/President-Elect, the immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, the three Directors, Affiliate Council President and Vice-President/President-Elect and 2nd Vice President (when there are 30 paid Affiliate Council members), Chair on Governance, Chair of Constitution and Bylaws, Membership Chair, Footnotes Editor and Publicity Chair.


Affiliates Council

June Breland, President asked for endorsement from the Executive Board of an Affiliates Council idea to address Pacific Northwest Library Association concerning the fact of no response to a group petitioning for PNLA JMRT roundtable or divisional status.


After much discussion, the Executive Board did endorse the Affiliate Council request.


Social Committee

Sue Stroyan announced that unless there was a gross error in accounting, a profit of over $2,000 was made at the Sunday Night Fever JMRT social.


Ann Scott moved that the meeting adjourn and the motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Stewart