American Library Association


Minutes of the Membership Meeting

June 25, 1978

2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order by Henry Stewart, Program Chairman. David Warren, President of JMRT was introduced. David introduced David Kutner, President of Baker & Taylor who announced that 102 Grassroots Grants would bge given through JMRT during the coming year. He also introduced Carole Cushmore who would be administering the grant program.


Margaret Stewart was introduced and spoke in more detail about the Grassroots Grants.


John Scheer announced the names of the six Olofson grant recipients. They were: Jeri Cusack, Pamela Martin, Judy Sessions, Susan Stillwater, Ann Vidor, and David Vidor.


The 3M Professional Development Grant Awards were announced by Kris Dahlen. The awardees this year included Melvin Burton, Celia Moore, Christy Tyson, and Larry Weitkemper. David thanked the exhibitors who had helped us during this year. They included Baker & Taylor for the Grassroots Grants Awards and the orientation packets, 3M for the professional Development Grants, Bro Dart for the buses to and from the social, Jostens for the binders for the Executive Board, and Quality Books for the funds for developing affiliates, booth transportation, and JMRT stickers.


David discussed the various programs of JMRT. He stressed the fact that we had this past year the first mid-winter orientation program, the first time there had been two issues of Cognotes published at mid-winter, the Affiliates Council now has 24 paid and 18 developing affiliates, JMRT nominated members to Council for the first time, the Grassroots Grants from 3M which is new this year, and the new Clearinghouse Form. All of these things are designed to help the individual librarians further themselves in their profession and in ALA.


Joyce Wyngaarden was introduced and requested that those interested in working in JMRT should let her know their interests. She also presented David with a plaque of appreciation for his work during the past year as President.


Stan Bustetter presented a Constitutional amendment to the membership. That amendment was to Article III, 2 to add a subsection c.:


In both odd and even-numbered years a slate of not less that four individuals qualified to serve on the ALA Council with the objectives that JMRT Executive Committee will endorse these names and refer them directly to ALA nominating Committee.


Stan Bustetter moved the adoption of this amendment. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Henry Stewart introduced the program for the meeting “let JMRT Show You The Way To Career Alternatives.” The members of the panel giving presentations and fielding questions were John Eastlick, representing the field of education, Carolyn Jeffries, representing the point of view of the employee/student, and Julia Woods, representing the employer. The presentations were made and there were many questions and a great deal of lively discussion afterwards.


After all was said and done the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Joe Edelen