Committee Planning Report

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**Type of report being submitted:  Committee Planning Report


**Date:  September 13, 2004



**Committee Name:  Leadership Development Committee



**Supervising Board Member: 
Shelly McCoy



**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs: 
Peter Hepburn



**Committee members: 
Mark Costa, Leland R. Deeds, Jody Gray, Stephen Michaels , and Maud Mundava



**Committee Charge: 
-To develop and implement leadership development opportunities for members

-To set policy on leadership development efforts throughout the round table

-The committee will also be responsible for providing support to leadership development events (including those sponsored/provided by vendors) held at ALA meetings and conferences



**2004 - 2005 Project Description / Goals: 

-Coordinate the Annual Conference Highsmith Inc. Leadership Development Workshop planning and promotion.

-Refine the Web-based FAQ document for new committee chairs.  Work with NMRT to move the document to NMRT Web space.

-Present an online forum based on that document to enable those who cannot attend either the Midwinter Meetings or Annual Conference to benefit from it.  February 2005 has been projected as the date of that presentation.



**Specific Objectives (numbers, tangible end-products): 






Financial Report Section:

Your budget appropriation (see budget)

a. $1000

Amount which you have spent so far this year


Your estimated additional expenses this year


Total of amount spent and additional "estimated" expenses for this year (b+c)


Difference between budgeted amount and total expenses from above (a-d)




f. Vendor support planned or anticipated for the year (either money or in-kind gifts), list here: 

Anticipated:  Highsmith Inc. (workshop/program at the Annual Conference)



g. Vendor support requested: (From the above list, what, if any, has been requested from the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee?)

None formally.  Preliminary discussion following the successful 2004 program indicated that Highsmith would again be involved, but formal discussion has not yet commenced.



h. Vendor support received: (From the above list, what if any, has been received?)

Still to be discussed with Highsmith.



Specific Needs/Support (non-financial): (For the categories below, please include approximate date service needed)

a. Web Support (help with webpage creation, web form creation, web database, web database, scripting, etc): 

No date set:  help with putting the page at into standardized form (according to NMRT or ALA guidelines) and moving the page to an appropriate spot on the NMRT site.  LDC members will flesh out the contents before the page is re-mounted.

February 2005:  Help with staging an online forum to discuss issues raised by the FAQ page noted in the point above.



b. On-site conference volunteers: (include estimated numbers needed and brief job description)

MidWinter Meetings:  none anticipated

Annual Conference:  Approximately 1-3 volunteers possibly, pending requested need by presenter; need for volunteer workshop evaluation collectors anticipated.



c. Publicity planned for the committee (posting to other discussion lists, official press release for webpage, etc.): 

Pre-MidWinter:  NMRT-L announcement of the program; discussion topic at

Pre-Annual Conference:  Footnotes and CogNotes ads; NMRT-L announcement, cross-postings to other lists; discussion topic at



**Report submitted by: 

Peter Hepburn



**Email address: