Committee Final Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Final Report


**Date: 7/7/04


**Committee Name:  Membership Meeting and Program Committee


**Supervising Board Member:  Marilyn Ochoa


**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs:  Ihsia Hu


**Committee members:  Penny Scott, Amanda Bakken, M. Nathalie Hristov, Traci Avet



**Goals, Objectives, Projects completed (including, but not limited to, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during the reporting year):

The objectives of this committee are planing a program during the ALA Annual Conference and holding monthly NMRT-L listserv discussions.


This year we held monthly discussion on NMRT-L on 8 topics: The topics includes “I wish I had know” (Sept.), intellectual freedom and national security (Oct.), library budget (Nov.), When did you know you want to be a librarian (Dec.), performance evaluation (Feb.), diversity (Mar.), interview (Apr.), and salary negotiation (May). 


Our annual program focused on professional development.  We invited two speakers: Elaine Yontz and Ann Snoeyenbos.  They talked about job hunting for new librarians and work/life balance.  33 people attended the program.  The goals and projects of the committee have been completed this year.  Committee member Penny Scott presented her resource handout on job hunting.  RRS also publicized its services during the annual program.


**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved – What plans/projects remain which will be carried over or postponed until next year? Have there been any substantial changes in plans requiring a reconsideration or cancellation of projects? Information regarding such will be helpful for future chairs and planners.

    We had hoped to be able to work with Archive Committee to archive our discussions online in NMRT's websie, but this has not been accomplished during the committee year.  We hope the new committee chair and members will consider doing so.


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**Report submitted by:  Ihsia Hu


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