Secretary's Board Minutes

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** Name of Group: New Members Round Table Executive Board


** Type of Meeting (Physical or Electronic Board Meeting): Physical Board Meeting


** Date Submitted:


** Date and Time (When Meeting Called to Order): January 10, 2004, 12:30 p.m. Pacific


** Place: San Diego Convention Center, Midwinter Meeting


** Name of Chairperson (or Substitute) and Recorder: Sally Gibson, Vice-President/ President-Elect and Chrissie Anderson Peters, Secretary


** List of Attendees: Sally Gibson, Vice-President/ President-Elect; Joseph Yue, Past-President; Chrissie Anderson Peters, Secretary; Bill Jenkins, Treasurer; Sara Morris, Leadership Development Director; Marilyn Ochoa, Membership Services Director; Nadine Flores, Networking Director; Shelly McCoy, Outreach Director; Stacey Shoup, Councilor; Laura Kortz, 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant Committee; Bruce Stoffel, Booth Committee; Aaron Dobbs, Leadership Development Committee; Jason Fleming, Liaison Coordination & Support Committee; Jodie Mattos, Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee; Debby Andreadis, Web Committee; Kim Sanders, ALA; Mable Robertson, Potential Member.


** Statement about the reading and approval/correction of the Minutes from the Group's Previous Meeting: Minutes from the previous Board meeting (electronic meeting on December 15) were not presented for discussion, correction, and/or approval at this meeting to approve a budget prepared by Treasurer Bill Jenkins.


** Signature of Recorder/Secretary on Official Copy of Minutes: Chrissie Anderson Peters


** Hour of Adjournment: 1:30 p.m. Pacific


** Body of Report:

Call to Order:

Vice-President/President-Elect Gibson called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m., filling in for President Kraemer who was unable to attend the ALA Midwinters Conference this year.


Reading/Presentation of the Minutes:

Minutes from the previous Board meeting (electronic meeting on December 15) were not presented for discussion, correction, and/or approval at this meeting to approve a budget prepared by Treasurer Bill Jenkins.


NMRT Budget for Upcoming Year:

As this meeting was more informational in nature, the absence of a Parliamentarian was deemed acceptable and Treasurer Bill Jenkins distributed a copy of the proposed budget for NMRT for the upcoming year (ALA's budget runs from September 1-August 31 annually). The document was laid out with the current budget figures – estimated revenues, expenditures, etc. – on the left-hand side of the document and the proposed budget figures on the right-hand side. A carryover of $13,874.38 was recorded as the Projected Balance of Unrestricted Net Assets. While this seems like a lot of money, Jenkins reminded those in attendance that the idea is to have enough money in NMRT's funds that we could continue operations should future funding somehow fall through or should some other sort of emergency arise. Having said, that, however, he also expressed that NMRT could probably increase some budget amounts for committees that need them.


Items that had not been accounted for on Jenkins' proposed budget included the $1500 usually given to NMRT by Highsmith for the SALA Reception (Students-to-ALA), which will no longer be provided due to financial obligations within Highsmith (another corporate sponsor is being sought to help alleviate this cost); and $750 typically provided by Quality Books for shipping charges associated with the Traveling Booth from NMRT to state association conferences (see Minutes from December 2003 for the NMRT Booth Committee's Charge change regarding this topic).


Jenkins also reported that he had decreased the budget of the Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee (ECRC) from $50 to $20 and had slightly increased the annual budgets for the Orientation Committee (from $515 to $600) and the Booth Committee (from $300 to $350), in hopes of helping those committees deal with various costs repeatedly incurred by the committees. At this point in the meeting, several Board members requested that the amount given to the Booth Committee increase even more, based on various reasons, such as past difficulties in creating a “professional” booth on a budget that was frequently inadequate and that never seemed to increase at the same rate as convention center prices for basic items needed (such as tables, chairs, etc.). Board members requesting this action included current Outreach Director Shelly McCoy, Past-President Joseph Yue, current Leadership Development Director (and past Booth Committee Chair) Sara Morris, and current Secretary (and past Booth Committee Chair) Chrissie Anderson Peters. Jenkins explained that the Booth is not a “program,” and that he was concerned that too much emphasis may be put on it by raising the budget significantly. Sara Morris countered with the opinion that the Board needs to understand that the Booth budget should increase annually by a decent percentage because, whether it is a program or not, it is the main initial contact that some potential members have with NMRT. Jenkins then proposed raising the Booth Committee's budget to $500 (in addition to the $200 provided to the Booth Committee for furniture rental by ALA).


Vice- President Gibson reminded Board Meeting attendees of the Candidates' Forum and the “Big-Tent Meeting” following the Board Meeting, then adjourned at 1:20 p.m.