NMRT Board Member Final Report

1. Office Name: Vice President/President Elect

2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003): 2003-2004

3. Discuss/summarize your involvement with your committees this year:

The SSRA did a great job with helping to plan for my presidential year. The completed project will be very useful next year and I really appreciate their hard work. The New Writer’s Support committee completed their webpage and recent activity on NMRTWRITER has proven that the committee has a purpose.

I have appointed all the 2004-2005 committee chairs. The incoming Vice President will appoint the chair of SSRA. I have sent out committee information to all incoming committee chairs and members.

My presidential theme is Ladders to Leadership.

4. Based on your year’s experience in this office, what future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year or the following year?

In 2004-2005 NMRT will conduct an organization review. The plan is to determine if every committee has a purpose and if the committees address the needs of NMRT. The review should be finished before the incoming Vice President makes committee appointments. Thus any recommendations can be incorporated into the 2005-2006 committee appointments.

5. What tips or hints do you have that might help your successor carry out the duties of this office?

Utilize the Midwinter Meeting to talk with NMRT members. Find out their ideas, interests, and plans for NMRT. It is also a good time to recruit committee chairs. Try to limit other ALA activities.

6. Please address the role of the board member as coordinator. For example, with student outreach split among three committees reporting to three directors, somebody will need to take the initiative to make sure things are going smoothly. Another example would be projects between membership, alumni, and student outreach which need to be coordinated. How might activities such as this be handled by board members efficiently and smoothly? Your thoughts here will be most helpful for future boards.

The Vice President should help the President monitor all committee activity. Any problems should be addressed in a timely manner. The Vice President should be willing and able to make recommendations to the President.

7. Date of report: June 14, 2004

8. Submitted by: Sally Gibson