ANNUAL CONFERENCE 1987/San Francisco. CA

Monday. June 29, 1987

2-5:30 p.m.

Meridien Hotel

Gamay Room


ATTENDANCE: Randy Wilson, Rebecca Taylor, Jane Rozek, Winston Walden, Tyrone Cannon, Phoebe Janes, Melissa Laning, Cynthia Comer, Susan Schmidt, Bob Adamshick, Karen Pearson, Lilah Gainey, Kathleen Peiffer, Joyce Taylor, Jenifer Abramson, Bill Kendra, Pat Brill, Diane Cimbala, Bobbi Walters, Mary Marcum Evans, Clarence Chisholm, Toni Friedman, Joe Friedman, Sara Behrman, Karin Ford, Terry Tomchyshyn, Elinor Barrett, Erlene Bishop Killeen, Jim Mouw, Anders Dahlgren, Bonnie Clayton (Information Access Co), Valerie Platz, Carol Rickert


President Bobbi Walters called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.


The Friendly Booth Award which recognizes the Exhibitor as the most friendly with Conference attendees was presented to Bonnie Clayton of the Information Access Company by Bobbi Walters on behalf of ALA/JMRT.


Intoductions were made and Bobbi reminded all on the voting procedures.


Carol Rickert moved to amend the agenda by adding reports from Midwinter Activities and Minorities Recruitment during the first part of Committee Reports; adding reports from Beta Phi Mu and the Booth Committe after the break and deferring Old Business until later in the meeting.  Diane Cimbala seconded the motion.  Motion passed.



-highlighted two new ideas instituted this year -

    -post card evaluation forms given to all attendees at the Orientation program

    -Social included dinner and music



-original speaker for the program (Nancy Peters) became ill at the last minute

-EBSCO donated 600 packets this year

-attendance for the program was approximately 550

-speaker Willie Brown did not charge for his appearance since he was a fraternity brother of Clarence's

-requested additional $100 for the use of AV equipment


Cynthia Comer moved to allot no more than $100 for the Orientation Program.  Anders Dahlgren seconded.  Motion passed.



-highlighted the program, "Literacy is Our Business"

-encumbered money for tipping of bellhops etc.

-announced that LITA was so impressed with the program that they requested that with JMRT's help, it would like to co-sponsor a pre-Conference at the New Orleans Conference


Bobbi Walters will informally express JMRT's interest in co-sponsoring with JMRT's LITA liaison.



-no chair or action taken to date

-last minute action was to move this function to the JMRT suite

-food was ordered from the hotel to accomodate guests

-outstanding bills are yet to be determined


Bobbi Walters announced that the JMRT Crisis Management Award must go to Bob Adamschick who attempted to alert those ALA units who were invited to SALA of the change in locations.  Bob even went to Hastings Law School to inform guests about the change.  Hats off to Bob who saved the day!  Special recognition also goes to Kathleen M. Peiffer who ordered the food just in the nick of time.


Sharman Prouty and Cynthia Comer suggested that perhaps the SALA Committee should re-consider having future receptions in the JMRT Suite since this one was so successful (even at the last minute)!



-requested additional monies to cover beverages ($25/coffee)


Terry Tomchyshyn moved to give the Membership Meeting Program Committee the necessary money to pay the bills.  Melissa Laning seconded the motion.  Cynthia Comer amended the motion to read that $100 be allotted to this committee to pay the bills.  Terry Tomchyshyn accepted this ammendment.  Motion passed.



-discussed the need to affiliate with other JMRT Committees in order to gain and more members and recognition (i.e. Membership, Library School Outreach ad hoc Committee etc.)

-announced that the reception sponsored by this group was during the same time slot of the ALA General Session; therefore poor attendance


Clarence Chisholm emphasized the need to affiliate with all ALA minorities committees (Asian, Chinese etc) in order to maximize visibility.  The suggestion that ALA help in co-sponsoring such a reception will be investigated.




SOCIAL - Toni/Joe Friedman

-announced that even though pre-Conference ticket sales are down. the publicity efforts had been enhanced this year

-thanked VTLS and Brodart who helped with printing - approximately $670

-said that the video shown at the Booth was a definite draw

-announced that to break even, JMRT had to sell 325 tickets

-reminded all that for every ticket sold, Yankee Book Peddlar will donate $1 to the Coalition for Literacy



-highlighted that working on this committee gave members a good overview on how JMRT works

-discussed review with next year's chair of Local Arrangments

-emphasized that this committee should be included on the ALA Local Arrangements Committee so information is not so fragmented




-announced that the 1st Vice President resigned due to health reasons and that Mary Marcum Evans has been elected to fill the position

-monitored the Goals and Objectives of the Council

-will be investigating how to attract more activity at the Hospitality Suite (possibly invite library school deans etc.)

-announced that New Mexico and Connecticut are in the process of forming JMRT state chapters

-announced that Numero Uno Award was given to Ilinois this year


Bobbi Walters re-iterated that more activities need to occur in the Suite and that possibly inviting future affiliates to become involved would help in this.  Erlene Bishop Killeen reminded all that having the Suite host a "Meet the Winners" evening should be included in future plans.



-summarized the purpose of the Hospitality Suite - to offer low           cost housing for JMRT members and for social and informational purposes

-announced that vendor support of the Suite came from Marshall Cavendish Corp.

-informed Myrtis Collins, JMRT Treasurer, that this committee will not go over budget



-announced that the committee tackled 3 issues since Midwinter

a) liaison directorship be instituted (COG supported)

b) change ad hoc status of Fundraising to a standing committee (COG supported)

c) name change for JMRT (no action to date)

-gave historical background on the name change issue

-recommended to the Board that COG prepare slate of no more than three alternative names for the round table and submit them before the membership for a vote


Diane Cimbala moved to accept COG's recommendation.  Carol Rickert seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued.


Jim Mouw felt that the polls taken in prior years will probably not show any variance to a present-day poll.  Randy Wilson responded that the membership and times have changed: therefore there might be different results.  Anders Dahlgren felt that polling JMRT members might be done by piggybanking on an officer election; thus a difference in methodology (perhaps a difference in the results) Jim Mouw also raised the question of how much will a name change cost in publicity.  Randy Wilson stated that this should be highlighted in the article for FOOTNOTES.  Melissa Laning suggested contacting Marlena Wald for an economic analysis of the printing costs, changing the slide/tape production, the mugs, pins, and JMRT brochures. Erlene Bishop Killeen suggested that the name change be done gradually so that JMRT does not have to absorb all these costs at once.  Randy Wilson reminded everyone that the Executive Board would have the final say to the results of the voting.  Elinor Barrett expressed concern that perhaps the Affiliates Council should grapple with this subject as one way of gaining insight as to how the membership views the issue.  Bobbi Walters expressed concern that perhaps using the name, "New Professionals" would be limiting since there are many ALA members who are not professionals.  She announced that she would like to see only two name suggestions on the ballot.  Randy Wilson felt that COG would rather weed through many names than see the vote split.  Erlene Bishop Killeen informed all that ALA won't send out a "poll" only - it has to be included with an official ballot for a specific purpose (i.e. bylaws change) with a statement of purpose to be included.  Anders Dahlgren stated that this issue could be seen as an advisory referendum with a by-laws change to follow after the poll.  Furthermore, what may happen at the national level may not necessarily affect changes at the state level.  Anders suggested that next year's Executive Board only consider a name change if the recommendation has overwhelming membership support.  Jim Mouw views this issue as a two step process: 1) should JMRT change its name? and 2) if so, to what name should JMRT change?  Jim Mouw questioned if a round table could even change its name?  Diane Cimbala responded that LAMA underwent a name change.  Anders Dahlgren said that such a change must go to ALA's Committee on Organizations (COO). 


Diane Cimbala called for the question. The motion: the Committee on Governance will prepare a slate of no more than three round table names and submit them before the membership for a vote The motion passed with a majority vote.  There was one dissenting vote.



-announced that the committee's work has been completed with the adoption of the Goals and Objectives on January 19, 1987 by the Executive Board

-informed Myrtis Collins, JMRT Treasurer, that there were no encumbered monies


Anders Dahlgren moved to discharge the Goals and Objectives Commitee.  Diane Cimbala seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Anders Dahlgren thanked Becky Taylor for all the hard work her committee completed.



-Betsy Peck reported for Karen that the Leadership Development Workshop presented at Midwinter drew 40 people and was well received

-questioned if this ad hoc committee were to continue


Diane Cimbala moved to extend the Leadership Development Ad Hoc Committee for one more year.  Anders Dahlgren seconded the motion.  Betsy Peck mentioned that there are variety of directions the committee could develop for future workshops with possible brainstorming sessions/break-out groups etc. on various topics.  Motion passed.


ARCHIVES - Bill Kendra

-sent questionnaire to all Affiliates to determine what was being done on the local level to collect and preserve non-current records of importance

-noted that JMRT will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 1991

-questioned if the Archives Committee should maintain a permanent working file of JMRT publications such as FOOTNOTES and NEWS NOTES


It was decided that the Chair of this committee was to pursue the feasibility of maintaining files on FOOTNOTES and NEWS NOTES


Discussion ensued about the inordinate amount of paper which goes in many directions.  Erlene Bishop Killeen asked just how important that everyone obtain copies of committee reports since the Secretary is to get the original report.  Diane Cimbala asked how to shorten meetings via revising the reporting procedures.  Erlene Bishop Killeen suggested starring the items for Board action (which is already being done) may help the meeting along.


Diane Cimbala asked that this issue be referred to the Committee on Governance with the new Secretary to make a recommendation on the procedural guidelines for retaining committee reports



-attended Beta Phi Mu reception

-suggested that this committee might work with the Library School Outreach Committee as a means of getting new JMRT members

-informed all that this committee may request money for next year



-announced that President of LAMA will be sending letters to all JMRT members inviting them to join LAMA


No reports from liaisons from the following: LITA, PLA/SMLS, RTSD/CCS/CCDA, YASD MEMBERSHIP


RTSD/PLMS LIAISON - Dominique Columbe

-announced that the program at this Conference was held on preservation of library materials

-explained that for this group, having a liaison is a new concept and there is a need to solidify this position in the future



-attended the ALSC Orientation program


BOOTH - Jenifer Abramson

-announced that staffing the Booth continues to plague the committee and that this is a common problem with other divisions who have booths


There were no items of NEW BUSINESS




Diane Cimbala moved to table the Fundraising Committee motion since the motion to make this committee a standing committee passed on Saturday.  Carol Ricket seconded.  Motion passed.


Karin Ford reported highlights from the meeting of the Round Table Coordinating Committee. She informed all that ALA is looking closely at the amount of staff time and money allotted to round tables - which is figured to be roughly $15,000 for ALA staff time.  Karin felt that JMRT uses considerably less than what monies are allotted for ALA staff time.  The concensus of the Board was that the Fundraising Committee may in the future become more crucial since JMRT may be mandated to secure extra funding for its existence.


JMRT Treasurer Myrtis Collins reminded that the deadline to submit changes in the budget will be July 15, 1987



Diane Cimbala moved to remove the issue of the Liaison Coordinator from the table.  Carol Rickert seconded.  Motion passed.  Diane moved that the Liaison Coordinator become a Director on the JMRT Board; thus instituting a By-laws change.  Carol Rickert seconded.


Discussion ensued about the role these liaison positions should play with the various units within ALA - membership promotion? booths promotion? as a stepping stone into ALA?  It was felt that these liaisons could use FOOTNOTES as means to inform JMRT membership about other units' awards and programs of note.  It was also felt that there could be no general liaison position description in the Handbook since each position was so different in nature. Furthermore, the question arose regarding which (if all liaisons) were to receive JMRT Handbooks.  If so, then, should Ad Hoc Committee chairs also receive Handbooks?


Diane Cimbala rescinded her motion and recommended that this issue return to the Liaisons Coordinator for further thought.


Melissa Lanning announced that JMRT was asked to co-sponsor with LAMA/LOMS the program, "Administering Grants Once You Have Them" and requires no financial support from JMRT.  Melissa Lanning moved to have JMRT co-sponsor this program.  Diane Cimbala seconded the motion.  Discussion ensued with the main concern being that this program not conflict with other JMRT major programs.  Elinor Barrett verified that this program does not conflict.  Diane Cimbala called for the question.  Motion passed.



Diane Cimbala asked that all remember to promote the SOCIAL.  Diane also announced that the FAXXON party will be at the Hamlin School at 2120 Broadway from 5-8 p.m.


Diane Cimbala moved to adjourn the meeting.  Erlene Bishop Killeen seconded.  Motion passed.


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Rickert