NMRT Board Member Progress Report

1. Office Name: Vice President/President Elect

2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003): 2003-2004

3. What kind of interaction have you had with your committees thus far this year? What support have you been able to provide them?

            I have been working with SSRA to gather information on leadership. The presidential theme for 2004-2005 will be Ladders to Leadership and SSRA will have a workbook of information available after the Annual conference 2004.

            The New Writer's Ad hoc committee is continuing to develop a website and maintain the listserv. We are assessing if this committee should continue next year or if the charge of the committee could be expanded.

            I have started forming the 2004-2005 committees. I have received feedback about the various committees, which has assisted with the planning for next year.

4. What would you still like to accomplish in your office before the end of your term?

            I would like to have committee chairs and members appointed and an idea of what each committee can accomplish in 2004-2005

5. Date of report: 2/16/04

6. Submitted by: Sally Gibson