NMRT Board Member Progress Report

1. Office Name: Director of Outreach

2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003):Annual 2003- Annual 2004

3. What kind of interaction have you had with your committees thus far this year? What support have you been able to provide them?

I have had good interaction with the majority of my committees thus far. Some of the committees do not have program/specific task responsibilities (Diversity) so there has been less need for interaction and others (like Student Reception) will be kicking it into high gear for the Annual shortly. I have been able to provide the committees with suggestions on problems they have or drafts of things they have written. I have also tried my best to find answers to whatever questions they have and just be there to understand all of the work they are doing to make their committees do a great job. I have been providing the link between these committees and the President and President/Elect.

4. What would you still like to accomplish in your office before the end of your term?

First, I'd like to make sure every committee that I guide that is doing a program/task at Annual is set to do so. I'd also like to get the names of those committees' members that chairs would recommend for committee chairs, etc. for next year.

Finally, I would like to make sure that the committee chair(s) this year leave a good handbook entry and good notes for the committees that will come after them.

5. Date of report: Jan. 29, 2004

6. Submitted by: Shelly McCoy