Tuesday, July 1, 1986, 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Marriott Marquis Hotel, Albee Room


Attending: Rosemary Arneson, Sara Behrman, Diane Bisom, Karen Bohrer, Pat Brill, Robert Caban, Diane Cimbala, Myrtis Collins, Cynthia Comer, Colleen Conway, Donna Cranmer, Anders Dahlgren, Larayne Dallas, Annette Demaree, Cathy Doyle, Elaine Franco, Lilah Gainey, Joseph Harzbecker, Lucy Heckman, Mary Hicks, Helen Hill, Demaris Hollembeak, Dorice Horne, Kathy Kaldenberg, Karen Kaluzsa, Erelen Bishop Killeen, Barbara Kiffmeyer, Melissa Laning, Susan Luevano, Beverly Martin, James Mouw, Sharman Prouty, Peggy Royster, Becky Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Marlena Wald, Randy Wilson, Bobbi Walters, Alexander Wills


President Dahlgren called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.  Introductions were made, including Shirley Olofson award winners Helen Hill and Colleen Conway.  The purpose of the Executive Board was explained.  If you have not completed your written committee report, please send copies to Walters.


The reports of Cognotes and the Freedom to Read Foundation liaison were added to the agenda. Library Education liaison and Professional Ethics liaison were deleted.


Bohrer moved that the agenda be approved as amended.  Comer seconded.  The motion passed.




Kaldenberg said the suite will have $450 to return when Time-Life check is received.  The hotel bill will not be a problem.


Comer said 80 pins have been sold.  There will be 120 pins to sell to the affiliates and we only need $136 more to break even.


Dahlgren, reporting for Barrett, said that the Liaison Coordinator should be a two year position.  Killeen moved that Constitution and Bylaws should draft a change to this effect.  Doyle seconded.


Bohrer asked if this would be a good change.  Killeen said there should be continuity in the position.  Walters said this would be a much bigger job if the liaison program expands.


The motion passed.




Cognotes--Killeen for Jo Crawford--A document is needed for future Cognotes editors to tell them how it's done.  An ad hoc committee needs to be appointed, since no-one has the time to do



this when they're on the committee.


Walters moved that an ad hoc committee be established to develop a procedures manual for Cognotes.  Killeen seconded.


Dallas asked if ex-JMRT members could join the committee.  Dahlgren replied that they could not receive a formal appointment, but they would be consulted.


The motion passed.


Membership Meeting--Dahlgren for Joseph Rice--The meeting went well.


Social--Lucy Heckman--The social was a huge success, making Bobbi Walters the happiest JMRT President in many a day.  A profit of $3,400 was made, and 462 people attended.  There were 32 complimentary tickets and 192 pre-paid tickets.


The person who was going to do the balloon drop has an accident in his van, so his $75 was refunded.


VTLS paid $500 for printing and art.


Some buses did not go to the Hilton or Omni because the bus drivers were busy attending the party.  The bus coordinator paid cab drivers to take people to these hotels.


Minorities Recruitment--Dorice Horne--The informal reception in the suite went well.  People from various groups came.  This committee will be sponsoring a program next year.  Walters asked how many people attended the reception.  Horne replied 26.  Walters commented that she had received many requests to serve on this committee next year.


Fundraising--Jim Mouw--Mugs are still a problem.  We should change vendors and lose the credit.  New mugs still have not been received.  The original art work has been lost.  It can be replaced or the mug could have a new design.  Walters inquired how much it would cost.  Mouw estimated about $40.  He said the mugs sold well and should be continued.  Pat Scarry has suggested vendors that ALA has done business with before.  Killeen suggested the colors be changed to reflect official JMRT colors.  Comer said this wasn't vital, as this is not identified as a JMRT mug.


Dahlgren asked if the Executive Board would like to: 1) buy more mugs, 2) get a vendor in the Chicago area to make them, and 3) cease efforts to obtain our credit balance from the first vendor.  The Board agreed.


This committee's status needs to be formalized, since we have other committees who also raise funds.  Walters asked if this committee's duties should be assigned elsewhere or should we rely more on vendor support?  Dahlgren said the committee had been


established in 1983 in the middle of a funding crisis and the intention back then was that the committee would be dissolved when we had more secure income.  Killeen asked what other commit­tee could handle the mugs if Fundraising was abolished.  Member­ship Promotion was suggested.  Hicks said she did not see the project as one her committee would like to take on. Cimbala suggested that this committee could be combined with Exhibitor Contact and Relations. Wald suggested that we might want to let new members know that the pin and mug are available with a spec­ial flyer.  Mouw suggested that there are more items that could be sold, this could be a steady source of income.


Killeen moved that the Fundraising Committee be an ad hoc committee in 1986-87 to sell mugs. They should also examine how these activities should be structured and report their recommendations by annual conference in 1987.  Bohrer seconded the motion.


The motion passed.


Goals and Objectives--Becky Taylor--Two meetings were held at Midwinter and Annual Conference.  A second draft will be ready soon and the final draft will be done by Midwinter.


Committee on Governance--Randy Wilson--The committee's work this year concerned the issue of designating incoming chairs of committees in advance.  This issue had been raised by the Minorities Recruitment Committee.  Wilson apologized to the Minorities Recruitment Committee for not including them in his committee's deliberations on the subject.


The committee decided that the idea was a sound one, but should not be adopted by JMRT at this time.  The committee favored retaining the process of informal designation.


Killeen moved to accept the draft.  Bohrer seconded.


Horne stated that she should have been contacted so she could have given information from her committee's past reports and future plans to support her request.


Cranmer asked if Horne would like the chair to be a two year position. Horne said no.


J. Taylor said she'd like to be chair designate to see what's going on before she takes over.


Luevano compared the situation to the recent discussion on the liaison coordinator.  Doyle asked if they'd be willing to serve as chairs for two years.  Both said yes.


Horne said that she had told Reginia Minudri, the incoming ALA president, that the committee would work with her to increase minority recruitment this year.



Killeen pointed out that people who serve as two year chairs are often called to glory during that second year and are elected to office.  Hicks said locking a person in for that long (one year as committee member and two as chair) is a long period of time.


Walters said that a new Minorities Recruitment Committee every year is a problem that needs to be addressed.  People who make commitments for two years often have trouble filling them, due to changing jobs or other circumstances beyond their control.  Horne said she liked the idea of a two year chair the best.


Dallas said the move to a two year chair would deprive the incoming President of the chance to appoint their own chairs.


Cranmer moved to accept the report of the Committee on Governance and ask the Minorities Recruitment Committee to prepare a request for a by-laws change so the chair of the Minorities Recruitment Committee would have a 2 year term.  Doyle seconded.


Killeen withdrew her motion and asked that the system be tried informally.  Bohrer said she couldn't do that.  Killeen called the question.


The motion to accept the report of the Committee on Governance concerning the problem of designating incoming chairs for committees and to request the Minorities Recruitment Committee to prepare a by-laws change so their chair would have a 2 year term


Walters moved that the chair of the Minorities Recruitment Committee be appointed for two years and directed the Constitution and By-laws Committee to prepare the necessary by­laws change.  Doyle seconded.


Platz said the committee had done good work under its present format and opposed change.


Horne said it would help with current committee problems.


Cranmer called the question.


The motion passed.


At 4:20 p.m. Bohrer motioned to extend the life of the meeting to 4:45 p.m.  Cranmer seconded.




Beta Phi Mu--Larayne Dallas--Work still needs to be done on the idea of using new member list of Beta Phi Mu as a JMRT recruiting list.


COPES-Myrtis Cochrane Collins--A handbook entry has been complied. Should be a two year position.


Doyle moved that the COPES liaison be approved as a two year position and directed that the Constitution and Bylaws committee take care of the details.  Cranmer seconded.  The motion passed.


Freedom to Read Foundation--Joe Harzbecker--Encouraged everyone to join the foundation, he has membership information.  They will be having a liaison orientation.


Intellectual Freedom--Barbara Kiffmeyer--IFC will be sponsoring three programs in the future. The position should be for two years.


Archivist's Report--Clarence Toomer--Clarence was recently in an auto accident, we all wish him a speedy recovery.




Dahlgren read a resolution that will be introduced in ALA Council praising JMRT.


Walters moved a resolution of thanks to Anders Dahlgren for his great work as president of JMRT this year.  Doyle seconded the motion and it passed.


Walters asked if the outgoing Board endorsed her new concept of the expanded liaison program. Cranmer moved that we endorse the concept, Bohrer seconded.


Killeen suggested that we needed procedures to create and dissolve liaisions.  Walters noted that liaison might only report to the Executive Board in the future when they have an action item to discuss.


The motion passed.




Arneson reminded everyone to send their handbooks to their successors.


Bohrer moved to adjourn the meeting.  Doyle seconded.  Dahlgren said since there was a motion on the floor he guessed he couldn't thank everyone who had helped him this year.  He managed to get it in anyway.  The motion to adjourn passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Catherine Doyle

JMRT Secretary