Committee Progress Report

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**Type of report being submitted: Committee Progress Report


**Date: 2/12/04



**Committee Name: Membership Promotion and Relations



**Supervising Board Member: Shelly McCoy



**Chair, Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs: Tanzi Merritt, Amy Ferguson



**Committee members:  Laurel Bliss, Daisy Cheng, Jennifer Hickman, Mary Jane McElrath, Dana Newman, Sarah Robbins, Eleanor Sonido, Brett Spencer, Nanette Wargo



**Activity in Current Reporting Period

a)     Projects completed (For example, any procedures, tip sheets, checklists, etc. created during this period):


        Welcome letter for new NMRT members updated.

        A letter to be used for the recruitment of ALA members who are not NMRT members but have been in ALA less than 10 years written.

        Text for a new NMRT brochure created.


b)     Projects in progress but not yet completed:


Minor revisions of the welcome letter to send to members who reinstate their membership needed.

Procedures for emailing welcome letters to new members/reinstated members is in the process of being created, including clear instructions for the committee members who will be taking care of this.

Procedures for mailing welcome letters to new members without email addresses needs to be created, which will include information on getting reimbursed by ALA for the mailings, needs to be created.

Procedures for the distribution of the recruitment letter must be created, which will include information on how to get the list of names from the ALA office, as well as information for emailing or mailing the letters, reimbursement for physical mailings, etc.

Layout for the brochure must be completed.

Procedures for the printing of the brochure are needed; including information on what assistance can be received from the ALA publications office.

Category for alumni members of NMRT needs to be added to the ALA membership and renewal forms. Alumni members need to be separated for ease of tracking and to help determine a way for them to not receive NMRT ballots, as alumni members are supposed to be non-voting.


**Action Items/Issues To Be Resolved (What is left to do, based on your Planning Report?
Have there been any substantial changes in plans since then? What items, if any, have been deferred until next year?):


Some of the above items will be deferred to next year because of time constraints, but we plan to accomplish as many of them as we can before the end of the year. One item that we have discussed this year but will not be addressing is an exit survey. This has been suggested before and would be a nice item to have, but is less important at this time than resolving some other issues. The item will be deferred until the chairs feel that other procedures are working smoothly.


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**Report submitted by: Tanzi Merritt


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