NMRT Board Member Progress Report


1. Office Name:   Member Services Director


2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003): 2003-2004


3. What kind of interaction have you had with your committees thus far this year? What support have you been able to provide them?

I have had positive interaction with the committees under the Member Services purview.  I met with most of the committees at Midwinter to discuss various projects being undertaken.  I recommended that some of the committees work together towards common goals; for example, the Membership Meeting committee will communicate with the Resume Review Service Committee to create a webliography of resources related to the program topic.  Generally, the committees have rather independent and self-sufficient chairs (Web and Footnotes), and my involvement has been on an as-needed basis.  For some committees, interaction is less involved, although I do make myself available to answer questions or provide other guidance as I do with all of the committees.  Periodic requests for updates are made.


4. What would you still like to accomplish in your office before the end of your term?

I want to be sure that all of the committees have met the goals that we set out for them at the beginning of the year, including the preparation of handbook entries, policies and/or guidelines that are necessary for some of the procedural changes that occurred during the last few years.  I'd like the program at Annual to be ready prior to that time.  I would also like to ensure that our committed and participating committee members feel like they have accomplished something important, and to recommended them to take on greater responsibilities within NMRT in the future.  I plan to prepare a simple guide documenting the significant activities or changes of the committees under the Member Services purview.


5. Date of report:  February 18, 2004


6. Submitted by:  Marilyn Ochoa