NMRT Board Member Final Report


1. Office Name:  Treasurer



2. Office Term:  2002-2003 (1st year of 2)



3. Discuss/summarize your involvement with your committees this year:


I worked with the Exhibitor Contact Relations Committee as the Friendly Booth Awards were reconsidered and suspended. I also worked with ECRC to clarify the exhibitor support we receive from Jaeger.


I was available to all committees throughout the year that had financial questions. I attempted to gather feedback from committees in the middle of the year while preparing the 2003-2004 budget.



4. Based on your year's experience in this office, what future

directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year

or the following year?


Planning beyond the current year is an important aspect, but it is difficult for chairs to project for the next fiscal year when they are only halfway through the current year. It would be useful to examine how to integrate future planning throughout the NMRT process and experience.


Also, continuing to match the budget to actual expenses in a more predictable way is something that I plan on continuing.



5. What tips or hints do you have that might help your successor

carry out the duties of this office?  Not applicable this year.



6. Please address the role of the board member as coordinator. For

example, with student outreach split among three committees reporting

to three directors, somebody will need to take the initiative to make

sure things are going smoothly. Another example would be projects

between membership, alumni, and student outreach which need to be

coordinated. How might activities such as this be handled by board

members efficiently and smoothly? Your thoughts here will be most

helpful for future boards.


It is important that the Treasurer be kept in the loop on any discussion that takes place regarding money or exhibitor support.  Since the committee chairs are often new, it is important that the other Board members watch for financial and exhibitor support issues and be vigilant in including the Treasurer when those discussions begin.



7. Date of report:  24 February 2004



8. Submitted by:  Bill Jenkins