MONDAY, JULY 12, 1982

9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


The ALA-JMRT Executive Board Meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. by President Judy Sessions.

Executive Board Members Present: Judy Sessions, June Breland, Paula Murphy, Charles Kratz, Kay Runge, Karen Carlson, Greg Heid, Jim Deutsch, Laura Shepard, Colette Wagner, Mary B. Mayer, Becky Taylor, Lisa Kinney, Fred Pachman, Ray Metz, J. Linda Williams, John Moorman, Mary Jo Godwin, Carolyn White, Karen Bohrer, Anders Dahlgren, Blanche Wysor, Pat Naismith, Pat Matthes, Karen Bohrer.


Guests Present: Carol Anderson, Scottie McAuley, Cary Fredericks.


Judy Sessions began the meeting by requesting a brief progress report on the Social, Fred Pachman indicated that everything was ready to go; the hours would be 10 - 1 a.m. although the doors would be open at 9 p.m.


Affiliates Council Report--Becky Taylor

 Becky reported that' two editions of News notes had been published during the year. Assistance was provided to any of '28 paid affiliates with specific questions on problems during the year. Anders Dahlgren, Illinois Affiliate Representative, was elected to the office of Vice President/President Elect, Mary Hicks, California Affiliate Representative, was elected to the office of First Vice President/Suite Coordinator. Lisa Kinney, the current Vice President/President Elect announced her resignation from that office at the close of the Annual Conference. Lisa will be concentrating her time running for the legislature in Wyoming. The recently elected Vice President/ President Elect and the current Affiliates Council President proposed to the Council that the President remain in office until the Midwinter Meeting. At that time, the Vice President/President Elect would assume the responsibilities of the Presidency. Becky also announced that the Numero Uno Award was presented to Rhode Island for being the most active affiliate during the year and the award for the most recent affiliate was presented to North Dakota. In addition, the Council discussed the Hospitality Suite and affiliates were given schedules, hints, and information about the Suite during the meeting.


Hospitality Suite Report--Becky Taylor

Becky summarized the problems she encountered with the former Suite Coordinator. Upon learning in June that a suite reservation had not been made, Becky assumed the responsibilities of Suite Coordinator. A suite was booked on June 5, 1982 in the Plaza Hotel, but only a one-bedroom suite at a non-conference rate could be obtained. The suite was booked for 5 nights (Friday - Tuesday) instead of 6 as originally planned. Hosting was reduced from 5 days to 4 days. Affiliates were asked to contribute towards suite refreshments.


Four persons had contacted the former Coordinator concerning suite accommodations. One resident in addition to the Affiliates Council President was obtained. Revenue from suite residents amounted to $330.00. Becky thanked Judy Sessions for obtaining additional suite funding.


Booth Committee--Cindy Ansell

Cindy reported that the Committee met in February and decided to purchase a traveling booth from Displays Unlimited with funds provided by Quality Books. The Committee also designed the booth display, decided to have a drawing for plants at the booth and recruited people to staff the booth. One suggestion for next year's committee was the revision of the booth's flyer.


Committee on Governance--J. Linda Williams

Some committee descriptions still need to be updated. The list of past presidents was updated as much as possible. Linda distributed a list of revisions and time tables still needed for committees and liaisons. The handbook will be handled by a separate committee during the coming year. COG will concentrate on long range goals and objectives for JMRT. Linda mentioned that we would need an exhibitor to underwrite the cost of new binders.

Pat Naismith had a brief announcement that she needed help at the door for the Social. Volunteers would be greatly appreciated.


Constitution and Bylaws Committee--John Moorman

John reported that the proposed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws approved by the JMRT Executive Board at Midwinter and to be voted on at the annual membership meeting on July 13, 1982 needed to go before the ALA Committee on Organization to be reviewed for violation of ALA policies. Judy thanked John for his work during the year and announced that this would be John's last board meeting.


Minorities Recruitment Committee--Laura Shepard

Laura reported that three minority JMRT members were appointed to JMRT committees as a result of contacts made through the Minorities Recruitment Committee Chair. A history of the committee was written, as a way of recording activities that had been accomplished in the past, and a list of other ALA minority-affiliated were compiled, as possible contacts for additional JMRT members.


Orientation Committee--Carolyn White

Carolyn reported that the program was well attended by approximately two-three hundred people and very well received. Carolyn and Chuck recommended that the appropriation for future orientations be larger if the budget allows and that the information roundabout be continued.


Membership Meeting Committee--Colette Wagner

Colette reported that t h e Membership Meeting would be held on Tuesday, July 13 at 9:00 A.M. It is entitled "Censorship: Managing the Critical Incident" and is intended to include a role-playing exercise, group discussion, and a presentation of the theory of non-competitive confrontation. The program was advertised in Wilson Library Bulletin, American Libraries, and Library Journal. The committee worked closely with the consultants to develop a scenario for the program and assisted the consultants in the development of a fifteen-page workbook, which will be used at the program.



Liaison Reports

Beta Phi Mu Liaison--Pat Matthes

Pat reported little success in working with Beta Phi Mu this year but is optimistic about the coming year.


Professional Ethics Committee Liaison--Karen Bohrer

Karen announced that beginning next year the Statement on Professional Ethics will be printed on the back of every ALA Membership Card, and will be printed in the October issue of American Libraries. The committee is also considering a question and answer column in American Libraries in which library situations involving an ethical question would be printed and readers would be invited to respond. Representatives from ALA units were urged to ask their Executive Boards to endorse the statement. John Moorman moved that JMRP endorse the Statement on Professional Ethics; it was seconded by Paula Murphy and passed by a vote of 9-0.


Library and Information Technology Association Liaison--Blanche Wysor

Blanche reported that she had arranged for the refreshments at the LITA/VCCS program, "Now That You Got Your Channel" on Sunday, July 11, 1982, She also assisted in the meeting logistics and with the greeting of participants as they arrived. Arlene Farber Sinkin gave JMRT excellent recognition both on the program flyer and during the program.


Blanche attended the meetings of the LITA and LITA/VCCS program planning committees. She announced that LITA/VCCS would be sponsoring a pre conference on cable communications in Los Angeles. Blanche moved that JMRT cosponsor the program with a financial contribution as well as the provision of facilitators for the program, and it was seconded. June Breland added that we would not know how much we could commit until we had a better idea of the budget for next year. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.


Blanche also recommended that liaisons be appointed for two-year terms to allow for greater participation in program planning for annual conference. Most liaisons do not attend their first meeting with their division or committee until Midwinter. Planning for the annual conferences usually begin the previous summer or earlier. Considerable discussion followed on this recommendation. Board members expressed some concerns about the appointment of liaisons for two-year terms: if liaisons are appointed for two-year terms, they should be staggered so that all appointments would not be made by the incoming President and that we should remember one of JMRT's goals is to involve as many new members as possible. Another suggestion was made that a liaison and an assistant liaison be appointed with the assistant assuming the liaison role after gaining a year's experience. In conclusion, it was the feeling of the board that Blanche's recommendation or similar proposal be given serious consideration.


Judy announced that the Friendly Booth Award would be presented at the Membership Meeting. Judy also mentioned the excellent Students to ALA reception.


Name Change Task Force--Jim Deutsch

Jim began by giving the history of the group, how and why it was formed. He indicated that those JMRT members who responded seemed to be generally in favor of retaining the present name and that the response from all other interested parties seemed to be generally in favor of changing the name to reflect better the substantial contributions of JMRT to ALA. As a result the Committee on JMRT Name & Image recommended the following:


1) The formulation and implementation of a public relations campaign preferably conducted by a professional public relations consultant and lasting at least two years, in order to improve the image of JMRT. This campaign should be coordinated with, the JMRT Committees on Publicity, Membership, Governance, and Long-Range Planning. Specific targets for the campaign should definitely include the library schools and their deans; and other ALA round tables and divisions.


2) The preparation and distribution of a membership referendum on changing the name of JMRT. The referendum should be contained in a special section of the April 1983 issue of Footnotes and should include a balanced statement of the question's pros and cons in historical perspective. The referendum should be in the form of a yes-no ballot, asking JMRT members if they support the idea of a change in name; and, if so, what the new name should be. If a simple majority of those voting should respond in the affirmative, then a new name should be voted on as a constitutional amendment in the spring elections of 1984. The referendum should be labeled clearly as such, noting that an affirmative vote would then necessitate a proposed constitutional amendment to follow.


3) Extending the life and maintaining the present composition of the Committee on JMRT Name and Image through the Los Angeles Conference of June 1983 so that the Committee can formulate and prepare the referendum described above: present it to the JMRT Executive Board at the Midwinter Conference in San Antonio; and then tabulate and report the results of the referendum at the 1983 Annual Conference in Los Angeles.


In summarizing the discussion, the members of the Board felt that a public relations consultant would be costly and suggested working through ALA. It was further suggested that the Director for Publications play an important part in this campaign. A board member also suggested that the exhibitors could be approached to make contributions for publicity in our public relations campaign. Laura Shepard asked when we plan to implement such a campaign. It was generally thought that the various committees such as Publicity, Membership, Governance, needed to meet with the NCTF at Midwinter to begin planning a campaign. There was then a motion to accept the report of NCTF and proceed with the committee's recommendations. It was seconded and passed by a unanimous vote.


Archives--Ray Metz

Ray reported that seven boxes of JMRT material had been processed for the Archives.


Library and Administrative Management Section Liaison--Anders Dahlgren

Anders reported that LAMA/PAS would like us to suggest speakers for the program "Negotiation: A Necessary Supervisory Skill!," and also provide a $100 - $150 contribution to the program.

Colette Wagner asked people who might be interested in working in the community college section to see her after the meeting.

Judy thanked the board for all its work and contributions during the year.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 A.M.


Respectfully submitted

Charles E. Kratz

ALA/JMRT Secretary, 1981-82