NMRT Board Member Planning Report -->


NMRT Board Member Planning Report


1. Office Name:  Leadership Development Director           


2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2002-2003): 2003-2005


3. How do you plan to help committees address the four NMRT goals? (If it does not apply, put N/A.)


As a Leadership Development Director I am working with committees that are providing leadership opportunities for our members.  These programs involve library school associations as well as practicing librarians. 


4. How do you plan to create a positive committee experience? What type of support do you plan to provide to chairs and committee members, and how often do you plan to provide such support?


Overall my approach is pretty much hands off.  My chairs know that I am here when they have a question or need some type of support.  I feel as though they are in a leadership position because they have experience or at least have the skills to lead a group. 


It seems that my largest duty is serving as a resource-either providing the answers to questions or obtaining those answers from someone else.  I try to contact my chairs about once a month and just check in with their progress. Because of the different work cycles of the committees my contact with them changes throughout the year.



5. What future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year or the following year? What kind of strategies do you envision for addressing projects that affect committees outside of your supervision?


I think NMRT does numerous things to help brand new librarians-but I would like to see us do more for those who are in their last few years of membership.  I think this is an untouched topic.



6. Date of report: October 17, 2003


7. Submitted by:  Sara E. Morris