ALA/JMRT Executive Board Meeting
Washington, D.C.
Monday, January 9, 1989
2:00 - 4:00 PM


Joseph Harzbecker

Patricia Wade                        Joan Kaplowitz

Eric Wade                        Jenifer Stone Abramson

Cindy Saur                        Marlena Wald

Karen Peterson                        Gregory Wool

Kathryn Gabriel                        Laura A. Sullivan



President Ford opened the Executive Board meeting with two announcements. First, from 4:30 - 5:30 this afternoon, in the Shoreham Ambassador Room, a forum and press conference will be held for the candidates running for the office of ALA President. Secondly, Ford reminded everyone that two JMRT people will be on the upcoming election ballot; Elinor Barrett and Erleen Bishop Killeen are running for ALA Council. Ford noted that both individuals would do a fine job on ALA Council.

Next, Ford announced the voting members of the Executive Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the three Directors, and the Affiliates Council President.

Introductions were then made and an attendance sheet was circulated. Ford also requested that reports be brief, focusing on key issues or any item that requires Executive Board action.

Ford asked for any changes to the agenda. As there were no changes, Peggy Royster made a motion to approve the agenda. Mary Marcum Evans seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.



Jana Lonberger reported on membership statistics. Lonberger had received updated membership statistics from Ford for September, October, and November. Lonberger said that JMRT may be picking up new members this time of, year, but she has adopted a "wait and see" attitude with the membership figures and will examine them in the next few months. If membership continues to drop, the issue may need to be addressed in Dallas.



Rosemary Arneson, Chair, reported on several issues that were charged to her committee. The first issue COG examined was the structure for the appointment of liaisons. COG reviewed the current Constitution and Bylaws information concerning liaisons and the liaisons' coordinator, and contacted all liaisons, committee members, and others to determine how the present system is working.

In the course of these discussions, two concerns arose. First, Arneson said that COG had approved last year to change the liaison coordinator to a director's position. This issue has not yet appeared on the election ballot, so Joe Harzbecker, Liaisons Coordinator, and Arneson are going to work together to place this item on the ballot.


Another concern Arneson discovered was the confusion many people had about what kinds of liaisons there are, i.e., which ones are ad hoc, permanent, when liaisonships were created, etc. A suggestion from Jim Mouw to Arneson seemed to provide a good solution to the confusion. Arneson stated that COG would revise Article 10 of the Bylaws (liaison information appears here) so that specific liaisons are not listed. Instead, general information about liaisons will be given--how liaisons are appointed, functions of liaisons, and functions of the Liaison


The process for this change will be for COG to work on the revision, show the revision to the liaisons, and then bring the recommended revision before the Executive Board in Dallas.


Arneson's second topic to report was her committee's review of the Ad Hoc Committee on Library School Outreach Report. COG generally agreed with the ad hoc committee's recommendations, but had a few adaptations to the report.


Arneson stated that the ad hoc committee and COG recommend that a special committee on library school outreach be formed. Following the ad hoc committee's suggestions, COG recommends that membership consist of an appointed chair, three to five working members, and as ex-officio members, the chair of the Membership Promotion and Relations Committee,
the Affiliates Council First Vice President, and the National Grassroots Grant Coordinator.



Mary Marcum Evans made a friendly amendment to the motion that a member of the Membership Promotion and Relations Committee serve as an ex-officio member (not necessarily the chair). Motion passed unanimously.


Arneson's next item for approval dealt with the name change. Arneson submitted a statement on the name change for the 1989 ballot. If the Executive Board approves of this wording, the statement will be given to the Chair of the Nominating Committee so it can be included on the ballot.

The statement reads:

Effective July 1, 1990, the name of this organization will be:

1.JMRT (Junior Members Round Table)
2. NMRT (New Members Round Table)



Jim Mouw asked that Arneson, when talking with various groups about the change, request cost figures from them, i.e., how much it will cost to reprint brochures. This will help with formulating a budget line for name change costs at the Dallas Conference.


SCHOLARSHIP - Rosemary Arneson

Arneson agreed to chair the Scholarship Committee since Pat Brill was unable to attend the conference. The committee received thirty-one applications--twenty-four women, seven men. This was the highest number of applications ever received.


Dori Marie Molletti was selected as the Scholarship recipient. She is from Oregon, currently pursuing an M.L.S. at the University of Washington. Her undergraduate degree was in English.



Marlena Wald, Chair, complimented her committee members and the work they are doing. Jo Ann Oiphant, in Texas, has established a committee for the Friendly Booth Award. The plaque for the winner will be in the shape of Texas.


Oliphant is also looking into asking businesses near the conference hotels and convention center for coupons for services people might need at a convention, i.e., film developing. These coupons can be placed in the JMRT packet.

Wald also said she had received several new ideas this fall of items to request from vendors. Denise Krell, Booth Chair, would like to give a fun item to anyone who works the Booth as an incentive to work there. Wald said the gaudier the gift the better; the committee suggested large plastic peppers (earrings for the women, tie bars for men). Wald hopes this "behavioral approach" will attract Booth volunteers.


Wald reported that she was also approached with the idea to do a follow-up at library schools after the SALA reception. Post-conference presentations could be given by a student who had been to the SALA reception or by what Wald labeled "chapter advisers." These individuals would bring JMRT literature items to the post-conference presentations which means extra costs to JMRT. Vendors may be approached to absorb these printing costs.


3M/JMRT GRANT - Elena Carvajal

Robert Newlen reported for Elena Carvajal, Chair. Twenty-one individuals applied for the grant. The committee chose three winners:

Jenifer Abramson
Eric Wade

Daniel O'Mahoney


Phoebe Janes, Chair, reported that the committee decided to deviate from the practice of giving this award to three recipients this year. Since only four applications were received, and the pool was not particularly impressive, the committee chose only one winner.

Janes expressed concern about the award, saying that it was time to take a close look at it. For the past ten years, the number of applicants has been under fifteen each year; in the past two years, less than five applicants were received each year.

Marlena Wald wondered whether more library school outreach efforts could increase the applicant pool. Rosemary Arneson responded to Wald's comment stating that since the award is given for a person to attend his/her second annual conference, library school promotion would probably not be all that beneficial. Myrtis Collins said that she did not think the award offered enough money.

Jim Mouw stated that ALA intends to propose the establishment of endowments by divisions which could be a means of obtaining money for the Shirley Olofson Award.

After a little more discussion, Myrtis Collins made a motion that the Shirley Olofson Award Committee be charged with developing alternative criteria for the award, with these suggestions to be presented at the Dallas Annual Conference. Jim Mouw seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Janes closed her report with the announcement of the winner: Carol Bell. Carol is at Brown University in Rhode Island.


Joyce Taylor, Chair, reported on her committee's activities as co-sponsor of the Students to ALA Reception in Dallas. They will design a publicity flyer to be distributed to library schools and contact ALA ethnic library associations concerning their participation in the reception activities. These associations will be asked to share the purpose of their groups at the reception.


Taylor wanted to return the Minorities Recruitment budget of $100; discussion of this was tabled until the end of the meeting when approval of the budget would be discussed.

President Ford called for a short break before the Liaisons Reports.



Joe Harzbecker, Coordinator, had three items for Executive Board action. First of all, Cindy Saur, Professional Ethics Liaison, asked JMRT to lend its name to the Professional Ethics program at the Dallas Annual Conference. The program is June 25, 2:00 - 4:00 PM. All liaisons to the group were asked to co-sponsor.

Peggy Royster moved that JMRT lend its name to the Professional Ethics program in Dallas. Myrtis Collins seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Secondly, Harzbecker requested that JMRT lend its name to the IFRT reception in Dallas. Harzbecker said he has been working with Christopher Bowen of IFRT on this joint IFRT/JMRT reception. IFRT will schedule a suite for approximately 250 people and pay all expenses. Bowen requested that the reception be advertised in FOOTNOTES; he did not have a firm date for the reception at this point.

Jim Mouw moved that JMRT lend its name to the IFRT reception in Dallas. Peggy Royster seconded. Discussion centered on making sure this reception does not conflict with other JMRT events.

Peggy Royster made a friendly amendment to the motion; that JMRT lend its name to the IFRT reception providing the reception does not conflict with a JMRT program or event.

Mouw listed the programs with which the IFRT reception should not conflict: Orientation Program, Membership Meeting Program, SALA Reception, Social, President's Program.

Motion passed unanimously.

Thirdly, Harzbecker asked for approval to place the issue of making the Liaisons Coordinator a Director on the 1989 ballot. The change was approved by COG on January 8, 1989.

Myrtis Collins moved that COG determine the appropriate wording for the 1989 spring ballot Liaison Coordinator/Director issue. Mary Marcum Evans seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Watson said the theme his committee had chosen for the program was "Invest in Your Future," similar to the Membership Meeting Program's theme. Both committees were trying to tie into the Conference theme, but Watson said he could rework his title.

All is going well with materials for the packets. Watson also indicated that he has been in contact with Marlena Wald, Exhibitor Contact and Relations, regarding EBSCO briefcases, an honorarium ($1000) for Molly Ivins, and Baker and Taylor raffle items.

Jana Lonberger, Membership Promotion and Relations Chair, remarked that she plans to ask the ALA Membership Committee to donate funds towards Ivins' honorarium.




Jim Mouw clarified the final amendments to the budget as follows:

1. Orientation

a. Section E, Programming (Page 4, line 4)--Increase External Funds to $1000.

b. Income, External Support (bottom of page 4)--Increase by $1000.


a. Section E, Programming (Page 4, line 6)--Increase JMRT Funds from $0 to $100.

b. Section E, Programming (Page 4, line 6)--Increase External Funds from $500 to $800.

c. Income, External Support (bottom of page 4)--Increase by $300.              

(Total External Support will be $3000.)


3. Minorities Recruitment

a. Section D, Executive Board/Committee Expenses (Page 2, line 24)--Reduce JMRT Funds from $100 to $0.

Mouw moved that the Budget be approved as revised.                        Marv Marcum Evans seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Cindy Saur said everything is in place for the Social this evening. Tickets may be available for one or two extra people.

Peggy Royster complimented Karin Ford on the smooth and efficient operation of the JMRT Executive Board meetings. Applause, applause!

Myrtis Collins asked everyone to submit committee interest forms to her.


Jim Mouw moved to adjourn the meeting. Peggy Royster seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Laura A. Sullivan

JMRT Secretary